Time surely to merge this profile away

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Can't believe this unsourced profile was meant to have been anyone other than Asta despite the birth date.  Really annoying profile that keeps showing errors when working on other members of the family.
WikiTree profile: Åsta Gudbrandsdotter
in Genealogy Help by C. Mackinnon G2G6 Pilot (292k points)
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Actually I think she's supposed to be married to Halfdan not Sigurd.  Then she makes sense.

Comment on profile is confusing - her current LNAB is Dottir not Sigurdsson.
Apart from birth date! The profile says nothing about her. Even if we married her to Halfdan she'd still be pointless.
The dates are all made up.  But they're made up to be consistent with her being Sigurd Halfdansson's mother.
I was thinking of the other Halfdan Sigurdsson. The elder one also has an unknown wife. Could merge them together but we'd still have a pointless profile. For my money we should merge both of them away.
Me too.  But in my experience "merging away" is a fictitious process.  Any attempt always gets blocked.

That whole family group has major problems that will need to be sorted out at some stage - see this profile for the Living Unknown profiles.  Her husband Einar also has at least 2 other duplicates.

Know the feeling RJ. Sometimes I just want to retreat to my own little corner.
John I'd like to have a go at this. The period 1000-1066 is one of my favourites. Medlands cites Snorri so the only reason Wikitree shouldn't is that few have a copy. I wouldn't suggest this if the profiles were not already here but they are. At least I can provide some sort of source. Medlands I find is heavy going but that can be added later. A bio of Einar Tamberskelve seems like a good place to start, according to Snorri he was in the thick of things.
I certainly have no objections if you want to work on those profiles.  As you have noticed I did propose the merges for Einar, but that's as far as I got.

If you have a look at the Wikipedia page for Heimskringla, there are external links to a couple of versions in English, which you could use as sources? Some of the people also undoubtably have Wikipedia articles themselves in English and Norwegian.  I usually use Chrome as my web browser and it has a built in translator that does a reasonable job and often the foreign language articles have more detail or better sources are used.
I'm leafing through my copy of Heimskringla at the moment. Used to be my favourite bedtime reading.
I have worked on some of the profiles for early Scandinavian "persons". Unfortunately, I have a heavy workload this summer and is not as active on WikiTree as I use to be, so I'm a bit late into this discussion.

If you are finding purely fictional Scandinavian persons, belonging only in the sagas/legends, please check this profile profile https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Dagsdotter-2

If you have any proof the person actually existed, please check this profile https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Gormsson-36
Maggie, At the moment I'm just trying to collect these people together, get them merged and properly named. It has been suggested that when these people are detached from oneanother a link should be left in the biography to those the myths claim to be related. Personally I like that idea.
I think detaching them and having links for the mythical connections is a fine idea.

Making them date-less is a bit problematic, since it lifts them out from the pre-1500 protection.
Halfdansson-303 and Halvdansson-11?


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Happy morning. One Dottir profile gone. Only 8 more to go.
by C. Mackinnon G2G6 Pilot (292k points)
selected by Eva Ekeblad
Thanks so much for taking this on!!!!

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