Fixing LNAB and middle names?

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I was going to go fix the last name at birth for the rest of Matheus's siblings, but I can't change the LNAB field.  Also, shouldn't the second name go in the Middle name field?   AND one more thing, I haven't seen the name Vanetten used anywhere yet, just van Etten, Van Etten,

And even one more thing, by the time of his children they ARE capitalizing Van in van Etten, so at what point do we go with the morphed name?
WikiTree profile: Hillegond Jacobusz van Etten
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May I say that my son has two first names and no second name.

Not trying to stir up controversy in any way, but curious as I've never properly understood it. I guess I'm a logical thinker, so there might be a more cultural reason for this rather than logical, but if you have 3 names, then there's one that's in the middle (based on logic). So wouldn't that make the name in the middle your middle name?

I guess I've seen enough cultural or even personal standards to know that one size doesn't fit all, but I guess I'm just curious so that as I'm building profiles of people I don't know much about that I don't set them up improperly.
Hi Scott,

It was a personal preference to give our first son a hyphenated  first name.
I am not sure why it is there is such a big deal about this but people get real funny about not having a middle name - even though they are right there in the middle - whatever you do do not suggest that they have a middle name

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Look at the birth source documents - Especially in New Netherland Settlers and descendants we use the birth record if found to show the proper last name - and it can be different for different children in the same family - and it may not match what they used later in their life - review the New Netherland Settlers project page for Naming conventions there and it will become clearer - if you are used to other sites it can be quite confusing as many tend to try and standardize spellings so all the family has the same last name like we generally have nowadays - not the same back then

Women did not use their husbands last name either then but kept their birth name
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the other names can go in the Current last name - that is where I put the name spelled as I see it in later documents for that person - so the birth record determines last name at birth but like a will or deed will have another spelling sometimes so put that in the current

as for middle names - some have one but not too many until like 1800 as far as I have seen -

if you have a lot that are before 1700 join the project and people will help you - get PPP protection on those as after you get them sourced right you don't want to see them messed up by somone coming along with a funky GEDCOM
Well, in the Birth record which is from Hoes book, it shows the last name or the father as Van Etten.   It is the same for Matheus.   Quackenbush made a comment on Matheus that it should have been van Etten, as the van should not be capitalized.    For Hildegond, it should be either Van Etten or van Etten.

But when I go to edit the profile, I can not change the LNAB, I assume because it is project protected.  But the LNAB is Vanetten, which is wrong in any case I can think of.
I see that now, well it sure is! what is the name on the one you wnat to merge?  this should be merged into a Van Etten profile or the project should change it - usually it is done through merging into the right name because that way there are less redirects for the database - now the Van should be a van but that is not as big a deal - most of the de or von or van little parts of a name made like these should not have that little part capitalized - but if it shows in the birth record many do - and that is let go - the all running it into one word though should be corrected
There is no merge, there are just three siblings with the last name Vanetten that are protected so that LNAB is stuck there ; )
Wendy did you see these other van Etens?  look on the search page
I looked at the Vanettens.  Most are unsourced.    ??

And it looks like there are a few more merges...
maybe you can find ones with proper LNAB there and merge into them with your sourced ones, any match those siblings with Vanetten?
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the other part of your question:

the second name should not go in the middle name spot - it is the patronymic name formed from the father
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I edited the LNABs on all of the profiles except Rachel, since her profile does not have any record transcripts to document her name.

More records are needed for these children's lives after their baptisms. I retained the patronymics in the first name fields, but there's no evidence yet as to how the individual children's patronyms were recorded (if at all): alternative versions include Jacobussen, Jacobusz, and other variants.
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I was just looking through how I helped on this one and saw that I have a connection - there is a marriage to a cousin, so I will try to find time to look into that - there are probably records for some of them somewhere - the de Hooges and the Westfaels have connection to the van Etens I saw just hopping around the tree a bit - so if Wendy does not want to look further I will try
I added Rachel's baptism record to her profile.  It's an ancestry link = (

Added the same information with the Family Search Link

I will try to make time to get to some of the other kids.
Thanks, Wendy. Rachel now is a van Etten, not a Vanetten.
I have some over there that are fine and others I do not know if I will ever figure out how the heck the mix ups could get so bad - well we are getting these all fixed up nice

thanks ladies, good to see this progress

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