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Was fixing up one of my ancestors profiles and since her served in the Revolutionary War I figured I would get him a sticker for that and I tried to get that right - had his dates and regiment and all but apparently either i messed up or I am the first to register someone for this particular unit - the Third regiment of Sussex County NJ that is - Militia - or I put it in wrong - probably - anyone on this sort of thing?
WikiTree profile: Johannes Kortright
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thanks Ellen, I would have put that if I could spell it - better at math

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Not only that Navarro.  You have the biography for Johannes Kortright on the militia category page you created, ha ha ha.  I found this for NJ Militia's, but there is only one created for Hunterdon County.


I am wondering if it is supposed to be part of the New Jersey Line.
by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (645k points)
The category wanted something in that big space so I copied that DAR thing - took a while too!  So then I think - this is not how it is supposed to go - oh well some one knows what I did wrong
Gotta give to you for trying, Navarro.
Most of what I know about military things is from watching M.A.S.H. so - not much - but I will try and honor my vets as best as I can - just messed about some and found not much for Jersey Militia records so I feel like the DAR thing may be the only source for that for a while, unless I suddenly learn how to research that kind of thing - so far all I have searched for those kinds of records have been mostly a waste of time - so complex and not where they should br are they!
ok I found the book online that is mentioned in the DAR thing, so I changed the regiment to battalion and so now the category I created is abandoned so now I feel dumb - but that is how we learn, right?  Now should I delete it? how do I get back there - wow
OK not sure how to get back to where it was - I did have

Upper Brigade

on the Units part and

Third Regiment

on the unit part so - if someone needs to get in there and delete that - I can not figure out how to, and again, sorry

I looked at how the Massachusetts Militia has it, and it's

Category: Essex County, Massachusetts Militia, American Revolution

so should this category be

Category: Hunterdon County, New Jersey Militia, American Revolution ??
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The nomenclature and taxonomy of Revolutionary War military units has proven difficult for many of us to understand -- and often the available sources don't include the same terminology that WikiTree's military experts want us to enter in the template. Since this man was 61 years old in 1775, if he had any military service in that war, my hunch is that it was in the militia, not the Continental Army (which, I have learned, is what "Line" refers to).

Given the difficulty of figuring out what unit he was in, I suggest that you:

  1. Put the information that you have in the biography text, using the words/terminology you found in the sources, not a reinterpretation.
  2. Edit the template to identify his unit as New Jersey Militia -- nothing more specific.
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Yeah I saw that he was not a young guy when this went on - figured he must have been a good supervisory sort and ended up Captain and Major on these expeditions - and it was mentioned Militia  - will fix that - one of these times when I go to honor a veteran on my tree I will get it right the first time - maybe -

I will check that and get the exact language - OK done and sticker too.
When I replied earlier, I hadn't delved into your DAR source. I guess that you refer to the page image that another member uploaded, showing a page "from my DAR files." The page cites some sources that look like they are good. However, for our purposes on WikiTree, it's helpful to include a citation to the DAR database that identifies the man's ancestor number and summarizes his service in a semi-standard format. He's in the DAR database as John Cortright at http://services.dar.org/Public/DAR_Research/search_adb/?action=full&p_id=A026254 and the record confirms that he was in the Sussex County (New Jersey) Militia and had the ranks of Captain and Major. It refers to the 3rd Battalion of that Militia.

It's likely that he was an officer in the militia before the war, and continued in that role. The WikiTree Military and War categorization treats "Militia, American Revolution" and its subcategories as if they were totally separate and independent from the local militias that existed before and after the war, but it's my understanding that the same local militias functioned before, during, and after the Revolution.
I forget exactly how George Carlin said something to the effect of: I have no respect for any club that would have me as a member

Not being a big club joiner I had not gone into the D. A. R. site yet - I see they have there another man he served under so I may add that - I think the rest is fine as is - do you think there is enough to remove the needs more records on this one Ellen?  The marriage is missing but backed up by the military record - and short of finding a will or land sale I do not think there is much more out there for him
The DAR isn't just a club, it's an information source. The DAR isn't the ideal source of information on a person's Revolutionary war service (it's better to access the original records), but it's worth checking for a number of reasons. The DAR database is pretty easy to access and cite, and it's a better reference citation than some unidentified person's "DAR files." The service-record information in the database is succinct and can be more understandable summary than what we might see in other sources. I've seen several cases where the DAR database indicates that the research records or genealogy on which somebody joined the DAR in the early 20th century (or later) are no longer accepted as valid.

And Johannes Kortright's profile still does need "More Records," including (but not necessarily limited to) transcripts of the baptism records for his children and baptism records where he was a witness. His profile is still based almost entirely on secondary sources that generally don't cite their sources (not to mention that it cites "from Cartright Family Home Page" without clearly indicating which information came that source, nor any indication of what this website is), but primary records should be available. The church baptism records I mentioned are primary records that are often valuable for filling in a person's life details and establishing various family relationships.
PS - All of his children were supposedly baptized in the Minisink Valley, so their records probably would be found there (although some of the early Minisink Valley baptisms and marriages were recorded in the Kingston Church, before there was a church at Minisink). That's likely to be where he was married, too. My go-to source for the Minisink records is https://archive.org/details/minisinkvalleyre00vosb

I have trouble telling the different Minisink Valley locations apart. The place names include Machackemeck, Walpeck, and Deerpark; also might be recorded as Orange County, New York, or Sussex County, New Jersey, or possibly Pike County, Pennsylvania.
I think I read some of the Cartright book - wait there were two of them I read parts of - one real old, and the other more up to date, language-use-wise

there was an interesting history narrative on one of the old Cortright books I looked at before - another more modern book I skimmed through some too- will have to check back with them and look at the Cartright Family Page - they might have the marriage and or death sources needed here

I put the children and the witnessed baptisms - took a while and got side tracked sourcing other gramas and grampas along the way through that - as I tend to do - but I am pretty sure I have all his appearances documented now

Hurray! That's a nice collection of records. smiley

Note that his entry in the Courtright Family genealogy book at https://archive.org/stream/courtrightkortri00abbo#page/34 lists the full set of 7 children, but it looks like whoever added the data here didn't copy the complete list.

Regarding the Cartright website. Part of my concern is that there's no URL for it. A person could search the internet and find multiple websites of that title, possibly with no hint which one was cited. Also, of course, family websites are seldom reliable as sources.

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