New member and I'm stuck already. Can't locate my great Grandfathers birth certificate. Any hints please?

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Hi Linda, welcome!

Which great grandfather? I see you've added 3 of your 4 is it your paternal named GG Curran that your looking for? If so could you give us his first name, guesstimated birth date, wife's name or year of marriage?
Oops sorry I am looking for Edward Henry Curran born 1900 died 1930. Wife's name Emma Eliza Leach born 15th July 1898 died 1965. I don't know what year they married

Thanks Linda
Great stuff, I'm literally walking out of the door for dinner whilst my long suffering husband glares at me (it's our anniversary but wiki stops me never ;-) ) I see both Linda and Doug have read your message so I bet by the time I get back you'll have the answers you need and the links to use in the future, but if not I'll have a look for you when I'm back (& he's had a few beers ;-) )

I cannot find a marriage record for Edward Henry and Emma, but I have found one for George H Curran and Emma E Leach in 1921 which you might want to take a look at. 

Surname  First name(s)  Spouse  District  Vol  Page 

Marriages Jun 1921   (>99%)
Curran  George H  Leach  Holborn  1b 1158  image Scan available - click to view
Hazell  Henry  Newman  Holborn  1b 1158  image Scan available - click to view
Leach  Emma E  Curran  Holborn  1b 1158  image Scan available - click to view
Newman  Mary E  Hazell  Holborn  1b 1158  image Scan available - click to view
Fab thank you so much I have ordered it.

Kind Regards Lind
Good luck. I hope it gives you some useful clues when it arrives.

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If he is English try the index at You can get the mother's maiden name from the index and you can buy a pdf of the certificate for £6.

by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (678k points)
selected by Pip Sheppard
Thank you But I can't get into that website it's saying 'privacy error' do you have a different name for that website?
If the link is not working just google General Records Office UK and go in that way.

Could this be him? If it is then he is from my part of the world.

Name: Mother's Maiden Surname:  Order: image
GRO Reference: 1898  M Quarter in ALNWICK  Volume 10B  Page 443 Order
If that is him, then I think they may have mangled the mother's maiden name and that it may actually have been Gallagher. There is a 1901 census record showing an Edward Curran born in Embleton, Northumberland. Parents are Michael and Elizabeth. There is a possible marriage in 1893 registered at Berwick for a Michael Curran and Elizabeth Gallagher.
Ooh thank you it won't let me view the certificate before purchase so I am not sure. It's a fair way from London too but you never know. :)
Before you get too excited, see the comment I wrote further up about the marriage for Emma E Leach. According to she married a George, not an Edward.
Star for this answer and all comments by Lynda which followed. Excellent digging!
Hmmm yes I did see. My Dads name was George.:)
Pip, Thanks for the best answer star.
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To make things simpler for people to help, it is usually best to put the profile id of the person in question in the request. There is a field for that.

I'm assuming you mean Edward Henry Curran? I'm assuming his death location is Islington, London (or Middlesex), England. Is that correct? Was he born in that area? Do you have his death certificate? Filling out some of this information will help you narrow down where to look for his birth. Also, where have you looked so far?
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (542k points)
Thank you :) I have only searched with this site and My Heritage. General searches. I guess I need to be more precise.
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Hi Linda, I'm back from my tea!

Great help from Lynda, who is a fantastic researcher.... Far better than me, but a couple of words of caution,

I've been where you are... So excited at leads and possible ancestors! Its so important to take a step back and work back from what you know for sure. (Before you spend too much money on records)

Your dads name was George Curran. You have him as born 1920's, before 1921 - no location on his profile at the minute. His parents you have as Edward Henry and Emma Eliza. Where did you gain the knowledge his first name may be Edward and middle name Henry? Given the record Lynda has found could he have been a George?

There is also a death record on familysearch for a George E Curran that ties in with the 1900's birth and 1930's death, and is registered in Holborn, same as the marriage to Emma E Leach. But note his middle name is E not H. (You have his death as Islington - not too far, but again is there a source for this?)

You've written on his profile that he may have been adopted, this 1911 census entry on ancestry is also in Holborn for George:

Damn!!! I still can't copy and paste on this old tablet crying

But go to familysearch, restrict search only to England, George Curran birth 1899-1901, go to 1911 census and bingo, we have a record of an adopted son of Edward and Adeline, so his adopted father was Edward, he was George! And why there is no birth record for George Curran in Holburn.... Onto searching for George 'Bubbers' born circa 1900?

by Lizzie Griffiths G2G6 Pilot (130k points)
edited by Lizzie Griffiths
I just re-read my answer and love how I word you with cautious steps then jump headlong into a new trail for you! Sorry! I can't help myself :-)
Dammit again for not being able to copy and paste but there is a birth registration in Holborn in 1899 for George Henry Bubbers his mothers maiden name is Oberman. Available on GRO and familysearch.
Lol wow that's amazing detective work. Source from my Dad. Holburn/Islington is where he was born.

I tried to search 'familysearch but I can't get  a free account as i'm not a member of that church. :( However I am excited about the information you have found. I love your enthusiam ...thank you so much! My family is very curious re Bubbers and where they originated. I am awaiting the resuts of my DNA testwhich may help.
Anyone can register for free at to use the online database. I am not a member of that church but I've been using every day for several years. Many other people on here also use it.
Glad to help, familysearch is free, and yes it is run by a church but the site is free to register and records are free to use, you have to subscribe, but its completely open and in 5 years I've never had so much as an email off them! You mainly register for copyright purposes I think, so their material is used responsibly though I'm no expert.

It may be of interest to you that when I searched my ancestry account a tree came up, not sourced but interesting nonetheless. I'll contact you directly though.

​​​sorry, what you said, i was a bit slow there Gillian smiley

Thanks Lizzie

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