How big is too big an Image?

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I just uploaded this image    It's not the thumbnail, it is inside the profile.

It was originally 3600x3300 pixels.  I cut it by 1/3rd (1320x1112) while inside the Free Space  (my first attempt at trying that-found it on the fomatting link??)  My provider is probably the slowest in America and it takes way too long to upload "click here for original size".

It is a great map that shows corresponding landmarks as written in the deeds included in the profiles.  Am I asking too much?  Many thanks for helping!
WikiTree profile: Joseph Hough
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I think the limit is a !0 MB file size, and the system rejects anything larger than that.  I don't know what effect something that size might have on loading speed.  Your mileage may vary, as they say.
by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (571k points)
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Well that makes sense!  I can make it smaller even and it should be legible.  Thanks for answering, Darren!
Barbara, you probably don't have to make it smaller - there is file compression software that shrinks the file size without making the image smaller.  Depending on the graphic editing program you use, when saving a jpg file, you should have an option to select the compression amount.  Please feel free to send me a private message if you want, and I'll give you my email address so you can send me the file and I'll compress it and send it back to you.
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I don’t have an answer for you, Barbara, as the tech stuff is more than I can do. The pic was slow to upload for me.

As an aside, though, this is a great map, Barbara. I enlarged it and found several landmarks in western Mecklenburg and eastern Gaston counties that I recognized as places where my families lived.
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
Hi Pip!  That's great, I love Mecklenburg, have tons of families there and pretty familiar with them.  McManus, Hough, Helms, Doster, Clyburn, Deason, I can't remember them all.  Do you live there? Wish I did but alas only visited a few times.  Thanks for your comment!  Barb
By  the way, Pip, just how long DID it take to  upload for you?  No way can I wait the length of time it took me - well, it never did upload.!

Also BTW I have a ton of maps, more of Union and Mecklenburg and the SC borders counties if you are interested, email me directly.
Hi, Barbara! I grew up in Paw a Creek, back when it was still farmland. Some of my ancestors help found three of the Seven Sisters, Presbyterian churches in Steele Creek, Paw Creek, and Hopewell. (Maybe Providence, too.) I think that the cemetery at Paw Creek is about 75-90% related to me in some way or another. If you need some help with Mecklenburg sources, let me know. I have some readily available.

What part of Mecklenburg is your family from?
THey started in 1742 MD and came down through Salisbury by 1749, the MRCA died in 1762 after ending up in Big Lynches area of SC - smack on the boarder bothsides really.  The McManuses anyway, and since then they flitted back and forth.  Any McManus  up there is probably related to our MRCA.  But the others are the same way, they just came in from a different direction, mostly Quakers in Bucks Co. PA.  I rented a room with a "cousin" and worked from her home in 2006 for 4 months and we had a ball running around cems, libraries,etc.  Give my eye teeth to come  back  :)  I'll remember your offer.  Frankly I have hard of PAW something and Providence, but not Seven sisters?? Again, we mostly were in the Charlotte area, Clear Creek, Concord spread out. Thanks for asking.  Can you send a link to PAW Creek?  Cem?
IN FACT, I have Shepards, Shepherds. . . .

My cousin Donna Joy Johnson did this survey. I know her as very meticulous in her work. 

There are several other links on the web for Paw Creek Church with lots of history. 

My Shepherds are descended from George of Spotsylvania, Va. My Underwood ancestors were Quakers out of London Grove Meeting in Penn. came the long way around before showing up in what is now Gaston County, NC.

The Carolina Room at the Charlotte Public Library (downtown) is chock full of genealogy materials. When I started going in the 1970s as a teenager, it was one small room. Now it’s nearly a whole floor. I could camp out there for weeks if I had the time and wouldn’t exhaust their resources.

A link to an historical marker listing the Seven Sisters.

Wonderful links!  Not familiar with Steele Creek but heard of it and recognize quite a few surnames at Paw. My McManuses were Presbyterian and we don't know where he was buried. He lived at confluence of Wild Cat Ck and Big Lynches but had property from Salisbury down to there.  He could be buried in the Steel Creek area . . maybe. 1762 the boundary was far from firm!  This same man, Capt James McManus got into it with John Cathey in 1749 Iredell. He was surveying and Cathey and friend shot at him.    It's recorded in the colonial records.  LOL!   I have a map of plats of various people in Iredell county . . . where can I send it?  Its in their Heritage book.

 My time in NC was so short, yes, I sent hours at the library - my friend was a McCorkle!  I recognize quite a few surnames in Paw Creek but didn't "know" deeply.  Thank you so much for that new history.
Oh, no!!! That John Cathey might be the one who was an ancestor of mine, lived in Iredell County. Born abt 1725 in Lancaster Co., Penn, and died abt 1788 in Iredell. If this is the same John Cathey, then it’s a small world!
I'd bet he was!  My McManus was a tough cookie, he was sued all the time but always seemed to come out clean.  Fun exchange with you!! Please stay in touch.  B

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