Would you like to create a One Name Study? Join the Project! [closed]

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Click ANSWER and tell us the surname or surnames you would like to set up a study for, and let us know which surname variants you would like to include.  We will create the page for you and add you as the manager.

You can read more about the project here:


Make sure you have signed the WikiTree Honor Code before you ask to create a study!

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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Sarah Heiney G2G6 Mach 5 (52.4k points)
closed by Susie MacLeod
I have a few I would like to request. I searched and can't seem to find any for these (unless I'm being an idiot about them). There are tons of line from each of them and I know they are very not popular.

Ager: Eager, Agar, Egger

Engleys : Ingles, Inglis, English

Brucklacker: Brucklacher

On a side note: do we have one for Campbell's ? Specifically one for those from Pennsylvania and Virginia. These two lines seem to have a bad habit of being intertwined and are not related.
see below for answer

I would like to start a One Name Project on the name Tether, including the variants Teather and Tetther.  Thanks.
Hello Ian

Could you log in, please, as I cannot create a ONS from an IP address.  Also, could you please ANSWER on the new thread (please don't comment!)

I am studying the surname Cady.  I am sorry that I cannot find anywhere to click on "answer".  I used the "comment" instead. If you can direct me how to follow the instructions I would like to do so .

You will not find 'answer', because this is a closed thread, which means the ability to 'answer' has been removed.

Please repost on the current thread:



when I click the Helderman Name study tag in my followed tags it says nobody has created a Helderman Name Study however, when I search the name Helderman the Name study appears in the box along with the Helderman project. Can you tell me what the problem is?

I would like to do a one name study for the Dryden Family, in the Americas.

Lynne McCurdy Robinson

I would like to start some.




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I have already begun a one name study for the COWAN name.  Perhaps you would care to take a look and suggest any changes or additions you think are appropriate.
by Living Cowan G2G6 (9.2k points)
Sarah: This Study requires the ONS badge going to Malcolm, plus a redirect.
I have found the project page: it is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Cowan_Name_Study

I am glad to see this study started - there is a Cayley-Cowan link.
Yes, I had already found that. :)  The redirect goes to the surname index page.
Badge and redirect are set up! :)
Excellent!  Many thanks.
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I am a glutton for work. I have already set up a Cayley Name Study and am joint project manager for a Nowell study. I would like to set up a study for LEGARD. No surname variants, at least at this stage. I would be very grateful if you would create the page with me as manager.
by Michael Cayley G2G6 Pilot (215k points)
Your page is ready, I sent you a PM! :)
+9 votes

Buckner, Bucher, Bucker

by Judy Buckner G2G Crew (470 points)
Your Buckner Name Study pages are ready:

However, there is a Buckner Connection at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Buckner_Name_Study
that has not been added to the One Name Studies index (so you would not have seen it).  Would you like to contact its profile managers and see if they would like to merge?
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I started a One Name Study for the McFatter/McPhatter surname! It's a fairly rare surname so it may take awhile for cousins to join...
by Jessica Key G2G6 Pilot (306k points)


Jessica, I have created your companion category page:

Sarah: Jessica needs the badge and redirects McFatter, McPhatter

You're all set Jessica!
+9 votes
I’d like to start a One Name Study for the ‘Hoste’ surname, with variants ‘Oste’ and ‘Hoost’.
by Jorris Hoste G2G5 (5.4k points)

Hello Jorris

Your Name Study, with its companion category page, has been set up:

Sarah: Jorris needs the badge and the redirects Hoste, Oste, Hoost.

Thank you! I will take some time to set it up, but if anybody is interesten to join let me know!

You're all set with badge and redirects, Jorris!
Thanks, Sarah!
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I think I would like to set up a study for Kinghorn. I have been collecting isolated family groups in an attempt to break down one of my brick walls. Probably would include Kinghorne. I am not sure if a one-name study is appropriate for what is really a family study though?
by Peter Cameron G2G6 Mach 2 (24.6k points)
That is what my ONSs are.  Individuals who build into families, who build into more families.  Still interested?
Thanks Ros, yes I'll give it a try. Kinghorn / Kinghorne please.

