WikiTree+ isn't availiable for several hours

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The link to WikiTree+  gives this result:

Connection: close Content-Length: 0 Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2018 16:22:03 GMT Server: SDMS/WebServer/4

The same does "Suggestions" link in WikiTree menu.

in WikiTree Tech by Владимир Комиссаров G2G1 (1.9k points)
retagged by Aleš Trtnik
Nothing has been changed after more than 24 hr.
Is there anybody who have noticed this bug?
try clearing your cache, delete temp files or restart your computer to clear memory, then try again.
Thank you, but there is no any data from in browser cache. It was the first thing I've tried.

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I just tried it and it works for me. And did for the most of the week.

does any of this 3 links work for you?
by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (815k points)
all 3 just worked for me. They were working during last week but I did notice some slowness to connect.
Only 3rd ( works.
Vladimir, do you have any firewalls blocking the connect.

Which browser are you using? Try with another one. or maybe from phone?

Since you get the text SDMS/WebServer/4 it is obvious it is from my server, but I have no idea, why there is no content.

How about this one? It is processed a little differently.
worked for me
all 4 links working fine for me.
I've tried to investigate the problem on my end.

Links work:

1 - on desktop with Win 7 and last release of Google Chrome,

2 - on mobile phone with Android 4.4.2 and last release of Google Chrome,

3 - on tablet with Android 5.1.1 and Samsung Internet Browser.

On the same tablet and last release of Chrome it doesn't work.

There is no chance to clear cache data from WikiTree+ because there is no data from in browser cache.

I've tried to delete data from, log out/log in, tried direct links when I've been logged out (and all tabs been closed) - nothing changes.

Seems like invalid session or some errors in server cache.

It is important that this behaviour appeared after attempt to select status in one record of suggestions table.
Try reinstalling the Chrome on the tablet. But I have no idea why it wouldn't work.

On my phone with Android 8.0.0 it also works.
It is not the question of vital necessity to reinstall working application with all it's settings with unknown result. I'll better wait for updates from Google. The process will be almost the same.
I've reproduced the same thing on another device (phone with Chrome and Android 4.4.2).

1. Log in WikiTree

2. Go to Suggestions link

3. Find item marked wuth 'Unique Spelling'

4. Go to 'Status' page

5. Mark 'Wrong suggestion - hide forever', leave the comment blank

6. Click WikiTree+ link on the top of the page

7. Bingo - we have 'connection close etc.'!

8. The link to 'Suggestions' now doesn't work on WikiTree site on another device :)

9. With another browser on tablet I can see that the total number of suggestions decreased by 1.
I tried the procedure on my end and it works. It may be connected to cyrillic alphabet. Which profile were you working on?
Great! Of course, Комиссаров-1.
I tried all variations on and everything worked.

I did it on my PC.

I noticed, that name spelling variations don't work for cyrillic. but I already knew that.

I have no other ideas.
It is quite strange behaviour - on the other hand my system remembers links, because pages are blocked regardless of the full path, even to start page. But there is no saved data from in browser settings. And I can't check it, because Chrome folder is under root access.

I'll try to reproduce this on desktop a little bit later.
I've reproduced this on desktop PC with Windows 7 and last version of Google Chrome with two differences.

1st - after "status" editing the page of WikiTree+ is still "living". To get the above message I had to open one more tab of WT+, e.g. by clicking "Suggestions" in main WikiTree menu.

2nd - OMG! I've found cookies from in desktop Chrome! After their removal the main page of WT+ or "Suggestions" list became available again. It looks like a bug in mobile Chrome - the restricted list of sites with cookies.

And - if this behaviour is due to cyrillic account name it is very important thing.

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