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WikiTree profile: Robynne Lozier
closed with the note: Weekend event now over
in The Tree House by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
closed by Robynne Lozier
The Chat is now OPEN!!!!

Laura is not available to post puzzles and Tips this weekend. She is wrapping up the last of her business closing deals.
Thank you Robynne for hosting chat this weekend!!!
Robynne’s the Host! Yea! Thanks so much!
You're welcome, Pip!!
I got some g2g tips on my Answer for this weekend.
Thank you, Robynne for hosting the chat this weekend. It all looks good. I will try a little later today to post a Puzzle. Robynne, I moved the tags and host down to its correct place under all are welcome.
Thank you David!!
Thanks, Robynne!

Yes thank you Robynne for hosting this angel  hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

 angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

Thank you for hosting Robynne!

This is the first chance I have had to even log into the Weekend Chat!


You are most welcome Laura!!
It's Monday morning and the Weekend Chat is now CLOSED!!!!

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Today is.....



The last Friday in July provides an opportunity to embrace new ideas and toss out old ways on National Get Gnarly Day.

The word “Gnarly” gets a bad rap.  It can mean “bad” or “dangerous” but can also be exciting, which is why surfers often use the term to describe the waves they tackle.  Much like surfers challenging the waves, National Get Gnarly Day challenges us to put some gnarliness into everything we do.


Five Sure Ways to Add Gnarliness to Your Life

  1. Find a gnarly hobby.  Hulda Crooks, born in 1896, didn’t start hiking and climbing until she was 54 years old after her husband’s death. While she was an active jogger and walker prior to his death, she was by no means a qualified mountain climber.  Crooks first scaled Mount Whitney in California, the highest summit in the contiguous United States, at the age of 66.  She completed a total of 23 ascents of Mount Whitney and at the age of 91 climbed Mount Fuji in Japan.  Mountain climbing added gnarliness to her life.
  2. Meet gnarly people.  Take a cooking class, volunteer for a local charity, accept those invites you’ve previously declined. Stepping out of your comfort zone from time to time will introduce you to different experiences and as a result new people.  It will make for a gnarly social circle.
  3. Get a gnarly passport.  A first-time passport costs $135 including fees and can take up to 6 weeks to process.  If gnarliness is truly your new way of life, you’ll want to have a passport.  Gnarly people are world travelers.  Even if travel plans are not immediate, having a passport places the potential of global travel within reach and potential is pretty gnarly.
  4. Find a gnarly new style.  Redecorate a room in the house or find a fresh new hair style.  Both can revitalize an attitude and an outlook on life.  Gather a group of friends and take turns helping paint a room in each other’s home a gnarly color.  The gnarly part?  The homeowner doesn’t get to pick the color.  Be kind, though.  Turn around is fair play.  Apply the same idea to hairstyles or makeovers.
  5. Throw a gnarly party.  Celebrate all this gnarliness! It’s something to share, so be sure to let the enthusiasm show.  Invite those new friends to fully incorporate them into your gnarly social circle.  Show off the stamps in your gnarly passport and take lots of pictures to document for National Get Gnarly Day! Use #NationalGetGnarlyDay to share on social media.


get gnarly logoIn 2016, Whirlpool Corporation launched a campaign to put some “gNARliness” into everything they did as a way to encourage their employees to get excited about reaching goals and satisfying customers. The “NAR” in “gNARliness” had special meaning, representing their North American Region. When the campaign kicked off, the employees’ response was overwhelming.  As a result, Whirlpool Corporation wanted to share this gnarliness by creating National Get Gnarly Day.  The Registrar at National Day Calendar approved the day in June of 2016.


by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
HI Dorothy. Thanks for this Interesting Day!!

Hi Dorothy, have a "gnarly" day! smiley

That was very interesting.

Let's not and say we did. =)
OK I'm off for my family chat. Will be back in an hour or so
My sister was not available and my mother is not feeling to well. So we cut the chat short so she can call the doctor and try and get in to see them today - friday for us but saturday for her.

Ditto to everyone on this chat.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

Thank you Dorothy - very interesting!
I started pounding on a drum not to long ago, does that count as being gnarly?  Sure helps with brick wall frustrations, not so much on my husbands ears though.  And yeah i learned a few rhythms on the way.  Thank you Dorothy for sharing.
Surely you are not pounding on your husband's literal ear drums?
I understand your frustration release.  Maybe I should find a grandchild's toy and join the band.
Arh, arh, love your play on words Beulah, That would be debatable with my husband,I think he thinks i am pounding on his eardrums.

and Robynne - thank you for hosting this weekend chat.  I mention it here in case i don't get to the end of all these posts and am unable to give an answer.  So, thank you Robynne, and I checked, we are not related... yet.
I love of the cool things we can learn about on the Weekend Chat!
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OK So I will start.

As I mentioned last weekend, my mothers DNA results showed up last weekend.

I have now also uploaded her DNA to GEDmatch.

I am in contact with my mothers TOP match from My heritage who is listed as a 1st cousin or a great nephew to her. Mum is 81 and this other fellow is in his 70s, so I think they are first cousins.

Anyway he is very very sceptical. He is sure that the family would have known if his uncle had had any children.

But I know how tight lipped my grandmother was. I dont think she even told her own children (When she later got married) so I would not be at all surprised if she never actually told the fellow that he was going to be a father.

There is also an added complication of him being a catholic and her being a protestant and in the 1930s, it was just not done to have a mixed marriage like that.

She was 18 when she conceived, and 19 when she gave birth, and if the age of consent was 21, then her parents might have refused any permission to allow them to get married. But that is just a guess on my part.

In the meantime, I am trying to eliminate the possible fathers brothers and other male cousins before I can say for sure WHO the father was.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Hi, Robynne! I know about tight-lipped relatives. Fortunately, there some who always give me the low down. The gossips in the family. Always a good source of leads and such (if not outright info!).

You’re working hard at this, so hang in there, and let us know how it all turns out (if you’re willing and allowed to say!).

Happy weekend to you!
It sounds like quite a trek! You certainly will hit a breakthrough eventually. Perhaps you'll find another match on one of the 1st cousin's descendants or the other possible brothers and male cousins.

