Could Relationship Finder have a less "me-centered" interface?

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Often when mentoring other members or answering questions, I want to enter two other people's IDs into Relationship Finder to find their relationship. So I go to one person's profile, open the Find tab and select Relationship Finder... And when I do that, I'm immediately transported from that other person's profile to my own profile, and my user ID has been entered into one slot on the Relationship Finder form. I have to remove my own ID from the form and enter the two other IDs (if I can remember their IDs -- all too often I have to go back and check blush). And If I find a match between them and want to compare one of these people with some other person, I have to start the process all over with my own ID in the left-hand box.

Would it be possible to set up a Relationship Finder interface link that would start the search from the profile I was visiting when I opened Relationship Finder, rather than always defaulting to me?

ADDED: This feature also would be a boon for all sorts of me-centric uses of Relationship Finder -- such as checking one's mother's or father's relationship to a particular target person (to do what Cynthia was looking to do when she posted this G2G question).

in The Tree House by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
All the profile-specific items are on the profile menu.  All the other menus are the same whichever profile you're on.

Relationship To Me on the profile menu comes up with both IDs filled in, the profile you're on, and your own.

Trouble is, when you change your own ID in the box, it doesn't change in the address bar, so when you post a link to the results, you can easily post a silly link.
The Relationship to Me item is essentially useless for checking another person's relationship to anyone other than "me," because of the preprogramming. The tab under the Find menu is supposed to be the all-purpose version of Relationship Finder, but because it's programmed to search for relationships to ME, it doesn't work well for other relationships. I am looking for an additional link that will pull up a blank form -- and won't transport me back to my own profile as it does so.
I use it a lot.  I just let it fail to find a relationship to me, then change the name or go the Quick Links link at the bottom.

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Ellen, I don’t have an answer, but what I’ve learned to do is to keep a pad and pen next to my computer and write down the profile IDs to work the Relationship Finder. It’s not ideal, so I get what you’re asking about. (Actually, it’s a pain in the...)
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
Susan, Perhaps a little soon to star this one as best answer since it just offers sympathy and does not address whether anything can be done about Ellen’s suggested improvement.
Yes, I know how to work around the interface. I was looking for a response from the team.
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I agree, Ellen.  I also wish it was a Relationship Finder of the profiled person to any ID I care to enter.  

I guess the Relationship To Me Finder is just for ease of use and the Wow factor.

The Relationship Finder should be placed on the pull down list with auto-entry of the profile ID in the first field.  Then we can easily enter any second ID we want.  That way we can cut to the chase.

by Kitty Smith G2G6 Pilot (588k points)

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