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I am upset and rather angry!  


Yes I know it's not a great time to write, but I have been working for hours today and it's just gotten to me!

I always look forward to the WikiTree News, so imagine my surprise when I see my name and profile number "called out" with a link to a dozen "mistakes/problems" on my profiles.SERIOUSLY? Why on earth wasn't I contacted privately? 

Whomever is checking edits etc., should know that I have been diligently working on my profiles for hours almost every day- for several weeks! Some of the issues were because whomever did the checking didn't check the sources, some of it is really minor. 

However, I have spent the day fixing everything on that list. I would just really appreciate not being called out in front of every WikiTreer out there; in fact, I don't recall ever seeing anything like this before. We all make mistakes, and moving between three or more genealogy sites can be confusing. since we can all edit, why wouldn't the person "checking" remove the "unknown" from death date? There were some corrections that were that simple (stupid IMHO).

I have personally been in contact with several other members in the last two weeks about mistakes on their pages of a much larger magnitude; why was I not afforded the same courtesy?

So, a few of my comments for the corrections are snarky, but everything is corrected with one exception that will take more time than I have today. 

I tried to put the link below, but it won't allow it so here it is: []

in WikiTree Help by Lisa Linn G2G6 Mach 8 (83.5k points)
edited by Lisa Linn

I understand how you felt, especially if you felt you were singled out, since that would be such an un-Wikitree-like thing to do.  But then I became curious, since I didn't recall seeing anything like that, so I went back to the Wikitree News to see what you were talking about.

I think you misinterpreted a personalized link (where they substituted in your user ID) to aid you in finding your own "suggestion" list.  I got the same thing, with my own "list of shame" -- but I think everyone got their own individualized suggestion list, and I don't think anyone else on Wikitree actually saw the list you got.  

And I'll bet yours wasn't so bad.  Often those "suggestions" aren't even correct -- which is why they got renamed from "errors" to "suggestions".  It's just a chance to discover any inadvertent mistakes you may have made.

Thank You! Wouldn't you think that info would be available or mentioned somewhere? is. "For a customized report, click here"

Ros, where are you seeing that? Clearly on the email I got, it had my name  and number so no need  "For a customized report, click here".

All I had to do was click on the link. What am I missing?

You put it in your own answer.

Ros, I was referring to the fact that there is no description of said personalization for us on WikiTree letting us know we might expect such a thing. I've never gotten one of these before, and as a former English and history teacher, I take sources, etc. very seriously. I have only been working here cleaning up, adding family and more robust sources like a mad-woman, in the last month; so I'm still learning.

I am genuinely thankful for all the help and insight I've received on G2G to help my profiles be as they should.

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Hi Lisa, I may be wrong but I think the mail is customised? So everyone will see their own suggestions?

I don't get one for some reason but I do get the great war weekly news, in it this week is a reference to improving location names and then it provides a customised link to wikitree-54 suggestions report.
by Lizzie Griffiths G2G6 Pilot (119k points)
Your list of suggestions is by no means excessive, I've seen a lot worse :-)
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Hi Lisa,

It may not provide you any comfort,  but my  "suggestions" report is hovering around 100...... most of them FindAGrave suggestions that I haven't decided what to do with.  But I did a lot of work on my cousin's family line this week end and it  went well over 100..... again,  more Find A Grave suggestions that I knew I'd be getting  (because an usual number of my profile sources weren't matching FAG data)....    So you should be proud to have your suggestions under control!

I'll admit,  I don't even know where to find WikiTree News,   but if you're  "called out" there I'm certain I am too!  

The suggestions report is generated by a program looking for specific things that MIGHT need attention.....  When a person looks at the sources on a profile,  the person can determine if the "suggestion" is correct.....

I've decided not to let the  Suggestion Report rule my life,  I work on what I think is most important at the time  (and what I would enjoy working on),  and try to work in a few suggestions each day.   

Enjoy your research and don't let this tool to catch errors on profiles give you angst.   It was created with the best of intentions.
by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (448k points)
Peggy, it comes to your email on a Wednesday, it may get diverted to spam, but it makes good reading so check it out!

I agree suggestions aren't worth obsessing over. However, like you do, and Lisa does, we should help out our data doctors and try to reduce their workload by addressing them when we can! I think this shows you are both great wikitreers!! I should go review mine ;-)

And by the way, I do think many are rather daft! My particular irritant is 'unique name spelling' - every time I think well, so what? Its sourced and there are so many many names in the world lol :-)
Yes,  my  "unique name" suggestion list is lengthy too.  I'll look for the Wednesday Email right now!
Peggy,  if you can't find the Family News emails, go to Settings under the My WikiTree drop down menu and double check your email settings. It might be marked not to receive them. Thanks!
Thanks Peggy -that does make me feel better!
Thanks Lizzie!

Here's what I don't get, this is how it appeared in my wiki news; 

I realize it says "customized"but it also says "Challenge of the Week". So does everyone get that level of customization?
Everybody does,  yep.  Their news has links to their profiles, not yours or anyone else's.
I know Lisa... Its unbelievable, but have a read of Eowyn's profile, she is our forest elf! She works magic! Everyone gets personalised e-mails! We can even figure out our connections to the profiles of the week through here, see our ancestors birthdays, etc etc. Its an an interesting email and well worth the wikielves doing I think!
FAG is wrong!  False report.   That works for me.

 I'll check it out. smiley yes

Wendy, I full-heartedly agree with you! I can't even count the number of corrections and suggestions I've sent to F-A-G. Some profile managers are not very thorough in the research.
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Lisa, I have just checked my copy of Wikitree news and see that there are several items in it which are customised to my surname or profile. The suggestions list showing work that needs to be done to fix errors is one of them. I think we can conclude that each of us is seeing our own suggestion list in the news and nobody is being called out to anyone. It has perhaps been a little unfortunate that there has not been more advance information about this  information being included in the news lists, but none of us need to worry about our mistakes being broadcast to others. I hope this puts your mind at rest.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (633k points)
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I completely ignore my suggestions report . Interferes with my monster movie viewing time or else I've gone fishing down the lake.  Maybe latercheeky

by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (626k points)

laugh you bring a smile to every discussion Eddie (wish we had a blowing kisses smiley ;-)

Watching monster movies requires great dedication. I am currently working my way through the SHARKNADO series. I must not have my attention diverted. There would be dire consequences crying

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