Ditto to everyone in this chat.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

Congrats on your progress Robynne. Hang in there - you'll find your answers.
Robynne has really done a lot of work on this in a short period of time.  

Often with adoptions the birth families do not know anything about it and are sure they would...  I have had to sit down and go over DNA to "prove" the relationship exists for some of the adoptees I help.  With tools like skype and email and scanners we can conference with folks all over the world.  

And there are those who just don't trust DNA or anything because they can't get their head wrapped around the idea that someone they knew may have had a love life they don't know about.
Been trying to think of a reply to this as I had a similar situation. All I can think of is this. Just be diplomatic. Present the evidence and let the ball be in his court. If he wants to accept it, great. If not, it's his loss. You can do one of two things.

1. Talk about the situation and answer questions he might have/

2. Let it go if it doesn't go the way you want.

Like Laura said some people are skeptical and some people can't be helped no matter how much evidence is dancing in front of them.
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Guess what I found !  

Watch them all.  Free ! 


by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (711k points)

Next week for Pip - Bill Shatner movies ! Yeah, I got some. One he did for Roger Corman, king of the low budget B's and one with

Spiders laugh

(didn't notice auto correct put whether instead of Shatner)

Most "stars" have websites you can contact.   You might want to send them a copy of the hidden profile and see if they would like to become a member of WikiTree so it can be made available to others.  Worth a try!


You'll NEVER get a down vote from me.   You always bring a smile.

I'll admit,  I've never watched the Legend series,  but now's the time.yes

Eddie, a Cardassian probably downvoted you. That explains everything. Nah. It was a Romulan. Cardassians would have declared what happened and gloated about it. Romulans are treacherous and are without honor.

Stargate is okay. My jam was always the Star Trek series. And Doctor Who.

I've heard John de Lancie is really cool from people who met him at cons. I am sure he'd be fascinated by the tree people made for him.

There's also this autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard that has the future history of the Picard family. Was really cool. Turns out his father was a jerk but we all kinda knew that from various TNG episodes. sfdebris said it best. "The Picard house was where dreams go to die."
Down with down voting!   Talk about a useless tool...  you can't see what was down voted so you don't learn anything, there is no reason required so you have no idea why it happened... a stray finger on a cell phone, someone who just does not like you, someone who disagrees with you... so what good is it expect to stir the pot and create hard feelings!   Down with down votes I say!  I think Klingons invented it just to get in someone's face.
I second that motion. Really, for those exact reasons!
The Klingon Empire would never stoop so low as to downvote behind a monitor! That goes against the very teachings of Kahless!

The Ferengi did it. Every downvote gives them more latinum.
I want to send lots of tribbles to anyone who does a down vote... they deserve it!
And then force them to do tribble genealogy. >=) Wow. That's evil.

Sometimes they may mean to click the up vote and accidentally click the down vote on accident. I do that not realizing I have done it or sometimes I realize it and correct. But if you do not realize you have done it and don't correct because you didn't know you have done it. That might have been the case on some of the down votes.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

+22 votes
Good afternoon all. Thanks for hosting chat Robynne. We have a beautiful warm sun shiny day here in Kentucky. Hi Eddie good to see you are back. Hi to you to Dorothy thanks for the Today Is, love them. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
by Dallace Moore G2G6 Pilot (158k points)
Same to you Dallace.

The weather here in Ontario is good - for now...

But it has been known to change rather fast!!
Where in Ky, Dallace? My wife has Kentucky roots.
Eleven miles from either side of Cynthiana and Falmouth.

What I should have said was we are in Berry Ky. In the middle of Cynthiana and Falmouth and eleven miles from both.

I always have such trouble explaining things.
Harrodsburg for my in-laws.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

Hi Dallace. It was a beautiful day in Kentucky. Not as hot as it has been and the humidity was down. We have family in from out of state and they were pleasantly surprised.

From MapQuest:  Berry is a city in Harrison County, Kentucky, United States. The population was 310 at the 2000 census.

Berry is located at 38°31′13″N 84°23′4″W / 38.52028°N 84.38444°W / 38.52028; -84.38444 (38.520401, -84.384576).
According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 0.3 square miles (0.7 km²), all of it land.

Okay, I'm a cartographer (retired), and couldn't resist....

Berry sits on the east bank of the South Fork of the Licking River about midway between Lexington to the south and Cincinatti to the north. It is east of Cornith on I75 and west of US 27. The town sits on a bend in the river, which meanders through a valley surrounded by mountains on either side. It is surrounded by farmlands throughout the valley and into the hills on the west, and primarily forest to the east. The town itself has two main cross roads and several side streets. It is about 15 miles to the grocery store, other shopping, and the county museum in Cynthiana.

Looks like an interesting place. Above is just from looking at the map, correct if I'm wrong.
Hey  good job Kay. There is a lot of country out here. We are just off US 27. Not right in the town of Berry. Which is tiny.
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Hello Wikitree!

Is it the weekend already? Well obviously it just feels like yesterday was Monday and I was laying in bed catching up on some sleep while listening to the rain. So this past week here we had Rain most of the week however, Yesterday July 26th it was beautiful with sunshine most of the day. Today looks like more rain so I keep looking out the window currently it is 82°F or about 28°C with 68% humidity. This week I been exploring a McCabe line which may have given me new insights into possible relatives. I have yet to see where the line takes me however the line is from Henrico County Virginia which is not far from Richmond. I specifically looking at person named Grace Elizabeth McCabe born: Feb 28th 1926 and passed away March 4th 1996 who married Robert Woodrow McAnally Born: May 16 1925 and died April 8th 1992. I'll be working at Wikitree profiles for these people today and see where the trail leads. Well I reckon my work is cut out for me so till than Have a great weekend and be safe. Robynne thanks for hosting

Wikitree G2G tips. (Taken from a Poster in 2014)

  • After asking a question call back and see if any follow up questions have been asked, if there are good answers given give them an up-vote as thanks, if one stands out as being very good click the star to mark it as the best answer.
  • If you asked the question and you are sure a question has been fully answered you can close it. Or leave it open for further collaboration.

by Anthony McCabe G2G6 Pilot (388k points)
And say Thank You!  Not 'in advance.'  Upon delivery!

