Having problems here - please need help

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Davie was born in Scotland as David Nicol.  He came to Canada in about 1895 or a bit earlier.  In Canada he became the son of Alex Hird and is listed a a Hird.  tho not sure if this was a legal adoption or not.  In Canada he became David Hird.

How should this be put into the tree.

Note I have two David Hird or Nicol  but there should only be one of them.

How do I list him as a Hird or a Nicol?? Help definitely needed here.
WikiTree profile: David Hird
in Genealogy Help by E. Lauraine Syrnick G2G6 Pilot (111k points)
Someone needs to advise me here.  Can'd make head nor tails out this David Nicol became a Hird in Canada file.
Please be patient. You will get some answers eventually.

This is not something that has to be fixed right this very second. It can wait.

As to the unofficial change of name, did david ever get married? If yes then does his marriage certificate show an AKA name?

I had a distant cousin who was never adopted by her stepfather but she did use the step fathers surname as hers when she was growing up. When she got married, she had to use her legal name, but she added the notation that she also used an AKA surname as well.
Also is there any evidence that David may have come to canada under the British Home Child scheme?  It was not uncommon for some british children to become part of the family for whom they worked in canada, but very few of these english children were ever legally adopted.
Not listed on the BHC registries so that's good.

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Technically he should be called Nicol for the LNAB and then the box labelled - Current name - can be filled in with Hird.

You are going to have change the surname - he was NOT born a Hird, He was born a Nicol.

His middle name was not Nicoll. That was his surname.

I tried to change the profile, but I may have made things worse - sorry.

How does one REVERSE the last changes that I made?
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
edited by Robynne Lozier
I believe that there’s going to have to be merger of the two David Nicols, along with the name changes that Robynne suggested.

Robynne, which should come first, the merge it the name change? Or does it matter?
I still need help here.  Now have a Hird-624, Hird342 and a Hird-90.

This is confusing me quite a bit so need some help.  This should be the same person unless I am mistaken??
Please STOP what you are doing,

If you are creating profiles then you MUST STOP NOW.

We may have to do more research before we can move forward.
Those names you mention are Nicol-624, and Nicol-342.

 You also need to be accurate in your details.

Hird-624 and Hird-342 do not exist.

Hird-90 seems to have been merged to Nicol-624 already
One more thing, Nicol-624 will have to be merged into Nicol-342

OK So David is NOT listed on the BHC regustries which is good.

Next you have to find the ship that David came to Canada on.
WOW - I found the FAG details for David, his first wife Helen and their children!!  He was apparently married twice.

These need to be added to their profiles ASAP - after the David merges are done.


This is Helen (aka Ellen) in the 1906 Manitoba census with spouse (David)  and children

I have done nothing - except join Nicol-90 and the other one as one person when I got an error message and sent to Nicol-664??  Now as far as I know I did not innate that change as thought "ideally" there should only be one file for this mani.

I have made no changes except to change his name from Hird to Nicol on file Hird-90.

This chap was born to Margaret Marhshall Nicol in 1886 in Arbroath, Scotland.  He came to Canada with his Mother, one Margaret Marshall Nicol in 1895 when she married this iAlexander Croall Hird here in Manitoba.  (I have their marriage certificate).  Now did not know this sfamily but knew my great grandfather and probably met this Davie Hird but unsure.  I was led to believe he was married twice just recently and was hoping to get his children under his name.  

My obvious desire to get this done quickly is because another person is going to help me fill out this . man's  tree.  I have met a new cousin who is very familiar with this man's family (think she married one of his sons or grandsons).

This man was not my prime concern until I heard from a cousin recently.  I knew he had been adopted (legally or not - unsure) and taken the name Hird.  The name Hird was used on all his documents in Canada, but PLEASE REMEMBER we are talking 1895 in Canada and accurate records were not to  kept.  Margaret married Alexander with the name "Nehol" as her final name and it is shown in the records.  There are a number of errors in Canadian records with names spelled wrong from this time.
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Just back to his parents - mother - Margaret Nicol - she married Alexander Hird but he was Davids STEPFATHER.

So since David has his mothers surname and not his bioloigcal fathers surname then he must have been born out of wedlock (illlegitimate). Big scandal back then but not so much a big deal these days.

Thus he may have always used the name Hird without ever making it legal.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
Thank you.  Unsure why Margaret came  to Canada but perhaps Margaret's sister had something to do with it or her husband, my great grandfather David T Hird.  He and his brothers cmd to Canada in 1872 with my g. granddad returning to Scotland to marry his bride Jessie Nicol in 1875. I do have their marriage document.  

I know this was considered bad form back then, but now a days nothing would be thought about it.
His name in Canada was David Nicol Hird.

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