Merges, 30 days almost up, what happens?

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Okay so the thirty days is almost up on Matheus van Etten.  or Vanetten, or Van Etten.

I have found sources.  I have changed the names and birth/death information to match.

Since I have been waiting on this merge for a very long time, I want to know what happens next, or what else I need to do?

I have added sources to the other one ; )
WikiTree profile: Matheus van Etten
in WikiTree Help by Wendy Fromme G2G6 Mach 2 (24.6k points)
retagged by Lynda Crackett
I put a note on there with a fix you can put in for the broken source

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When the time is up go to  FIND "pending merges initiated" by me and complete the merge.
by C. Mackinnon G2G6 Pilot (291k points)
oh, I didn't initiate it ...hmm...
One of the profiles is Project protected so It will add a complication to the merge. it may be better for the project leaders to be reminded when the 30 days are up that this profile may be ready for merge.
Speaking as New Netherland project leader, please believe me when I tell you that that "the project" does not need to do anything more related to this merge. The main function of project protection is to prevent changes to a profile's LNAB.  And like I said elsewhere in this thread, the preferred destination profile has been project-protected, so when the merge is done, the merge will go in the correct direction.
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One of the profiles is project protected so I assume the project will have to be involved in the merge process and perhaps in the subsequent clean up of the biography and sources. I have added the New_Netherland tag to your question to bring it to their attention.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (633k points)
Should I put my sources on the Project Protected Profile?  The ones on that profile are not very good IMO.
Looks like the LNAB is Van Etten so the profile should be merged to one with that  in mind - the sources and biography will be carried in the merge - make sure the parents have no duplicates and on up as it is best to work top down with merging so no parents get lost - the kids can be sorted out and ready and should be less of a problem this way
If you have new sources I would put them on the profile that has correct last name at birth - LNAB is a big important criteria for the New Netherland Settlers as the names changed so much coming over, the Dutch (now not all of them are Dutch by any means) used a Patronymic naming system that can have clues to parentage and grandparents too but is confusing to us here in the US now and Descendants used the spelling they liked later in life so the names have several versions down through to today - many family tree sites and some family tree books "standardize" these to make them all the same - here at Wikitree we try to get to what was used at the time by that person so we look for a birth record showing the spelling of the person's given name and then their father's (or mother's sometimes if unmarried) last name or surname to have that correct name

Thanks Navarro.  I have been looking through the original records and while I notice that they never capitalized "de" "d" "ten" they always capitalized Van...

So I am a bit confused by that note at the bottom.

I will move my sources to the original record.

I looked through your link again, and still did not find what the

NJGS. "Van Atten, Van Etten: Matheus Van Etten" Accessed 26 Jan 2017.

reference was referring too.  

Will try again.

The preferred destination profile is project-protected, so when the merge is done, it will go in the correct direction. smiley

That mystery reference cites some genealogical material that used to be on a website that isn't currently available. See the page Space:Bergen County Families (sorry but I'm on my phone and it's hard to post a link; and I might not have the title exactly right) for a link to the Google Docs folder where Carrie Quackenbush posted copies of the files. Partucularly if you have multiple New Netherland ancestors, it's most efficient to download the whole archive in zip format.
Navarro gave me the link !

I found the Veeders, but not Van Etten or Van Atten !
Yeah she has the first batch all spread out but for the later letters (list is alphabetized) there are some zip files you can download and see on your PDF viewer - but if that family is not in there I am sorry - hopefully if you bookmark that source you can use it later on another profile - I always end up going back to a source that did not have the first person I looked for but has another one I need
ok it is a funky source to get to but if you click that link then go to the first A to Z link and click that you get a Drive page with lots of pdf files on it alphabetized - scroll down and let the list repopulate a bunch of times and you will eventually get to the file in question under Van Atten but the listing has Van Etten and it has gathered the family - I put another note where I quote most of the entry paraphrased there - will now put another note citing the original souce this gathering comes from - Hoes - which is a primary so you may want to go and look for it there
there ya go - all of it is in the note now if you can not find the right PDF - it is way down under Van Atten even though it is Van Etten -
Thanks, I already added a link to Hoes book for his baptism. !!

I had already been down at the bottom two or three times and didn't see it.

After you posted I finally found it, thank you so much !
It turned out to be all about his uncle anyhow - but that is where those are - you may need to see more of them later on for another person - I stuck the paraphrased contents on the Uncles Profile but I may not have cited it as I was getting sleepy so you may want to check that - since it is not his source anyhow you may want to delete that from that biography after you stick it onto the uncle - not sure if the original source is going to return to that site later or what now - I had thought it would for some reason
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Merge completed and cleaned up a bit.  It's not perfect but it's all there!

So happy this one is done!

Thanks to New Netherlands Project and all helpers!
by Wendy Fromme G2G6 Mach 2 (24.6k points)

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