Ditto to everyone on this chat.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

Good luck with your research Steve. And thanks for the tips.
Great tips Steve and good progress on your line.
+23 votes
Good morning/afternoon and Happy Friday to everyone. For a change, we aren't hot and dry. at 11AM it hasn't hit 70F yet and this week we had about 2+ inches of rain. The downside is that the rain came in two dumps that had high winds and the rain in just a couple minutes. I'll take it though.

Still chipping away on the WWI soldiers from New Brunswick who were killed in action and also trying to come to terms with genetic genealogy.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (550k points)

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

We had torrential rain and high wind last week Doug. Yesterday was beautiful in Kentucky though! Just in time for the rest of our company to show up.

Here in Kansas City we finally have a real break in the weather this weekend.  Got over an inch of gentle soaking rain  (most the time).  Today we didn't even make it to 80 degrees.    I won't have to go into  "drought mode"  after all.
I think we are under the same weather pattern that has picked up the southwest monsoon season. A nice change from the heat. It peaked at 74 today.

It has been pleasant to work in the garden yesterday (when we didn't have thunder) and today. Picked the last of the fresh peas and a first batch of lava beans. Tomatoes went in late but our favorite drying tomatoes have started to ripen. Others are a bit behind. Been untangling pole beans but now making dinner (lasagne, of course).
+22 votes
Dang it! Eddie beat me again!

We (my wife and I) let the front landscaping go due to working on other projects. Finally we started a few days ago and I’m exhausted! Weeds! I hate ‘em. So much for three to five inches of mulch. Now we’ve got other plans to fix that: put down weed block and cover it all with river rock. My hands are soooo sore!

More duties at church. You know the old adage: make a suggestion and the whole project becomes yours! Now I’ve got articles to write for our province’s website and newsletter. At least I don’t have to do the bulletin. That’s my wife’s job!

Genealogically, I’m still working through the gedcom I loaded. I’ll never do such a large one again. It might have been easier just to create the profiles one at a time, which is what I’m doing anyway.

I’ve been wanting to help folks out with their research, but the summer chores are killing my time! Hopefully this fall I can be of more use to the community. One of the ways I want to do this is to join the Integrators Project. That way, I’ll have more incentive. This is how it usually works for me. Once someone is depending on me, I get in gear. Otherwise, things just don’t happen!

There are other projects I’d like to join, but I’m not ready yet. The level of knowledge required, and the research skills necessary are not in my toolbox, so maybe later.

I’m having a blast on Gedmatch dot com. I don’t understand all the reports, but I sure enjoy looking at them. I usually see new questions to ask about myself and my ancestry. I’m thinking more globally, now. It’s a readjustment for me having grown up within seven or eight miles of where my pioneer ancestors settled in he mid 1700s. Thank you, Laura, for the help!

More thank yous....

Eddie for being such a smart.... fella and for all the sources he’s dug up for me.

David for assistance on one of my profiles.

Karen for her work on my Bradshaw line!!!

Lynda for guidance and encouragement.

John for keeping me in line with Style and Policy.

Shaun for being a good friend.

Susan for all her encouragement and kindness.

The DNA thread experts for increasing my knowledge and giving me a thirst for more.

All those who answered my request for a book recommendation on DNA.

Everybody for being courteously collaborative behind the scenes and on G2G.

If there’s anyone I left out (always the case when I try to list them): THANK YOU!!!

I hope all of you have a blessed weekend. All y’all have to do is fill in the rest of my part of our One Tree! Woohoo!!!
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
Pretty sure Eddie is a ninja. And I am really three squirrels in a trench coat.
Chris, you’re always good for an out loud laugh!
Thanks! I aim to please!

Ditto to what you said Tennessee friend  Pip.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

That river rock is a lot of work Pip, but worth it! I'll bet it's coming together beautifully.
I did some more connecting of my tree to the big one this past week and GUESS WHAT !!!!  We are 17th cousins once removed.  Common grandmother is Joanna Belknap Stonore.

My husband and I did a lot of landscaping on our previous properties, thank heavens it is not required here.  All ruggedness, and lots of rock.  We love it here !!!

Mindy, the river rock is hard work,  it it will sure be worth it not to have to weed out here anymore!! I’m beginning to hate that little island of gardening, bough I have to admit, it really looks good when it’s cleaned out. 

That’s cool, Nicole! I love seeing he connections we all have. It’s really is One Tree, isn’t it?

Next property: no landscaping! Well, not much. Three acres is too much. We bought the property for the stream, about six to eight feet across, yes, that one that is eating away at our banks! Riprap to save the day (But it’s expensive!). I’m getting too old for this! smiley

I know Pip, we pulled moms up last year and redid the molding strips around it then rearranged all of the rock. Re getting older... someone told dad yesterday that he should re-do the fence along the back of the property since he’s retired. Dad said ‘I would but that hammer just doesn’t fit my hand’. I thought that was a great answer. One of his nephews said ‘you know they have hammers with adjustable handles now. Dad didn’t even skip a beat ‘Yeah, adjustable from my hand right into yours’ laugh

I’m not telling my wife you posted all of here great ripostes, Mindy. But I sure am going to save these for later when my project manager starts suggesting things! (Project manager = Wife surprise )

I am still laughing at this thread!   

Pip by joining projects you have people who help you develop the expertise.  Most don't walk in with a PHD in an area of research.
True, true. But as I’ve watched G2G, I am overwhelmed at not only the quality of research, the dedication to it, and the admin skills folks here have (of which I have NONE!), I realize that it makes me step up my game. My database is a mess when it comes to sourcing, for example. I expected my kids to just take what I said. But here it’s different. I’ve gotta prove data and relationships, so it feels like I’m starting over, genealogically speaking.

Joining projects is just one of those ways to force me to be attentive to whatever needs to get done for the good of the whole community.