Hello Peter

Your new Kinghorne Name Study, together with companion category page, is up and running at

Sarah: Peter needs badge plus redirects Kinghorne, Kinghorn

You're all set Peter!
Thanks Ros, Sarah, now I just need to learn how to drive it.

Can I be a pain and ask you to rename it to Kinghorn (without the e)? This is by far the more common name and how I think of the families.

Thanks again
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If I haven't done so, I would like to create a project page for ROWLEY and its many spelling variants: ROWLEE, ROWLY, RAWLY, ROLLY, ROWL, etc. (I use the last one because there was one immigrant who came in with that name and within two generations it was ROWLEY)
by Judy Bramlage G2G6 Pilot (204k points)

I have created your new Rowley Name Study, together with companion category page here:


Sarah: Judy needs the badge and redirects Rowley, Rowlee, Rowly, Rawly, Rolly and Rowl.

Redirects and badge are set!
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I would like to do Shane 112.  I started the tree and would like to continue.  Please consider me for Shane 112.  Thank you.
by Ruth Silk G2G Crew (930 points)
You may have answered the wrong thread.  Or do you want to start a Shane Name Study?
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Can you do the Lefever study for me please? Variants are Lefevre, Lefebure, Lefebvre, Lefeuvre and Lafever. TIA Colin
by Colin Spencer G2G2 (2.5k points)
I've added those redirects for you Colin!  I've got several Lefebvre ancestors myself, so it's great to see your project :)
Thanks very much Sarah.
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I would like to add the surname Langenfeld to a One Name Study
by Sandie Schwarz G2G6 Mach 2 (27.8k points)

Your new Langenfeld Name Study, together with its companion category page, is ready:


Sarah: Sandie already has the badge, so just needs a redirect for Langenfeld.

Redirect is set!
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Hello, I would like to start a One Name Study for the surname COON.
by Alan Coon G2G Crew (470 points)
Hello Alan

Looks like you already set up a Coon Name Study on 18 July.  We would really have preferred that you have a minimum of 100 contributions before you started a Name Study.  Perhaps you would like to take a look at the Project page?

Thank you, Ros. I am new to WikiTree so I apologize. Please delete the One Name Study for COON and I will re-request at a later date.

Hello Alan

Unfortunately, I can't delete the Study.  I would ask that instead you 'orphan' it.  Go to the Privacy tab at the top of it, scroll down until you see a dark green button saying 'Remove Yourself', and click it.

Then, if at a later date you want to start it up again, you just go to it and 'adopt' it. smiley

Hi, Ros. I was able to go in and delete it myself. Thanks!
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Hi Sarah.

I like to setup an One Name Studie.

Name: Scholtens, Schultens, Schulte

Thanks for your initiative.

Regards Roelof.
by Roelof Scholtens G2G5 (5.7k points)

Hello Roelof

Looks like you already set up a Scholtens Name Study at:
on 31 January 2018.

Schultens as a Project instead of a Name Study:

or is this a subproject of the Dutch Roots Project and not a Name Study at all? In which case, all you need to do is remove the One Name Studies category from it.

Sarah: Roelof needs the badge and the redirects Scholtens, Schultens, and Schulte

The Scholtens Name Study link no longer works, has it been deleted?
I think it may have been (but not by me), as the Scholtens name has been added to Project:Shultens.

However, Roelof has not answered my question about whether it is actually a subproject of the Dutch Roots Project and therefore not a Name Study at all (in which case the ONS categories need to be removed).
Hi all,

I just arrived at my house. I removed the Scholtens One Name Study because in January 2018 I made one already . That I had forgotten about to mension. Reason for delay: my house was in the wild fire. I got Lucky and all is ok.

Regards, Roelof.

Glad to hear you are safe! smiley


Right, I Added Scholtens at Schultens / Scholtens project.
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I would like a one name study for Manison, i have added most of the people with that surname xxx
by Karen Butler G2G6 Pilot (155k points)

Hello Karen

Your new Manison Name Study, together with companion category page, is at:

Sarah: Karen needs the badge and the redirect.

