Thanking the Unthankables

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I recently asked a G2G question about a person I was trying to research.  Since I did not yet have the information I needed, I had not yet added the profile.  Several members provided oodles of info and sources, but I couldn't find a "thank this member" link to click for their answers, since there was no change log for a profile that recorded their contribution.  I figured I'd find it in each member's contributions, but it wasn't there either.

My "plan B" was to create the profile, after which I came back to my question and added the link to the profile, but this didn't help - there was still no link to click a "thankyou", either in the profile or on anyone's contribution list.

Unpleasant fact:  There is no record of an answer with an opportunity to click a thankyou link anywhere if there is no link to a profile in the original question. 

I had an "aha moment" for how to game WikiTree in order to be able to thank people who answer questions when there is no profile appropriate to link to in the question and want to share it with anyone else who may be faced with the same problem:

  1. If you are asking a question and want to be able to thank people who answer, there must be a link to a profile in the question BEFORE the answer is posted.
  2. If there is no appropriate profile to link when you ask the question, put in a link to your own profile.  You may want to put a line at the end of the question indicating that there is no reason for people to click that link.
  3. You will now be able to thank people who answer - the notice of their answer will show up in your feed AND in the change log on your own profile AND in the person's contributions.
  4. When you no longer need to be able to thank people who answer, I recommend editing the question and removing the link to your own profile - you don't need a link to the question to appear on your profile page!

Note - I am not putting a link to my profile in this question, because I'm not asking for help of any kind here, so don't expect to need to thank people for answering it!

in The Tree House by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (978k points)
Thank you Gaile!  Its good to know.

Laurie, I like your solution!  Simple, direct, and personal!  laugh

Thank you Herbert! You can be sure it required a bit of bumbling. I was looking for a way to thank Gaile, esp for items 1 and 2 - I think it's very useful information!  But she didn't leave a link to her own profile.  It took me a while to puzzle out a solution. Like everything else on Wikitree, there's always a way.

Thank you, Laurie!

I like your idea, Gaile.

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We already have a lot of users who get confused and put their own profile in the link box. I think this approach that you are suggesting is going to cause more confusion of this type and could create extra work for moderators and integrators as they try to find the links between questions and profiles.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (633k points)

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