After the last dna thread, I’ve come to realize that I don’t need to be an expert in everything as long as we have such knowledgeable folks in our community. I want to return the favor, so to speak.

Laura, did you make any progress on closing down the business? I know that’s a burden on you. Hang in there!
Hi Pip I just posted an answer about my life and where I am in the selling of the business.  It was supposed to happen tomorrow but we have to push it off to a night sometime next week or next weekend because the chef who is buying it has a catering gig that came up and my business partner could not meet until 4 or later and it the timing just did not work out.  But that gives me Sunday night to finish up some spreads she will find helpful.  

So it should all be done within the week.  Then I have to get all the financial stuff to my accountants to do the final tax filings and we are done.  We are not closing the company but selling it including the name.  That was a major change that happened this past week.  Boy the stuff I have learned!   But turning 65 this year I do not intend to open any more companies... of course, with me you never can tell...

Now, a tip for sourcing information you have in your head because you physically knew someone.  You are a source.   What you do is something like this:

Information on birth, death, marriage, and family come from primary knowledge as I knew this person.  This was my (insert relationship) who I know for (insert number of years).  Then if you have birith or death records add them.  Photo of you with them would be nice.  

If you have letters or dated things that show their name (like a school graduation or a wedding announcement) scan them and add them.

Not all sources have to be "academic".
Great tips, especially for the large number of relatives I personally knew. Thank. Laura.
+23 votes
I had a total knee replacement done on July 10 and am now receiving home
physical therapy for four weeks.  The last couple of days I have been able
to spend time on the computer and source profiles from the New York
unsourced list.  I managed to reduce the letter A last names by about 40% or 50% and moved on to the B list.  No such luck this time.  The first 20 names were only reduced by about 2.  I hope my luck improves as I move forward. I can't drive for at least another week so will have lots more time to look for sources.  I am now past the sleep, cry if I want to,
and invalid stages and am feeling good.  My therapists says I am improving ahead of schedule so I feel I can put time in on this project
and not feel guilty.  I had a week set back with swelling and bruising but am gaining daily.
by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (578k points)
edited by Beulah Cramer
Great to hear you are ahead of schedule. Keep at it and you will be back to normal soon.
When it all gets healed up, you’ll feel brand new! Hang in there, Beulah!
Wow, you're healing nicely Beulah!  Believe it or not, I'm jealous.  I need both my knees replaced, but I am too heavy.
Glad to hear that you are on the mend.

I know what you mean about some of those unsourced New York profiles...

Ditto to everyone here on this chat especially to Beulah. I know what you going through because of my mom has had both of her knees done not at the same time. Her first one she had problems with in healing process but the second one it was a breeze. Glad your first one has gone good.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

Thank you Linda, for taking the time to be so gracious to every one, knowing what you are dealing with in your personal life right now.
Bless you Beulah for finding those sources when you have so much going on in real life. I hope you finish healing and strengthening quickly!
Delighted to have an alternative activity to Hallmark Christmas movies.  I think I have sat through most of them at least two times, but certainly they are more enjoyable than soap operas to me.
Good to hear you are doing well with knee replacement and hopefully just the one knee?  Continued good health and quick healing to you Beulah.

On a different note: we are 23rd cousins once removed with Ralph Vernon being our common grandfather.  Cool.
Great use of recovery and healing time!   Those replacements can take some time.  My aunt has had it done twice.  I feel for you!
My mom had a knee replacement at age 92 (she's now 97). She took 2 pain pills! That's it. Hope your recovery is going well.
Now that's impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+23 votes

Another occurrence that will be special for today: (Caution, found out 1st website is a parody site, in this case half truths etc, misleading. Thanks Doug McCallum for researching that).  Added two other sites including my local news station. 



A cosmic event that only happens every 35, 000 years: July 27, 2018, the planet Mars will be as big as the moon!!

Mars’ heliocentric granular apogee will occur on July 27 at a distance of only 32 million light-years with an amplitude of -2.84 at maximum for a magnitude arc of 3.14 seconds. As a result, on this precise date, the planet Mars will appear in the sky as big as the full Moon!

So tonight, On July 27, around midnight, do not forget to raise your head and look into the sky: Mars will be the most brilliant star in the sky. This is because it will have an apparent diameter as big as the Full Moon! It will be possible to observe, with the naked eye, a cosmic phenomenon which will allow the inhabitants of the Earth to behold … two moons!



Ref: http://earthsky.org/tonight 

Mars is very bright and red throughout July and August, 2018. But eclipse night will be a very special night. On July 27, the sun, Earth and moon are aligned – placing the moon opposite the sun in our sky – producing an eclipse as Earth’s shadow falls on the moon’s face. On the same night, the sun, Earth and Mars are also aligned, bringing Mars also opposite the sun in our sky, just like the full moon.

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry
Yeah, me too!! Goes to show you have to be careful on  what website you are on, and when or if something is to really happen, and WHERE!!!!!
Can't be seen in North America? Oh that just sucks!!!  Sorry - but it does!!
I agree!!!!!!!
My sister will think the show is all because today is her only son's birthday.
The Mars article itself is very entertaining to read.

I am disappointed with the lunar eclipse not being visible here since it is a very long lasting eclipse.
I will meet all of you outside tonight at 12 midnight! Bring a camera !! We can call it the two moon party. Thanks, Dorothy,
Lucy, hahahaha, that’s funny. I have relatives like that, too!

The total eclipse is due here (UK) in about 30 mins and last for just under an hour

 After days of cloudless skies, we have high cloud cover and so may see nothing.

Ditto to everyone on this chat. I will try to see it in Loudon, Tennessee tonight. Also try to take a picture of it also.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

And they just found what they think is flowing water on Mars under a frozen surface.  


I wonder if I am related to the author... I descend from Gebhardt lines on my Dad's Mother's Mother's side...
+21 votes

Today's Puzzle from Mindy Silva.


Click here for Hints.

by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
edited by David Selman
But David - We dont have the Puzzle either!!

At least, I donlt see one. Nor a link to any puzzle either.
Hi Robynne, I see the puzzle on my laptop so not sure what is wrong. I will try and redo it soon as I can. If it still does not show let me know, please.
OOH A Puzzle, I can see it now, thanks David!!!!


