I'm looking for the names of the wives of the sons of Hiram Bedwell

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I already have Hiram Bedwell's wife. I have her name. I'm searching for his son's wives names. The men in this line married a couple of times usually. I think the average is 2 per guy. I am hoping that someone might be able to help me with this. They congregated in McMinn, Graysville, and Rhea county Tennessee. I have been told I have native american ancestry and I believe this has been the root of the problem. The women didn't want to be well documented. Being indian wasn't a good thing to be back then.
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Brandi,  I can't find the Hiram Bedwell profile.  Is it posted in your family tree.  Names of wife, son's, DOB, DOD, places they were born & died?

I have Bedwells in my family & have hit a brick wall for some of the same reasons you are having.  Numerous marriages, similar named wives & children, brothers, sisters & parents.  Tennessee is tough because so many records were destroyed either by fire or the war.

Try the census, wills, grave info.  You can message me & we can work together.  Maybe we will find we are related?
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Ok. So I havent put together a family tree and Im seriously new. Hers what I havo so far.

Robert Bedwell married Anne Wilson and they had r kids. Their names are:

Elisha Bedwell 1754-1819

Robert Thomas Bedwell 1759-1856

James Bedwell 1771-1856

John M. Bedwell 1778-?

John M Bedwell married Sarah Ogle 5/22/1799. Sarah was born 1770 dod unknown. They went on to have 13 children. Their names are as follows:

Caleb Bedwell ?-1881

Squire George Bedwell 1802- 1879

Leroy "Lee" Bedwell 1804-1860

William "Press" Preston Bedwell 1817-1881

Hiram Bedwell 1800-1867

Matilda Bedwell

Andrew Jaclson Bedwell

Rebecca Bedwell Barksdale

John N Bedwell

Sarah Bedwell

Jesse B. Bedwell

Melvina Bedwell

Armsted Bedwell

Hiram Bedwell married Martha Ann "Davis" Bedwell in 1819. They went on to have 10 children. Their names are as follows:

John Anderson Bedwell4/30/1835-8/4/1907

Mary Bedwell

Margaret Bedwell

Kelzada Bedwell 1831-1917

Andrew Jackson Bedwell

Catherine Bedwell

Narcissa Bedwell

Milissa Bedwell

Charles "CW" Bedwell 1845-1865

Hamilton "Ham" Bedwell 1806-1865

John Anderson Bedwell went on to marry 2 times. Both mothers are unknown and its my suspicion native american women. The first marriage resulted in 3 children. Their names are as follows:

William (several initials here SGE) Bedwell 1864-?

Martha E Bedwell 1869-?

James Linzey Bedwell 1875-?

The zecond marriage John Anderson Bedwell married Sarah A Bedwell surname unknown. They had 1 child as follows

John Harrison" Bedwell 1/5/1881-?

John "Harrison" Bedwell married an unknow woman I suspect was Cherokee indian. They had 1 child as follows:

Jesse Harrison Bedwell 8/4/1865-12/22/1938

John "Harrison" Bedwell went on to marry Sarah T Doss 8/20/1918. They had 15 children. Their names are as follows:

Annie Mae Bedwell 1914-1961

Dorothy "Lula" Mae Bedwell 1909-1987

Billie Bedwell 1907-1976

William Arlie Bedwell 1905-1976

Harvey Bedwell 1902-1963

Harry Bedwell 1902-? I suspect Harvey and Harry to be twins

Emmie Nola Bedwell 1902-1906

Mary Maggie Bedwell 1901-1985

Francis Harvey Bedwell 1900-1963

Maggie "Rue" Bedwell 1898-1940

Virgil Bedwell 1896-1935

Dovie Mae Bedwell 1894-1957

Amanda Mae Bedwell 1892-1940

Rebecca Jane Bedwell 1887-1924

Charles "Charley" Harrison Bedwell 1888-1971

Charles "Charley"Harrison Bedwell I was told was a native american chief. I nothing to substantiate this claim. He went on to marry a woman named Mary "Jerkins" in 1908. They had 6 children. Their names are as follows:

Lora M Bedwell Harden about 1918 pronounced Lawrrie

Franklin "Frank" Bedwell 9/30/1919-5/25/1990

Walter Elmer "Babe" Bedwell 5/25/1924- 4/15/1968 had a lazy eye

Floyd Ernest Bedwell 1/22/1922-6/1/2000

William Jennings "Bill" Bedwell

Elba Ester Marie Bedwell Yother 1910-1981

Elba Ester Marie Bedwell went on to marry Jesse Robert Yother 416/1928. They had 10 children. Her brother Bill was a baby when she married and her mother was dying of TB. Since Elba was having trouble concieving she thought she would start Elbas family with Bill. Elba and Jesse Roberts children are as follows.

Mary Agnes Bedwell Abbott living

Howard "Ed" Yother

Ruby Yother West living

Geraldine "Deenie" Yother Davis (deceased)

Annie Yother Nye (deceased)

Barbera "Midge" Yother Young (deceased)

Robert "Bobby" Yother (deceased)

Paul Yother (living)

Annie Ruth Yother

Jesse Charles Yother Jr. Died 2011.

Jesse Charles Yother Jr. went on to marry Nancy Ryan. They had 2 daughters. One is my mother and the other my aunt.
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