Thanks Ros xxx
Badge and redirect are set, sorry for the wait!
Thanks Sarah xxx
+9 votes
YES YES YES! I would like to start a one name study on Kabrich, with variant of Kabrick. The "Kabrich"  surname list shows other "related" names, but I believe they are only related by virtue of similar spelling. My name has been butchered in documents forever, and some branches of the family adopted the Kabrick spelling. Thank you thank you thank you!
by Robin Kabrich G2G6 Mach 4 (46.6k points)

Hello Robin

I have created your Kabrich Name Study and its companion category page:


Sarah: Robin needs the badge and a redirect for Kabrich.

Thanks so much - but shouldn't I be a manager or at least on the trusted list of the page? I'm working for the next couple of days, I will get this more set up after that when I have a bit more free time. I am SO excited to be doing this!
Of course: but I need to have your email address first in order to add you.  Send in a Trusted List request for the page, and then I will have it.  Don't post it here in a public forum.
oh duh! I knew that! Right away, thanks . . . too much excitement LOL

All done! wink

Thank you so much to
Ummmm.  . . when I try to do the name study template, it comes up in red, saying the category doesn't exist - so what am I doing wrong? (Ignore spaces, don't want it to come up here) I tried {{ One Name Study|name=Kabrich }}
It will be like that until Sarah has done the behind-the-scenes redirect.
okay, thanks . . . so many layers I never knew about!
Redirects are set up now so the template should work!
Thank you so much!
+9 votes
I have started a one name study for MOIR!  Can you check it out for me and help me with it?
by Colin Mckee G2G1 (1.2k points)

Hello Colin

You created the Moir Name Study on 29 July 2018. 755 profiles were mistakenly added to the ONS Index (which is a top level index) and had to be removed - but whoever did the removing seems to have removed them from your Name Study as well, as they should show up on your category page.  Please contact them to replace [[Category:Moir Name Study]] on the profiles you wish to include.  

Incidentally, Moir-447, which is an Unlisted profile, remains on the ONS Index.  Please remove [[Category:One Name Studies]] from it.

Sarah: Colin needs the badge and a redirect to Moir.

Badge and redirect are set!
+9 votes
I would like to establish a One Name Study for the name: BIRCHBY, including variants: BIRCHLEY, BURCHBY, BURCHLEY, and BIRKBY
by Glen Birchby G2G Crew (840 points)

Hello Glen

I have created Birchby Name Study with its companion category page (which you can reach by clicking on "Birchby Name Study" in the categories just under the coloured box):


Sarah: Glen needs the badge and redirects Birchby, Birchley, Burchby, Burchley, and Birkby

Badge and redirects are set!
+9 votes
I'd like to create a One Name Study Page for the Native American (Tuscarora) name kčę́heh (literal meaning "those who gather around my fire" but used to mean "my immediate family").

It was adopted in the 1750s-60s by a group of six or seven siblings or maternal cousins as they moved out of Bertie Co NC, but we have found 50 different spellings of it in the 150 years that followed, so that even one individual may be recorded or enumerated under four or five different spellings. Our familial research group settled on calling ourselves "Kizzie Cuzzins" and I'm wondering if this is an appropriate name for a One Name Study?
by Deb Cavel G2G6 Mach 2 (22.5k points)
When we create it, it must have One name.  Such as the Cavel Name Study.  Don't you have even one surname which repeated?

Once the database is happy, you can rename it to whatever you like (although it would be quite nice to keep the phrase 'Name Study').

I have no problem with the phrase "Name Study", in fact I see it as essential. I just don't which of the many spellings to use. Can I do as Glen above and redirect the different spellings? Like this?

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Caziah_Name_Study  and redirect Kčę́heh, Cashia, Casiah, Cashiah, Cazier, Cashie, Cashiere, Coziah, Coziahr, Kizziah, Kizziar, Kiziah, Keziah, Kesiah, Kizzire, Kissire, Kesier, Kazar, Kasiah, Kiszer, Kizar, Kozier, Kosier, Kasire, Kizzia, Kizeor

This isn't all of them, but the most common, so you can see my dilemma. 