I see Henry Ford and the grandparents were collaborators!!!!  LOL

The first 3 words I can see!

Oops Immigrant collaborators - thats 4 words  LOL

Shouldn't you fix this like Laura does on other weekends. For us to download on our computers to be able to print it out and work it on our leisure.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

Click here to download to your computer...

All you need to do Linda is click the link Dorothy gave or the Link I set to "Click Here for Hints and copy and paste it into a word document No download is necessary.
Thank you for posting a puzzle David!
Great puzzle!   I am so blessed to have such great folks to work with!   

Your very welcome, Mindy, and that you for providing the puzzles.
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Hails and horns, Wikitreers!

First item up is this: https://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Ferraiolo-Family-Tree-2

I have managed to successfully DNA confirm most of the first thirty people in my family tree. So, my first tip this week is to use this: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:DNA_Confirmation

when needed. The sourcing is brand new so use it and use it well! And ask questions!

This is in part thanks to the new rules in put in place. People no longer have to make accounts and all that for DNA matches and build the tree up. But, I already had a few people invited.  I filled in the gaps using cousins I found on AncestryDNA.

I think I am all but finished. The only way I can get Antonio Tommaso Tedesco and Domenica Gullo confirmed is probably through a DNA test with the cousins in Italy. I dunno how Italy is with DNA tests. Plus I imagine shipping a test ALL the way over there would take some time. Customs would be a pain.

On my mom's side I have a couple people to fill in. Just haven't found 'em.

I showed Eddie this and this conversation transpired:

Eddie: Well, this proves you are you.

Me: Are you sure? I could be three squirrels in a trench coat for all you know.

Eddie: Hmmm.....

Me: Relax. I am sure I am me.....for all you know. MWAHAHA!

Seriously the two of us together equals chaos. Add Charlotte and nothing would get done on Wikitree. We'd be having too much fun.

In other news, the nephews are still here for one more day. It's been fun as usual. I showed them the tree and pics of the ancestral town. I think they like it , Which is good.

Very hot here in the valley. Was raining hard yesterday. So hard kids were dancing in the streets. A few friends on Facebook had vids of that. Eh, why not?

Writing is going well. Can't believe Camp Nano is almost over. Was fun. Story ideas are all set for Starbolts #400 to #450. There'll be polishing here and there. Should be a lot of fun.
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (792k points)
Hi Chris.

Hi, Chris. I looked your family tree. Usually when looking at trees of members there are dead ends in different places. But looking at your Ferraiolo (how do you pronounce that anyway?) line as far back as it would go, all of the lines on hat page end exactly at the same generation! So, I thought (a dangerous thing, I know), maybe he’s filling in one column at a time. Then I thought (again, same), maybe that the time period when all the records end. Hmmm. Would I be too nosed to ask the begged question?

You’ve been busy, I see. Talking to Eddie can only cause trouble! Talk about a dangerous thing! smiley 

Hi, Robynne! How are you?

Hi, Pip! To pronounce my last name all you have to do is  say it like this "Fehr-ree-oh-low". This YouTube video can help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzXFq_m9hQ0

Everything is on YouTube these days. Everything. Even...stuff you don't want to see.

For this next bit, you're going to need a scorecard. You ready? There'll be a quiz later. I'm not filling in one column at a time. I have a crazy amount of DNA matches in the 3rd to 4th cousin bracket. And some in first and first cousin once removed and second. Almost everyone is on Ancestry. Check this out.

My grandmother Olynpia's line goes back as far as it does thanks to my third cousin, Raymalene Perry. Her line descends from my grandma Olympia's uncle Rocco. Rocco had eleven kids! He and his brothers Giuseppe and Pasquale came to America with their sister, Rosina. She also had a bit of help from another cousin of ours on Ancestry called GesualdoGenie. She is a distant cousin of ours. Like 7th, I wanna say.

The Forgiones also came to America. My great-grandmother Clementina had a brother named Pasquale and two people that I know of descend from him.

My great-aunt, Nicolina also did a DNA test and that matched me with a Coppola descendant on Ancestry. That would be her great-aunt "Zia"'s descendants. Her great aunt was Concetta Coppola-Papatola and she had a large family.

I'm also connected to the Tedesco family from Woburn, Mass. I still need to work on how that goes.

Not to be outdone, my mom's side is well established thanks to sites like Nosorigines, this site and several others. Records from Mass are easy to come by so it was a snap tracing things back. On my dad's side I just have to talk to Italy or consult with stuff Raymalene dug up.

I have a ton of matches on my mom's side as well from the same generation. Everyone has been helpful and we solved quite a few mysteries.

What's funny is that a lot of the matches I have are people who descend from people who were at or were invited to my parents' wedding. My grandfathers wanted to make sure everyone was there on the Italian side and on the French Canadian side.

So, it was easy to contact everyone. I still have other matches I have to place. I know where most go. I don't know where others go. I built the tree up and DNA confirmed from several matches. Some people were obviously distant relatives but it still worked.

I have 29 people in a Google doc spreadsheet and that helped me DNA confirm everyone. I do have matches that overlap because like I said Rocco had a lot of kids: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Carrabis-3

And Antoine Legault had 12: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Legault-603

My mom remembers a few of the Legault kids including her grandmother, Henrietta.

Everyone just had big, BIG families and eventually people took DNA tests. Some people haven't popped up in DNA matches, though. Ah well.

I have been busy, yes. And hey talking to Eddie isn't that bad. I have fun. =D

The DNA confirmation is probably gonna stay like this for a good while, though. Almost everyone is on AncestryDNA like I said. Just gonna be a trickle from here on out.

At least I used all of this to help a 4th cousin who is related via Lucie Cadran's sister, Josephine find her link to me. That was pretty awesome.
Wow Chris you sure have been busy!!

And what is your day job again?
I write and produce comics and comic reviews. I also help at my dad's office. =)

It took me about a year to get my mom's side as far back as I could. My dad's may be trickier. A lot of the profiles were already on the site. I filled in the blanks with stuff I already knew or sourced.

