Irish sources before 1850.

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I am completely stuck with my mother's family from Ireland. I know her Uprichard paternal line arrived in Lurgan with the Quakers and linen around 1700, but going back from my 4 great-grandparents I cannot get a foot-hold before 1850. I know their last names were Uprichard (2 greatgrands: Robert James and Christiana were first cousins), James McMordie, and Grace McKibben.
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I can see those greatgrands and James McMordie's father James, and Grace McKibben's father Charles. James Snr was a farmer so Griffiths & the Tithes would be helpful, Charles was a mechanic so perhaps a trade directory

FindMyPast have a Quaker marriage in Lurgan in 1775 between Henry Uprichard and a Margaret. They also have baptism records for their children James, Ruth, Thomas, Mary, Margaret, and Henry.

There is a second Quaker family which appears to be that of the son James and Susanna they have children from 1809-1817.

The third family is William (son of James) and Hannah they have children 1845-1854.
Oh, marvelous. I have been combing through probate lists, and have been able to sketch Uprichard and McMordie families since 1901 and 1911. I knew my Uprichard ancestors were Quakers, from the small pieces of data I have concluded that Christiana Uprichard was read out of Meeting for marrying a Mr Stuart, who soon died, and then she married her cousin, who left the Meeting too. My mother, born in Belfast in 1915 liked to talk about her Quaker grandmother, who was Christiana. I know 3 Uprichard brothers ame from Wales around 1700, and all Northern Ireland Uprichards are descended from them.
The McMordies: I know that my uncle Robert Uprichard believed they were from the same family as the Lord Mayor, but they did not have the upward mobility of the Uprichards (Uncle Robert was solicitor general for Antrim and Armagh in the 1960s). James McMordie was a traveling salesman according to the 1901 census.
What I am looking for is connections.My grandmother Helen McMordie Uprichard had a sister who married a Whitehead; which is another Quaker name. My Dodgson name goes back to Paythorne, where Quakers started.
This is great fun, and totally addicting. I need to go to Quaker Meeting now, it is First Day!

Later edits: Christiana's middle name must be Stuart, she certainly was not read out of Meeting, if indeed the Christiana and Robert on the marriage license of 1875 are the same ones I am looking for. She is the daughter of a manufacturer named John, he is the son of a farmer named John; since he went on to own a successful factory, RJ Uprichard, I guess he inherited the factory from her father. Since they were married in the Church in Ireland, suggests he had left the Society of Friends already, but as I remember, she was still a Quaker in her practice, as my mother told me, but became a member of the Church in Ireland. The other Uprichard on the marriage certificate is a William, which suggests he was a brother of either of them, or a grandfather. They named their firstborn William John. In my English ancestors, I have found a lot of clues in how children are named. Thank you all!
I'd try - it has a lot of Betham's material indexed, and that's the major surviving source for Irish genealogy before 1800. Irish genealogy is pretty local, like the sources available vary a lot depending on what area you're looking at. In general, the sources are pretty thin compared to England or America, but Uprichard sounds Anglo-Irish (or really Welsh-Irish), and usually those families are better documented.

Betham is an excellent suggestion:

Register of Deeds:

More Register of Deeds:

More in a few minutes..

It looks like John d 1757 had children John, David, Thomas and Mary (Moore). However there's no connection I've seen yet to Henry d 1794 was the nephew of Henry Greer and the father of a number of children by Margaret.

The will indices might help:

Might also be worth looking for some post-1785 deeds.

Random bits:

1829 "Mr. Thomas Uprichard, of Bleary, parish of Tullylish, to Jane, second daughter the late Mr. James Miller, the Dogher, near Lurgan"

Thom's Dublin Directory 1918 Solicitors

UPRICHARD, William J., 9 Suffolk-street; and Belfast T. 1007 

According to the marriage record, Christiana was a spinster when she married Robert Uprichard.
Oh gosh Valerie, thank you. Now that has confused me even more. They were not first cousins, certainly not. And that her father was the manufacturer, not his: Robert James owned a linen factory, RJ Uprichard.
John Falvey: yes, WJ Uprichard was William John Uprichard, firstborn to Robert James and Christiana and a solicitor. His brother was Rev Leonard Victor Uprichard. My grandfather, he died when I was young so I don't remember him, but I do have some letters he wrote to my father when he was in Asia and Africa with the RAMC. I have combed through probate lists and census for 1901 and 1911, I do know he had 4 brothers and sisters and 2 died as children within 2 weeks of each other.

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Try the Tithe lists of the 1820s-1830s.
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