how to get my family members editorial rights back

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I havent logged in for a while and some of my ancestors are now managed by someone else how do I get them back I was not informed they where being orphaned out and did I want this, it is bad enough someone taking it over then changing names without researching firs the name I had there was correct, I have documents to prove it anyway I sent this person the info via 23andme and your messages system she has not apologised or replied to either message just gone and changed the name back and deleted the comments I had added to the person with the changed name, so much for your policy eh, my question is how do I get my ancestors back into my management not hers I dont want to share or ask her permission to use my own editorial rights she hijacked, why wasn't I told these people and there names where going to be orphaned out, I did not give my permission for you to do so where is the respect for people and if the policy is this way after so long you assume someone has abandoned their tree without anyone enquiring and finding out if they have, maybe you need to think about it, because I had not long added some one with MNU as her maiden name and within a short time I had an email asking me to change it to unknown so if you are so quick on the nitty gritty things why not be quick on the bigger things you know like giving someones tree away, the surname and project tags will not let me enter the new id of the person concerned says I need a 100 points, so I am using mine GRAHAM -9607 the person  who is the centre of this message is Elizabeth Fisher nee Smith id SMITH-163411
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You did not create the profile Smith-163411. It looks as though it has recently been merged with Paton-1156. Is that the one you think was «hi-jacked»? If you managed the other profile you would have been given the chance to approve or reject the merge during a period of 30 days. If you don’t respond then there is default approval. Normally it would be courteous for both of the profile managers involved to be managers on the merged profile. You can ask the other profile manager to add you to the trusted list or as a manager for Smith-163411. 

Remember that your ancestors are not exclusively yours. Many people will share the same ancestors as you and they also have the right to make contributions to their profiles. This is a collaborative environment where we work together to improve profiles. We do not own an ancestor.

If you are having issues with another profile manager then you should follow the process for dealing with Problems with Members.

by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (685k points)
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Steven, thanks for the best answer star.
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Hi Jennifer

From the change records for Smith-163411 and Paton-1156 you did not create either profile. So it doesn't seem like they were orphaned from your watchlist.

It does happen that other people may have already created the profiles before you and in those situations you can always ask to be on the trusted list.

You have done a bit of editing on the Smith-163411 profile and before that the Paton-1156 profile. It is open so anyone can edit with only the last name at birth that can't be changed except by the profile manager.
by Darren Kellett G2G6 Pilot (482k points)

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