Ditto to everyone on this chat.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

Congrats on those dna confirmations Chris! I have most of mine except for a line that I can't find information on - my paternal grandmother. One of these days I'll figure that line out - or find someone that can help me with it.
I just checked it out. I hope you find someone  who can help fill in the gaps.  Good luck! Someone has to be out there who knows something or someone. The law of averages is great. Have you searched names on AncestryDNA? I found that helps. What you do is you go to your matches and type last names in the search bar. It works. =D

Last night, I found another possible connection. She immigrated from Italy a few years ago and has family from San Pietro!

And thanks!
Oh, and Pip? The last column in the Ferraiolo side comes courtesy of the commune office in San Pietro a Maida. =) They had info online at the family center and a friend checked it out for me. Just need to fill in more gaps.
Chris has done an amazing amount of work.  And, Eddie helped!  

Sometimes distracted, but also we all know he is the Emperor of Research.

I think I am going to send him all my dead ends and see what his wizardry can do!

Chris has a tight Italian family who all hug and share... not like my Germans who cross their arms and glare at you when you ask questions.(my mother used to say "don't hang everything on your nose for others to see"..  My Scottish throw people with all the same names for decades at me and then want me to untangle them.(but they do make me authentic Scotch Shortbread yum!) ..  my French want to swap recipes before talking about Genealogy.(who knew pumpkin was such a big thing)..  I think there are some distinct differences based on where those relatives came from.   Also some countries have better records than others...
Aww. Thanks, Laura. Have a little pasta. *piles on a huge amount on your plate* Save some room for dessert! Remind me to show you "Things Italian moms say". It's pretty funny. And so spot on it's scary.

I would send Eddie a list of your dead-ends and see what he cooks up.

Grazie, Laura!
Like Laura said, Chris, you’ve done an amazing job working your lines with thoroughness. Well done!
Thanks, Pip. =D
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Today is... my one year anniversary as part of the WikiTree community.

I went to the local library today and not only do they have each of the Mayflower Silver Books, but the local farm stand at the library had fresh sweet corn.
by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (616k points)
Hi Kay and Happy Anniversary!!!!
Silver Queen?
Happy wikiversary!
Happy anniversary from another New Yorker.  Hope some of my additions during this recovery from knee surgery help you down the road.

Ditto to everyone on this chat. Especially Kay,

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

Hi Kay, happy anniversary!  We went on a search for sweet local corn the other day but others had beat us to it all. Can't seem to keep the raccoons out of ours, so we quit trying to grow it in the garden.
Happy anniversary Kay - wow and a pilot all ready. AND: we are 19th cousins once removed with John Whalesborough as our common grandfather.  All these new cousins because i was able to connect my mother a little further on the tree.  hehe
Too funny Pip! Yes, Silver Books and Silver Queen corn. We seem to get Silver Queen here in southeastern Virginia, although I prefer the butter & sugar I grew up on in New York.

Mindy - several years ago on our genealogy and RV road trip to northeast Iowa we were in the middle of acres and acres of field corn but there was absolutely no sweet corn to be found. A few years before that on another trip, we stopped at a FFA stand in Gothenburg, Nebraska and my husband said he wanted 4. The boy looked at us and said 4 dozen? My husband pointed at the RV parked on the street and said, no just 4 ears, we don’t have room for more.
Happy WAnniversary, Kay!
Happy Anniversary!  You've done a lot in a year!   

I love roasted corn!  I'm as corny as Kansas in August...  the song is playing in my head now...   I know it is from the play Oklahoma...  can't think of the name of the song!
Hahaha! Kay,meats funny. Just four ears! My dad would only plant Silver Queen. Piedmont NC area. Tons of it. Mom had a chore fixing all that corn into something. Of course, I had to shuck and de-silk all those ears! Oh, fun!
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Hey WT Cousins!

Hi Robynne, thanks for hosting the Chat!

Another fun week playing genealogical free hired gun.  Which amounts to lurking around G2G and snapping up the low-hanging questions.  Last night lightning killed my home router DRT, so I spent my morning hunting and gathering a replacement.  Install tonight.  Yay!

This week, by special request of my good bud Mr King!

Gorilla designed by Joseph Wu, YouTube tutorial by Jakub Krajewski.

ETA - New router up and choochin' at home!  And it's lightninging again!

by Living Tardy G2G6 Pilot (773k points)
edited by Living Tardy
That's a sure thing. We're in a world where an annoying orange gained stardom and a movie deal. Anything is possible on YTland. Even people who just do comic reviews. =)
Great gorilla!

Sounds like watching a knitting video
Wow !!  What a great looking gorilla !  Are you doing the devil dragon for next week?  Obviously you have very good finger dexterity and a lot of patience.
Thanks Kay and Nicole!  I can do Jo's more basic dragon, but the devil one - let's say I'm working my way up to her.
Starship Enterprise ? NCC-1701. In the words of Mr Scott "no bloody A, B, C, D

Quite a challenge, Eddie!  I have an idea, though.  cool

*coughs* Or NX *coughs*

Yes. All I ask is a tall ship and stars to steer her by.
I do not see a profile for Jane Goodall who spent so much time studying those magnificent gorillas in the mist...   

And then there was the loss of the wonderful Koko who learned to communicate in sign language and taught us humans something about acceptance and tolerance.  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5811514/

Jane Goodall is still alive, hence no visible profile.  sad

Oh good point!
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Happy Week End to All!

I spent the last two weeks visiting the lake Superior area including the Canadian side....gorgeous!
by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.7m points)
edited by Doug Lockwood

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

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One of the falls we saw in Ontario:


by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.7m points)
edited by Doug Lockwood
Doug, you really oughta come to Transylvania County, NC, where I live. They don’t call it The Land of the Waterfalls for nothing! The most photographed one in the whole US is Looking Glass Falls in the Pisgah National Forest. Come see us!

That is a great picture Doug.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

Wow! Great pictures! Thank you for sharing
Beautiful pictures. It sounds like it was a great trip.

