new sticker for "qualifying ancestors" of the Jamestowne Society

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I created the sticker by request. Relevant projects include [Jamestown], [Virginia Colony] (sub-project of [US Southern Colonies]), and [Virginia].

For a Sticker to be approved, it needs to have at least three people say they'd use it on a profile they manage. Specifically, from [[Help:Stickers]]:

If you would like a new Sticker, whether or not you are a Leader, propose it in G2G using the Stickers tag. Include your thoughts on what it would say and give examples of profiles you manage that you would place it on. If three or more other active members say that they would also use it on profiles they manage, and there aren't strong objections from the community, it can be created.

I've added the sticker to [[Adria (Hoare) Harris]]

So... any three other people out there think this is a worthwhile sticker?

Changes needed? Let me know.

Cheers, Liz

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We're thinking that it should also add a category... Maybe "Category:Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestors"? (Seems a bit long, but it's certainly descriptive.)

Thanks y'all! I think we have "three others" so I'll see about putting the the sticker on the approved list. I'll also create "Category:Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestors" for it.

Just a heads up - I sent an e-mail this morning to the Jamestowne Society about using their flag for the image. I believe WikiTree's use is within their guidelines, but I wanted to check. If they object, I'll switch the image to be the flag of England at the time:
The Jamestowne Society has a list on their website of qualifying ancestors.  You may want to check individuals against their list which can be found at:
yup, that's the plan. The link from the sticker goes to that page.
Sorry! I neglected to follow up earlier - the sticker's official. I'm still waiting to hear back from the Jamestowne Society, but you can use the sticker now (if I have to switch the flag to the Cross of St. George, I can do that easily on the template & the stickers will be updated automatically.)

Cheers, Liz
Liz we have several as posted on the Society page....I am working on placing the stickers on them.  Thank you Liz.   Cheers

Hi Andrea! I only saw Biggs on the list of Qualifying Ancestors. The others are descendants, so they shouldn't have the Jamestowne Society Ancestor Sticker. I just posted some coding you can use for Jamestowne-tailored Descendant stickers (see my answer below). Remember that if the profile is not an active WikiTree member, it should have no more than 5 stickers (see [[Help:Stickers]] for details, which says 3 is better).

Cheers, Liz


Thank you so very much for adding my Great Grandfather Robert Hubbard-104 to The Jamestowne Society. I knew he lived there, and took four trips back, and forth from England, to Jamestowne. He owned his own ship, which was probably funded by his father Sir Henry Hobart, and he would bring Immigrants to Jamestowne to live, and would acquire a lot of land, because of the Headright System.

I would use it. Thank you for making it available

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By popular demand, I tailored the Descendant sticker for something you can use on your own page:

this one has the Cross of St George (England's flag at the time):

|imagetext=Cross of Saint George
|id=[[WikiTree ID|Name]], a [ Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestor]

this one has an image of "[James Forte at Jamestowne]"

|image= Gibson-5871.jpg
|imagetext=Image of James Forte at Jamestowne
|id=[[WikiTree ID|Name]], a [ Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestor]

Cheers, Liz

by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (539k points)
selected by Living Williams

I think the Fort James image is great, because it depicts and acknowledges co-existence with [[Powhatan-170|Weroance OpechancanoughPowhatan]]. Descendants of those who migrated often think of themselves as civilizing settlers; whereas, these people were invaders and survivors, largely emigrant refugees, some pioneers, some slaveholding and slave-trading opportunists, and some trading entrepreneurs largely from England, Ireland and Scotland, who managed to not only commit virtual genocide of large swaths of the Native North American populations, but also subjugation, oppression and cruel and unusual punishment of African Americans, among others,  in the ensuing centuries. Some of those shackles remain, to this day in North America. 

This is an over-generalizing statement, but thanks again for providing alternate choices for acknowledging history. Typically, heritage connotes something of which one should be proud. In this case, it is fair to acknowledge what happened, but it should not be whitewashed.

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I think this is a great idea! Thank you for creating it.
by Maureen Deegan G2G4 (4.4k points)
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I would definitely like to use this sticker on a number of profiles I manage (or am on trusted list for) that may qualify.  In particular:

1 John Clay, 9th great grandfather, ancient planter, 1613 immigrant to Jamestown, Bacon's Rebellion (Clay-10)

2 William Hatcher, 10th great grandfather, Burgess, Bacon's Rebellion (Hatcher-46)

3 Col Nathaniel Littleton, 4th cousin 15x, MC Gateway Ancestor, (Littleton-208)

4 Maj Henry Filmer, 8th cousin 12x, MC Gateway Ancestor (Filmer-6)

5 John Bayley, 12th great grandfather, Ancient Planter (Bayley

This is a partial list. I have others as well.  I support the creation and use of this sticker to identify our Jamestown Society recognized ancestors.
by David Douglass G2G6 Pilot (118k points)
edited by David Douglass
Oh yeah, I'm all for a sticker on John Clay and Henry Filmer, two of my 9th great grandfathers... John Clay's great grandson, Henry II Clay, married Henry Filmer's great granddaughter, Lucy Green.  Henry & Lucy are my 6th great grandparents, the ancestors to all the rascals which lead down to me!