I created the page for you, now I will get started on all those redirects :)

+8 votes
Hi Sarah I would like to start a one-name-study for the Surname "Waugh - DNA R-M269" This group originates from The Borders region of Scotland as distinct from the other unrelated Waugh's from Dumfries, Scotland or York England. regards Gavin Waugh-445. Evelyn Waugh is perhaps the most noteable person among this DNA group.
by Gavin Waugh G2G Crew (440 points)

Hi Gavin,

Since you are interested in a specific group of Waughs, you've got two options:  

(1) We can create a Waugh Name Study page for you and make you the manager.  The focus of your own research efforts can be the R-M269 Waughs, but you would still manage the main Waugh page.  It's unlikely that there would be a lot of extra work involved in managing, but for example if someone posted on the page with an interest in York Waughs you might respond to them and invite them to collaborate on the larger Waugh study page--you wouldn't be allowed to say "Actually this page is only for one group of Waughs."

(2) You can create your own free space page specifically for R-M269 Waughs that is unaffiliated with a name study.  More information about that kind of project here.  You might see on that link that there is an example of a Walker DNA project from Lancashire, but when you click the link it takes you to the Walker Name Study page.  So you can see how someone who chose this #2 option in the past ended up merging their page with the name study (#1 option) anyway (and the help page wasn't updated, haha).

Either option is fully encouraged :)  Let me know what you think!

Thanks Sarah

I have explored the examples you referenced and looked through a good number of pages and think that it is one of those things which would be nice to have but probably better I don't try to find time for at present. I can see the value in having a single name page containing sub projects each dedicated to a different group within that name. However I am not convinced that even this arrangement would hold the volume of information required to do justice to each of the 3 distinct groups and then of the multiple sub groups inside each group. I also tested and found that there is little exposure to public internet searches. Ease of identification in public searches would in my mind be highly valued in attracting new, target-name researchers as it is from these that new family lines would be identified to fill in gaps in the trees. There is already very public websites for two different DNA groups of Waugh's and whom I suspect may not be too eager to merge their hard work. Though I suppose there would be no harm in inserting a link to each of those sites and it could be a way of relating while at the same time identifying the separation between both DNA groups. That said if you are not too busy then I would be interested in discussing further the available platform layout, ease of adding sub pages, ease of uploading images, inserting links and manipulation of materials displayed on a page? I don't have a great deal of time to put into page building so would not want to create a page which is then shortly after, abandoned for long periods. Should we discuss this by email rather than take up G2G space?
Absolutely Gavin, feel free to send me a private message and we can correspond further over email :)
What is your email address? Mine is gavinbwaugh@bigpond.com
+8 votes
I have started a Tesseneer name study but I coukd use some guidance. This surname has many,many variants. I have probably seen more than 20 different spellings. Also some information connects this name to Tysinger or Zessinger. I havent found evidence solid enough to support these theories. I started right before my husband had surgery and I am just now getting back to it so all I have done is start. Any help would be appreciated :0)
by R. Howard G2G5 (5.4k points)
Hello R,

You might like to take another look at the ONS Project page.  There you can find all sorts of ideas of what to include:

+9 votes
Whoops. . . .think I have done it already with the name "Penberthy" . . . .have added it to Catagory "One Name Studies" . . . then I found the page One Name Studies Project which told me to ask here

by Geoff Rice G2G6 (7.3k points)
Hi Geoff

Could you put the link to your new ONS freespace page here, please?  I can't find it in the ONS Index - could be because you spelled 'Category' as 'Catagory'...

Hello Geoff

You had created your companion category page! no wonder I couldn't find it.  I have now created your freespace page (which you need) at

This is the 'front door' to your Penberthy Name Study.

In order to make you the manager, please send the Name Study a Trusted List request, and then I wll get it.  Please don't put your email address here on a public forum.

Sarah: Geoff needs the badge and a redirect for Penberthy

Will Do . . . . I have a bit of a problem . . .My Speeling is Carp I am Dispexit . . .lol . . . .spelchecker is my best friend . . . Geoff
You're all set Geoff, I see you have the badge now and the Penberthy redirect is up :)

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