I entered the 'tech' tag on a post, it showed up and I saved it, but the published post displayed 'bugs' instead [closed]

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closed with the note: Ellen Smith has kindly removed the code that defaulted 'tech' to 'bugs'
in WikiTree Tech by Martin White G2G6 Pilot (146k points)
closed by Martin White
What post was that?

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Eowyn has produced a tag synonym list. If you type in tech it changes automatically to bugs. 

by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (633k points)
selected by Ellen Smith
Mm... that's not a good swap. Not all tech-tagged questions are bugs.
I think the point is that adding the tag tech to the category Wikitree Tech gives no extra value. If posting in Wikitree Tech then at the tag level we should be using bug, improvement etc. If you have alternative suggestions for how to handle this then you can submit them to Eowyn as improvements to the synonym list.
Without getting into the question of whether or not it's a good swap, I think that if what someone enters in their question is going to be swapped, there should be a message displayed that tells them so in order to

    (a) not make them why their entry changed

    (b) educate them for their future posts as to the preferred tag
Ellen, Thanks for the best answer star.
I agree Gaile. What is a little frustrating is that when starting to type tech the tech tag comes up and you can click on it. You don't know anything is wrong when you hit the button 'Ask the question'. It is only if you go back to view the question that you see the wrong tag has shown up. It is a shame the tag comes up as an option when in reality it is not.
I've removed the code that made "bugs" a synonym for "tech." But we need to teach people not to use tech as G2G tag, since it does no good.
Thanks Ellen! :)
It would be nice if there were a list of all the tags that are followed, with a note on the purpose of the tag when appropriate, with an easy link to it on the "ask a question" page.

That's probably too much to ask, considering that WikiTree is using a canned program for G2G, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

There is this list of standardised tags.

Lynda, I was just looking at the list now - I clicked the link in your original answer here.  I never knew that list existed before and think it needs to be EASILY available to people when they are in process of asking a question here, otherwise how would anyone ever know it exists, let alone how to find it.

By the way, one thing I noticed in that list - they are all shown in upper case, while tags are supposed to be all lower case.
Even though I am an integrator and moderator I can never find it myself Gaile. I only managed to find it to show to you because there has been the recent update with the auto synonym processing.

I was a G2G moderator for a good long while before I became aware of that page -- and I was very pleased when I got permission to edit it.  surprise

As near as I can tell, tags are not case-sensitive. If you enter a tag in upper-case, it will save in lower-case.

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