I need a census report for Pamela Cockburn died age 56 years.

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I am looking for a Pamela Cockburn who died age 56 after 1947 in London.  She gave birth Jan. 2 1947 to a son her dying later on.  Her father was Sir Jenkins Malcolm Cockburn.  I have information, written in 1990 that she had died at age 56 so she is not living.  I am looking for her son,  who may still be alive.  I would like him to contact WikiTree if he is interested in finding us.
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For privacy reasons it is Wikitree policy not to discuss living persons on the G2G forum. Please remove the name of the son.
OK, Here goes.  I was asked to list what I know.  I have a 4 page letter from my Dad, deceased, telling about a young lady he met in 1946, named Pamela Cockburn, her father Sir Jenkins Malcolm Cockburn.  They were on their way to London from the USA.  She had a son, whose name I can't use as I was told he could still be alive, his birth was 1/2/1947. He went to Oxford, Royal Navy and a public relations member of the BBC. It is said he has a Welch accent. I have contacted the above with no results. So friends, this is what I have to offer....a confession, if you will, of a son, never brought to light until now.  I would like to find him if I can.
So as a starting point we have no actual records for any of this mysterious family? It does seem rather an elaborate tale with curious names if Pamela was making things up, so presumably a grain of truth in what she told your Dad. Her father’s name is unusual enough for it to theoretically be easy to track, but none of us have had much luck so far.

Maybe worth trying to figure out when Sir Jenkins was knighted to see if that will give any clues.

Have you tried passenger records from USA to England to see if any of them are visible travelling on a ship in 1946?

I am thinking maybe the names are reversed.  My Dad's notes say Sir Jenkins or maybe it's Sir Malcolm was prominent in Parliament, owned a Bentley and had a servant or two. They were on a plane from the US to Heathrow in London.  She sent him letters after his return home to his work in another state as he had a family in the US.  Oh my, a soap opera in my own family....how interesting.
To Crackett,  Can I assume that my last information is what you are looking for?  I gave you all of it from my Dad's letter except the name of his son which I was told not to use because of the probability of his being alive.  Perhaps his first name Hugh might help to make a connection to Pamela without a last name which with the list I gave you could be any of them.  I hope you are still working on this when you can.
I have not been specifically working on it Ginny Ray. As a G2G moderator, I asked you the questions so that there would be sufficient information for anyone to use as a starting point if they were trying to help you. I think you may be right in your recent suggestion that you should be searching for Sir Malcom Cockburn rather than Sir Jenkins Cockburn. If I have time at the weekend I may take another look at it.
Lynda,  I appreciate you getting back to me.  I feel Hugh around me and just can't put my finger on this whole thing.  I know there were letters back in the 40's....from Pamela Cockburn, his mother but after all this time, they are gone.  Can't find my father's funeral sign in book to see if Hugh came to the States as my Dad indicated he would do.  The confidant my Dad speaks of has passed away....it's just so elusive.  Thank you.

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There is a Pamela Cockburn born 1956, died 1960.

Pamela Cockburn married David Hamilton 1945.
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This is so complicated.  My information is just so elusive.  The Pamela Cockburn in the above answer doesn't fit the profile I have.  She was unmarried and died at the age of 56 according to my notes.  Her son was born in 1947.  Thank you for the research but it isn't the right Pamela.  I wonder why Sir Cockburn can't be found.  I hope my information is not a hoax but maybe all of England plus Wales should be investigated.
Ginny, You have asked several questions about these elusive people now. Rather than random searches it might be better if you tell us what sources you already have for the information you have posted. That would give us a starting point for further research.
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I've just checked Scotland too. No joy.
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Thank you for your efforts.  This family which might have been mine is very elusive and I am beginning to get discouraged.  I know I can't use the person's name I am looking for but hope to find something around his life to eventually find him.

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