Welcome back to humidity.
Love your photos!  Thanks for sharing them!
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You know the weekend before last I told you that I was going on July 18 and get back last Sunday afternoon but I really didn't know the schedule because of things with my dad and my brother. So got in on the chat late last Sunday so what I did here is copied what I did on the chat here. My mom is working on getting the rest of money she needs to pay the closing on the house. I think we might be up there by end of the year or first of next year. My mom told me Monday or Tuesday that she is starting to fell like she did when we first put my dad in the hospital so that is not so good. I heard mom on Sunday night that she couldn't take care of him because of her bad shoulders and her back also and also if he going to keep biting her so I take it that while I was gone he bit her on one of her fingers. He is not doing and going alone with the occupational therapist and mom is very angry with him because of it. He wants to live but he doesn't want to work at getting stronger even with her. Mom said we are going to move slowly and take a little at a time. Both of mom's shoulder's she needs to replace and her back is hurting her very much. That is why we going to move slowly. Last two days after supper last night he went to the bathroom and sat on the commode had his bowel movements without been told or asked to do it. Then he did it again this morning after breakfast. It was a miracle we didn't expect him to do it. It floored and surprised us. Me and Mom praised and thanked God for a miracle two times he did that. We were also very happy with him.

I am here late. I had a relaxing time at FunFest in Kingsport, Tennessee except after my sister-in-law and friend of hers picked me up about 11:00 a.m. EST we stopped in Lenoir City, Tennessee ate and filled up her car. When we got into Kingsport she dropped her friend off at the friends house and we did some stuff together by the time we had gotten home and my brother had gone home from work to get ready for eating as they say from Wednesday, Thursday, Friday night and also all day Saturday in front of their high school they have the Taste of the Tri-Cities where you try different foods every night and all day Saturday. Then like on Wednesday night while you do that you watch a movie on an outside theatre screen, then the other nights you go into the football stadium and listen to concerts. Also on the last night which is on Saturday after the concert the set off fireworks that are beautiful that we watch down near where my brother and his wife lives which as good place to watch so we can get back to their house so we can get up on Sunday and go to church before they my brother brings me home. But this will be last year of during this way because I will be living up there next year and the drive will not be as long it will be half a long and I will be closer and I might spend the week or part of the week and do stuff with them then go home which will be about an hour trip when I live there instead of 2 to 3 hour drive it will be a lot better. My parents will be living behind Tusculm College in Greenville, Tennessee which is much closer to my sister and her husband and my house when I move up there. But as I was saying on the Wednesday evening after they went to their primary doctor after I left my dad while at the doctors showed how much his personality change they went so he could refer him back to his neurologist so she could prescribe some medicine to help with agitiation, combative action. He even recommend that we get hospice to help with him. Then during the night while trying to change him and his diaper and clean him up he wouldn't so she did the best she could because she was getting sick and was hurting and then she left him in his hospital bed for the rest of night and went on to bed herself. He told mother that he will come down and help her with him and take him to dialysis for her because she was sick and we were afraid that she would cause a wreck and she told him that he didn't need to go and she will have all the doors locked where he couldn't come and she had forgotten that he and my sister has keys to be able to get in. But he went own down and stayed at a motel then was at the house about 8:15 a.m. on Thursday morning to see if he could take dad to dialysis but she wouldn't let him. Before he went he talked to my sister over the phone and told her about what was going on and talked about what should be done. So after the doctor referred him mom called their neurologist and got an appointment for Friday morning and she did prescribe medicine for him. She says that she never seen a person personality change so quickly unless if cancer or something medically caused it. Mother told her that the messentic mass that was discover by x-ray that it was starting now to touch and told her that has grown and is touching and might have started to encapsule the pancreas. She said that answered her question about his personality changing so quick. He even while I was gone bit my mother finger because he was agitated with her. Her back his hurting her and hardly can't bend any more and her shoulders are hurting her very badly. She can't take care of him any more and she has said so. That doctor also says that we should get hospice to help but medicare said that they will not pay for that because right now he is on dialysis to keep him alive and he has to be off of that. Us kids has told her that he is not in his right mind and can't think for himself and since she has the medical and financial power of attorney instead of waiting for him to decide to stop dialysis that she has the right to and we will be okay with that decision because he is hurting himself and always in pain and not happy and we think it will be better to take him off. So we are about ready for hospice to help. Also my mom while I was up there on Friday got the certificate of occupation on the house. So she has to go up and pay the rest of the money and then by Christmas or at the end of the year we probably will be up in Greeneville, Tennessee. Also mom is talking about putting in some place down here and up in Greeneville, Tennessee because she can't take care of him any more. That is how my week went and it didn't rain during the day while I was at FunFest until Sunday on the way home. But it did rain during the Friday night and there was a Tornado watch for Greeneville, Tennessee up till  4:00 a.m. Saturday and the balloons that was going to go up on Saturday was canceled. Also the moved up the concert on Friday night because of the weather even. Sorry this is so long but there is a lot of life going in the Barnett family.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

by Living Barnett G2G6 Pilot (509k points)
edited by Living Barnett

“blazing hot summer.” Zactly! Brevard is HOT! And my wife is making me work outside!!! 

Hang in there, Linda. We’re with you. Keep us posted.

Hang in there Linda
Linda my heart goes out to you and I am keeping your family on my prayer list.  You are dealing with one of the most difficult parts of aging.  When a parent who took care of you changes into a creature you no longer recognize. Some of this can be ascribed to medication, some to changes in the brain, and some to issues with oxygen not getting to the brain for periods of time.   And it is very hard to watch this.  Hospice is wonderful.  I can't say enough good things about it.  But yes, you cannot do what is considered life saving things and be on hospice.  What you need to come to is an understanding about whether the treatments will prolong a miserable life with no chance of long term survival vs a shorter life with less drama and more comfort.  None of us is prepared for all of this when it happens.   Hang in there.  You are doing the right things.
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Just stopping by to say hi, been busy with pre school activities with the grandkids and job. 

Anyway found this picture that blew my mind... Check it out and let me know if you see it:


by Sandra Davidson G2G6 Pilot (190k points)
That's incredible Sandra. Thanks for sharing.
Oh, wow! I had to enlarge it to see what was there. Cool pic, Sandra!
Purrrfectly amazing!