EuGene Smith

Clinton, AR
David, I did not see John Bayley on the Jamestowne Society website list of qualifying ancestors - is he there under a different spelling variation?

His name is spelled John Bayly on the list. His daughter Mary Bayly Holt is listed just below him.  She should also have a sticker.

David Douglass
I might as well add a few more.

Lt Col Edward Douglas, Burgess, dau Sarah married Edward Littleton (Douglass-1127)

Samuel Argall, MC Gateway Ancestor (Argall-31)

Randall Holt, 11th great grandfather, (Holt-1037)
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I have added it to [[Awbrey-3|Henry Awbrey]]
by Stuart Awbrey G2G6 Mach 4 (42.0k points)
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willing to add to my Dr john Woodson connection. Hope I can get back to do ad!
by Sherrie Mitchell G2G6 Mach 4 (42.1k points)
Actually I may have already put that on...
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Nice, Liz! You really can do magic here at WikiTree. What a super great sticker!
by Maggie N. G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
Thanks Maggie!

And thanks everyone who posted in support of the sticker!
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FYI - I received permission to use the flag of the Jamestowne Society in the sticker. Please make sure to use the sticker only on profiles of qualifying ancestors (as listed by the Society), and please do not use the flag separately.

Cheers, Liz

-----Original Message-----
From: Jamestowne Society
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2018 12:25 PM
To: 'Liz Shifflett'
Subject: RE: request permission to use your flag in an online "sticker"


You can use our flag for the purpose you described.

Best wishes, 
Executive Director
Jamestowne Society
P O Box 6845
Richmond, Virginia 23230

-----Original Message-----

From: Liz Shifflett
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2018 11:38 AM

To: jamestowne.society

Subject: request permission to use your flag in an online "sticker"

Hi! I work with WikiTree, a free global tree (goal is only one profile per person):

I am a volunteer with WikiTree's Template Project & I was asked to create a sticker to use on profiles representing Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestors. I was provided two images to choose from (the Jamestown flag and your flag). I chose your flag because it was a better graphic to support the text, which is "{{Name}} is a Qualifying Ancestor of the Jamestowne Society". The words "Qualifying Ancestor of the Jamestowne Society" hyperlink to

 * * * * * * * *

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers, Liz

by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (539k points)
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I've been looking at the list.  Interesting.

In principle, they include everybody who was anywhere in Virginia in or before the 1624/5 Muster, even if they lived in Elizabeth City or the Eastern Shore, a long way from Jamestown.

Except of course there has to be a line of descent.  They haven't included all the names in the Muster and other early lists, because most of those names are just names of which nothing more is known.

They don't say how they've selected the ones they've listed.  Presumably they think there's some prospect of them being used in a successful application, though they do say that less than half of them have actually been used so far.

Some obvious names with claimed lines of descent are omitted, so we can take it they don't accept those lines.  But I don't think we can take it that the appearance of a name means that an application through that person has been accepted, or will be.

After 1625 the net tightens and they only accept people who lived or owned land on Jamestown Island itself.

However, all burgesses before 1700 are deemed to have lived on Jamestown Island (without their wives) while they were burgessing.  This extends to Governors, Council members, senior officials, Anglican ministers (anywhere in Virginia), and official Indian interpreters.

They seem to have made a fairly complete list of these.  In fact this group outnumbers the residents about 3 to 1 in the list, and of course it brings in a lot of people who you wouldn't think of as Jamestown people.

The other big category is Company investors.  They accept not only personal investors but also all members of the Guilds listed in the 1609 Charter.  They haven't tried to add all these to the list.  The handful that appear are presumably those that have been used in applications from American descendants.
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Is there a quick, streamlined way to find out if you are a descendent of any of the Jamestown ancestors?
by Jonathan Crowley G2G6 (7.9k points)
yes, but... a couple of "ifs". If you have your branch connected to the big tree, your ancestor is a Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestor, and WikiTree has a profile for the Qualifying Ancestor that is also connected to the big tree, then go to & click the My Connections button at upper right. Any lineal ancestors will have a highlighted "ancestor" following their name.

p.s. There's also a category that you can do the same with.

You'll want to check the profiles/parent-child connections between you and any ancestors you find. For a valid connection, you'll want to see reliable sources for each parent-child relationship. To see the connection that WikiTree found, click the Find Relationship before the name of the person in the list that clicking the My Connections button gives you.

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