Looking for George Georgiou from Edrine (Antrinople), Turkey, partner Angel Donok of Hungary abt. 1860

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These were my great-grand-parents. They met at a Christian Bible Camp (Protestant) near Antrinople (Edrine) Turkey on the Black Sea abt. 1860. Angel Donok moved the family to Lyon, France after George Georgion's death. She died in Lyon, France. George Georgion or Georgiou was believed to be Greek-Turk. His son was Michel Georgion or "Missock".  No other known information.
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The proper spelling of the town is "Edirne (Andrinople)", Turkey. This town

is not on the Black Sea, but is located on the border of Turkey and Bulgaria.
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Could you give us the names of their children ? Did one of them marry  and stay in France ?

Is it a sure thing that Angel DONOK died in Lyon ?
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Not sure if her older children used the Donok name or the Georgion/Georgiou surname. Not sure where Angel Donok died nor where she was born. She had 6 children that we know about.  Marion (dau) -never married, Efthemia m. ? Kababian from Armenia who died in the late 1800s - their issue was Durand Kababian, my gr-father's cousin who is buried with the Georgion family in Rutherfordton, NC, USA. Efthemia, I believe, did immigrate to the USA with her young son who became a skilled photographer in California. Durand has no issue. Leon married a Marie (Mary) in Lyon?
Andonious stayed in Lyon - no marriage or issue known. Arsine and my grandfather Michel, immigrated on the Baltic ship to the USA,  with the point of entry being Baltimore, Maryland around 1906. Arsine became a dentist in Baltimore, Maryland - no marriage or issue known. My grandfather, Michel, married Eliza Abrams in Polk County, North Carolina on Sept. 22, 1918 and had 5 children - 1 died at age 9. 
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I find Arsine as Arzenious GEORGIOUS in the 1910 census. He is 35 years old and a dentist.

His father is Greek and his mother French if I understand correctly. Year of immigration 1905.

In the 1930 census. Both parents from Turkey

In the 1920 census

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Death record of Michel GEORGION

A native of France, born in 1874

His grave

Michel was my gr-father. Arsine was my great-uncle. They were born in Turkey, educated in Istanbul and worked there. My gr-father worked for the World Bank as an accountant. The family moved to Lyon, France -- maybe for a short time to escape the war-torn areas of Armenia and Turkey around the late 1890s - 1900s. That may be why they immigrated to the United States- maybe under assumed names to escape persecution. The death record is not accurate unless Angel Donok was in France. I suspect she might be Bulgarian or Hungarian. Is there a way to check European records for Angel Donok? My DNA has much Persian and French, as well as the Slavic countries. There is no Greek indicated.  Would you add me as a trusted friend? Thank you so much for your help!

The records of Lyon are online. It's a big city with several arrondissements like Paris.


Thank you very much. There is so much information to look at. I am overwhelmed for sure!!


The brothers Arsen and Michel GEORGION in 1905

Thank you in advance, David. My father stated that his uncles were known figures in France, Turkey, or Greece. I have tried Google search for philosopher, Leon Georgion/Georgiou (Turkey, Greece or France) et engineer/architect, Adonious Georgion/Georgiou, same countries in the 1890s-1930s? I have looked under publications and some engineering periodicals. No luck. Will you help me on this? Merci!

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