It is a cat being camfolouge with the wood floor because it is the same as the floor.

Ditto to what everyone said here.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

Here I was wondering why you was posting a pic of a floor, lol. Then I looked closer. Thats amazing Sandra. Thanks for sharing.
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Copper Harbor, MI at 11:30 PM:


by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.7m points)
just beautiful, Doug! What kind of camera are you using. You and the camera are a great team.
A Nikon 3300

Ditto to what everyone said.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

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Good morning all. Thank you again Robynne for hosting!  It's 5am here in Kentucky and I'm creeping around quietly so as not to wake anyone. Got up at 4 to get some coffee in before the day starts.

This weekend is the annual Lawson reunion. Guests usually start rolling in Wednesday night, but they waited until Thursday this year. We lost a few family members this year, and a few had other real life issues, so we had a smaller group. Mom and I host all of the people from out of state. We've been cooking for three days to get ready for them all. Only 25 at last nights cookout, not too big of a crowd. Today we all go to Uncle Johnny's church and meet up with the rest of the family. There should be 50+ people. We did the reunion at mom's for a couple of years, but it got to be too much for her.

I'm thankful for the family we get to see, and I'm thankful for all of my WikiTree family. Have a wonderful weekend!
by Mindy Silva G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Have fun! That party sounds like a great time. I can smell the goodies from here!

We were still bringing food out when this picture was taken

We couldn't keep people out of the dessert lol - brownies, pineapple upside down cake and peach cobbler. Thankfully we had already planned on making two tubs of ice cream in the ice cream makers smiley This is all that was left by dinner time:

Enjoy the reunion. It sounds like a great time, and many memories for the future.
You just made me hungry!
This is the first mention of food in this chat !!!  And it all looks so yummy !!

And we are related Mindy: 23rd cousins 3 times removed with Ralph Arundel as our common grandfather.
That’s the way to do it! Reminds me of our get-togethers, long tables set up in the back had of my grandparents’ home, and TONS of food! Doesn’t help the diet, but for reunions... who cares. Hope you had a great time!
Wow what a great spread!  Looks yummy!   Did you know that family recipes can be clues to where people came from?  There are some dishes that are very regionally based.
Thank you Kay, Doug, Nicole, Pip and Laura! It's been a wonderful day! Many of these relatives we only see at reunion time, so it's great to catch up all of them. We take pictures each year and add them to the reunion books. Mom has a stack of family books made up and they are laid out in a side room for all to go through. This year we did a family project (mom, dad, Len and I) of a map with pictures on the sides and bottom of all of our military guys. We put colored pins next to each and then pinned each place on the map they had served in. We also did a big announcement that we located the grave of great-grandma Lawson this year, and had a stone placed. They've been trying to find her for years. And yes there was a lot of food - hence the cooking for three days :)  Keeping everyone fed helps keep them happy. No diets allowed for reunion weekend, lol.  The Lawsons are from Kentucky, then Virginia before that Laura. It would be fun to find out where their recipes came from.
And hello 23rd cousin Nicole!
Mindy if you send me some of the "family recipes" I will see if they fit ay of the regional profiles I have on file.   Happy to do some food research!
Sometimes the spice used can be a real help.  Cardamom is used a lot in Scandinavian cooking for example.  Mexican oregano vs Greek Oregano are kine of easy to figure....  Lemon Grass Asian cooking..
I can see where the spices grow and that can also be a hint.  

Then even the type of a cut of meat or use of a specific vegetable can be a hint.  

Kentucky and Virginia have a lot of Scottish, English, and Caribbean influence in their cooking depending on which parts.  

I see more French in Louisiana, scattered in Missouri, some of the areas bordering Canada.

A lot of German in Pennsylvania, Oho, Illinois, Missouri, Wisonsin

Scandinavian and Swedish in Wisconsin, parts of Michigan

For our African Americans you can sometimes tell  what area of Africa your ancestors came from by what they worked with.  Rice was Eastern coast.  Cotton more interior areas.  The Gullah that populate a lot of the sea coast of South Carolina were rice experts and came from areas of Eastern Africa.

Ditto to everyone in this chat and yes I did Laura.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

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 Today is......



Buffalo Soldiers Day is observed annually on July 28th.  This day commemorates the formation in 1866 of the first regular Army regiments comprising African-American soldiers.

“Buffalo Soldiers” (one of many African-American regiments raised during the Civil War) were established by Congress as the first peacetime all-black regiments in the regular U.S. Army.


Buffalo Soldiers originally were members of the 10th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army, formed on September 21, 1866, at Fort LeavenworthKansas. This nickname was given to the Negro Cavalry by Native American tribes who fought in the Indian Wars. The term eventually became synonymous with all of the African Americanregiments formed in 1866:

Although several African American regiments were raised during the Civil War as part of the Union Army(including the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantryand the many United States Colored Troops Regiments), the "Buffalo Soldiers" were established by Congress as the first peacetime all-black regiments in the regular U.S. Army. On September 6, 2005, Mark Matthews, the last surviving Buffalo Soldier, died at the age of 111. He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

The segregated regiments were disbanded during the 1940s and 1950s as the U.S. armed forces embraced integration.

On the first Buffalo Soldiers Day in 1992, a monument to the Buffalo Soldier was dedicated at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas by General Colin Powell.

The Buffalo Soldier Museum is located in Houston Texas.

More history here:



Post on social media using #BuffaloSoldiersDay to encourage others to pay tribute to these heroes.

Buffalo Soldier Commemorations have been held throughout our nation since 1992 when the United States Congress passed a law designating July 28th as Buffalo Soldiers Day in the United States.


by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry
You are welcomed to make one lol!!!
When I have a life again!  Thought maybe Eddie and Donnie might like to do it.  They do the Civil War and Soldiers so well!

Ditto to everyone on this chat. Also Dorothy thanks for the national day calendar you do every weekend.

angelWelcome everyone to the hot blazing summer WikiTree Weekend Chatangel

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