John Francis Adams Sr. (Adams-3100) new DNA Member does not match bloodline.

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The recently attached (without prior consultation) parent David Richard Adams-8313 (Plymouth, MA- Burlington, NJ) for John Francis Adams,Sr.(Fairfax, Northumberland, Stafford, VA) has added a new member profile (William Adams) DNA that does NOT MATCH the member profile (Edward Adams) DNA proven descendant of the Stafford/Fairfax, VA, Adams bloodline.

The William Adams DNA Kit #841912 in the Family Tree Adams DNA ENTIRE DATABASE  was not linked per markers to Edward Adams Kit #834488.

William Adams (DNA) ancestor profiles were of the Adams of Georgia, Goochland, VA, to ancestors of James City, VA,  viewed at .  The Edward Adams (DNA) ancestor profiles were of the KY to Halifax, Stafford, Fairfax, VA Adams profiles viewed at .  The newly attached parent David Richard Adams (Adams-8313) per DNA is incorrect.

The recently attached sources for Northumberland, VA, added new ancestor information reviewed in the biography for John Francis Adams, Sr/Katherine Napier of Northumberland to Stafford, VA, migration for (Adams-3100) profile. The deed and estate records attached  identified a William Adams, and wife Frances Adams who remarried Richard Rout as the parents. The Family Tree Adams DNA Test Results support the Northumberland, VA, estate records/deeds for parents. Please review the Northumberland, VA, sources attached for John Francis Adams,Sr.(Adams-3100) for the newly revealed parent ancestors, William Adams and wife Frances Adams.
WikiTree profile: John Adams
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Hi Juliet,

I find it difficult to look at the Adams Y results and sort through 850+ participants to find your matching kits in Adams line.  And, looking at the linked profiles I see 2 kits listed and disclaimer of a third as matching. I presume that is the mismatch who is tested and added parents that don't work, because he doesn't match. Hope I'm reading this correctly..

As a suggestion: I post screen shots of my various matching groups of YDNA results as posted at on the appropriate profiles. That is to say: ALL appropriate profiles that connect to the various surnames. Those sort of protect and define the DNA results and the grouping as a whole and in my opinion substantiate the DNA line.

If this read is correct, I would do this, and as followup I would not hesitate  to disconnect the incorrect parentage. My 2 cents!
Thank you, Sherrie, for your great comments and ideas.  Yes the William Adams (DNA) does not match my brother, Edward Adams (DNA) per the Family Tree entire Adams database when I used his account to check on William Adams DNA markers.  His is NOT the same bloodline, so thank you again SO MUCH for the suggestion to remove the incorrect parents. With the attached deeds/estate LDS microfilm records proving the new parents,  I will by the end of this week, remove and attach the correct parents. This will be NEW historical data for this Adams bloodline, so I wanted to give WikiTreers time to respond to my G2G posting, for I don't know of any ancestry or other genealogy sites that will have entered this completely new data. At the time of my correction of parents, I will add the link for the URL for the Family Tree ADAMS Project Y-DNA online public chart, which participants are listed because they VOLUNTEER  to have their markers make public for all genealogists and family historians to use for their Adams ancestry analyses. Many Adams Y-DNA test takers have not volunteered.  I would love to add screen shots, but with this Adams Y-DNA being a catalyst for new 1600s Adams ancestors, viewers of the profile in question  might wish to see the whole chart. Your suggestions prompted me to add the chart and parents, so THANK YOU AGAIN!
John Adams and Mary Katherine [Napier] Adams are my 8th great-grandparents. John b.1647 Fairfax, Northumberland, Va.....d.1725 Huntington Creek, Stafford, Va...…….Mary Katherine [Adams] Napier b. 12/oct./1651....d. 1751  Stafford Co., Va.  This was traced through
Thank you, James, for your comment that is historic Adams family were your  8th great-grandparents. My Adams bloodline descends from Gabriel Adams, d. 1750  Fairfax, VA. How do you descend? Maybe you are from Gabriel also. Please read the Northumberland, VA, deed where John and Katherine Adams sell their land, and Frances Rout signs away her legal right to the land, and the explanations of this deed and the estate records that correlate to the deed. Check the sources that also apply. Thanks again for your input.

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You are quite welcome. It is a simple solution. Do the public comment, and then just proceed. All is well! Sherrie
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