how does WikiTree know to match autosomal DNA to my ancestors?

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That's my question in a nutshell.  I expect to see verification of my auDNA when I add an ancestor. Occasionally my auDNA does not show up, then I realize that the person I just added married into the family and we will not have a genetic match. So, how does WikiTree know who are my relatives and who are not?
in Genealogy Help by Robin LaPlante G2G1 (1.4k points)

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It just follows the normal line for autosomal DNA inheritance. It is not doing any matching.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (683k points)
And remember: you have to wait 24 hours for any DNA marking to appear on the person's profile.
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If you tell WikiTree you took an autosomal DNA test (e.g. AncestryDNA) then WikiTree automatically associates that fact on the profiles of your close relatives in WikiTree who are most likely to share your autosomal DNA.  

You will greatly benefit by adding your autosomal DNA results to GEDmatch and then adding your GEDmatch ID to your DNA Tests page in WikiTree.

GEDmatch is free.

GEDmatch will allow you to make use of the matching autosomal segments and X-DNA segments you share with your relatives.  That allows you to confirm that the parent/child relationships back to the common ancestor (for you and your relatives) are accurate.

WikiTree does not know if there is a genetic match.  It lets you know that it is likely that you will find one.  The best tool for finding those matches is GEDmatch because you can compare relatives who tested with different labs.
by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (722k points)
edited by Peter Roberts
Thank you.  Further question -- over at Ancestry, one of my DNA matches is for a Richardson, and Ancestry states our match as "very strong, confident", but he has the error of James Edward Richardson marrying Judith Crews. "My" James Edward Richardson (my g-g grandfather) married Ann Eliza Hammond.  "My" James Edward Richardson was only married once, had two sons.  I asked Mr. Richardson how we could be related, and he does not know.  Any thoughts about this issue? (No pun intended.)
You and your cousin at AncestryDNA likely share some autosomal DNA segment(s) because you both inherited them from James Edward Richardson.  

I hope you will invite your matching relatives at AncestryDNA to join WikiTree and add their AncestryDNA information to GEDmatch.

There could be an unrecorded marriage or some other scenario.
Hi, Robin! I’d check to see what his sources are for that relationship. If it’s other Ancestry trees, the I’d be suspicious about the connection. Trust your own sources if they’re solid. You could still be related to you even if he’s mistaken about the spouse.
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It should also be pointed out that there's a field on every profile to specify whether a parent is biological or not. If somebody's adopted, and "non-biological" is indicated, it will take that into account, as far as whether they MAY share DNA with you.

I hear they go out 8 generations. Just because two people show up indicated on their common gt-gt grandfather, that doesn't guarantee there will be a match (but in this particular case, there's about a 90% there will be one).
by Living Stanley G2G6 Mach 9 (92.8k points)

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