Searching for profile of person not in my watchlist

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Fairly new here and trying to help with Data Doctors challenge. Probably a silly question asked previously, but I can't find the info. Where is the field to search for an unrelated person? When I go to the search feature on the menu and type it in (ex. Smith-1), I get "this person is not on your watchlist." Thanks for any help.
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That seems odd. I don't see that when I use Name Search. The search boxes at the top of every profile (first name and last name) don't care if the person is on my watchlist or not.

I'm curious about why you are searching for specific individuals. Unless you have a pressing reason for pulling up specific profiles, I would just use the Error List generated by Aleš, you just need to choose a suggestion number then choose which profiles you want to work on (I'd stick to the 1500-1800 columns to get the most open profiles). That will pull up a list of the profiles needing work. If you click on the profile ID in the right-hand column, that profile will open in a new tab and you can edit it.

Were you perhaps trying to type the Wikitree-id Smith-1 into a field that was just intended for the surname?
Ah, you are asking about searching in the Suggestions Report, not searching in WikiTree.
I was trying to help another data doctor who needed access to an Ancestry account. Wasn't sure what box was being referenced, but I found it. Fixed now, thanks.
I seem to get that message when the profile is private.  But then I wouldn't expect it to appear in Suggestions.

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Click on "My Wikitree" after you sign in.  At the top of the page there will be a Search Field that has your last name but no first name.  Clear your last name then put in the name you want to search then click on the magnifying glass.

That will take you to all those of that name on Wikitree.  If it also gives too many similar surnames you can go down to the bottom of the page and ask for exact search specification such as dates, surname variants, etc.

If you still have problems, ask again and we'll do more to help you.
by Saundra Stewart G2G6 Mach 6 (63.3k points)
Thanks. This is my first attempt at cleanup and I'm trying not to duplicate efforts. I was confused by the format. At first it looked to me as though large chunks were already completed and I couldn't find any to do, plus it's kind of hard to read on my phone. Seems to be working ok now, though.

You're very welcome. smiley

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