Suggestion Report, how far do you go?

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When the Van Etten merges finally went through, the ancestors I had added linked up to other people on wikitree.   And my suggestion report exploded starting at generation 10.  Well 10 is not so bad, it's name spelling issues with Frolich, and I don't even think the Froliegh's knew how to spell their own name : )

But at generation 11, I start getting Mother dead before birth, Father too young, No dates on Relatives (7 of these), Multiple marriage facts, Number in Birth Location, (someone is putting Christening dates in Birth Locations) (9 of these).  

I have only linked up ONE of the 16 5th generation lines and I am frankly scared to link up any others at this point.

So, how far back do you go trying to fix things?  Just the Van Etten name thing alone is a mess.

Is it okay to have the christening date in the place of birth?  Is that accepted?  Should I just mark them to remove them from the suggestion list and get rid of that number in place of birth error?

And I checked out the No Dates on Relatives ones, and that appears to have been caused by someone removing a parent, who was there in error, but no new parent was added.  Should I add an unknown parent with guesstimate dates and try to fix the error that way?

And what protocol do you use? Do you contact the profile managers first? How long do you wait for a response?  What is considered Polite?  Should I just work on the orphaned ones and leave the owned ones alone?
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You can leave the baptismal dates, just check the radio button BEFORE.  That way you leave a general date and correct the suggestion.  You should really just do whatever you can do.  I would not go crazy trying to fix all the errors, we need to collaborate.  If there is some particular mess, you can ask here for help.  Lots of people like to volunteer.

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There are many profiles in WikiTree, particularly for people who lived before about 1750, that have serious problems with data and sourcing. Many of these were created from Gedcom imports that brought in data that may be widely propagated on the Internet in spite of serious issues like people who were born after they died. Often, the research needed to resolve these date problems requires a massive effort. These kinds of issues are found by the error checking used by the Data Doctors project, but these are not simple errors of the sort that "Data Doctoring" is well-equipped to deal with.

I think it's far better to leave an error unresolved than to try to make the error go away by cosmetic changes like deleting a date. And please don't guess at "correct" spelling of a name that's flagged for "unique spelling"! If you aren't prepared to undertake the research needed to document a person's life and correct the bad data, just leave things as they are.
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
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And as a profile manager for a lot of early profiles, as well as a Leader for project that manages many more early profiles, I don't appreciate getting email notifications from Data Doctors telling me that a particular profile has an error in the Suggestions Report. I have access to the suggestions reports, too, and processing "nag" emails from Data Doctors isn't going to help me (or anyone else) accomplish the necessary research.
Thanks Ellen for your wise advice.  I decided I would deal with only the orphans, and the easy stuff like USA too early in xxx for now.  I will keep my eye out for sources for some of the stuff, and put them on some of the profiles when I run across them.   I did fix one name, because I recognized his wife's name from earlier research and knew what it should have been, and added some sources to back up my change.

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