Can Wikitree identify blood relatives?

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Can Wikitree software be amended to show a amall icon or other indication for those profiles that are for a blood relative?

There is some logic already in the DNA display which must be doing something similar, but I realise that the software must be complex and that further changes are not desirable unless they have worthwhile benefits.

Background to change.

I saw a note that suggested pruning the Watchlist to improve performance.  I did this and removed myself from several open profiles.  Then I realised that while I'm still copying my tree from ancestry (a few dozen at a time), I needed a full watchlist so I can check profile links to add relationships if the gedcom process doesn't pick them up.  So I had to put them all back (adopt them again).  My watchlist is getting big again now so I have created a spread sheet version which scrolls much faster, also I can sort periodically to keep them in profile order, but still see those I have added recently (leave them out of the sort).  So now I want to remove myself again from open profiles which are not blood relations.  It would be nice if this was an option on the watchlist maintenance tool, but failing that an icon on the profile would help.  It might be informative to others too.  It is hard to keep track of all the branches in big trees, so having a visible reminder might be useful.

I am new to Wikitree and even newer to G2G, so forgive me if I have put this in the wrong place.


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2 Answers

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You can find a blood relationship between two profiles here:

Enter the profile IDs of each person.

Clicking on Ancestors or Descendants by a person's data on their profile will also generate blood relationships, assuming you've entered birth parents (not adopted parents) along the way.

Where are you seeking blood relationship notations?
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (932k points)
Thanks Jillane, the manual method is fine for casual interest when looking at a profile but would be too much work for my Watchlist clean up purpose.  However your other suggestion fits the bill.  The little icon for "relation to me" appears on each entry of the bulk watchlist/trustedlist tool so it is just a question of using that on each entry before checking the remove box or not according to the result.  A bit tedious, but this is a once off exercise (after a bulk addition) so not too bad.  A button on the tool for "Remove me as manager from all profiles that are not blood relations" would be really nice, but a lot of work for the coders perhaps (plus the risk of breaking something)..

Where? Anywhere on the profile page would do.  As Dennis points out it couldn't be embedded in the profile itself since these are global, but could be an extra sent to the browser for display along with the profile contents.
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If I'm reading you correctly, this sounds somewhat similar to one of the numbering systems for ancestors, such as the Modified Register System, that you see in books that trace a family's genealogy.  Since this is a single worldwide tree with one profile per person, something like an icon an a profile wouldn't be feasible.  The profile represents an ancestor of many people, and multiple members may claim it as a blood relative.  Could you not just include a column in your personal spreadsheet for such an indication?
by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (575k points)
You are right Dennis, I had forgotten, it couldn't be in the profile as they are global, however the server knows the wikitree-id of the client requesting the profile, so it could in theory calculate this and send an extra component for display alongside or over the profile.  This could be done with PHP (or equivalent) after the build of the profile from the database, but Wikitree probably uses a CMS (I don't know which) that could make this orders of magnitude more difficult.  Jillaine found a solution for me so job done.  Thanks both.

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