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I created profile Laetitia Abbot (1775 - 1798), Dying from Consumption, she writes her will, and in her own words, speaks about the money from her Father, and that she is now giving 1000 pounds to her brother George Abbot. They are both, two of the children of William Abbot and Elizabeth Misplee. 

I encounter what appears to be a duplicate for George Abbot. An orphaned profile, with 2 subsequent changes.  1st change - 2014, someone estimates a birthdate for George.  2nd change - 2016 someone adds 'Proctor in the Court of Arches 1802'. Orphaned profile = no one to ask if they are the same. 

George Abbot's Father and Brother were both Proctors (Doctors' Commons), and I have learnt the Doctors' Commons was very family centred.   So I merge my George, with that George. 

Yesterday, the wikitreer Arbuthnot, that originally created the original George Abbot, writes on the page, that his George Abbot is the son of Father Unknown, and will add a source soon.  I messaged him and said the two men are obviously different and that I will ask on G2G how to unmerge. 

My George had a known Father - A proctor.  How do I undo this please?  Unmerge

Abbott-3338 was the George Abbott created by Arbuthnot. yes

Abbot-838 created by me yes

in The Tree House by Pare Chase G2G6 Mach 1 (14.0k points)
retagged by Maggie N.

There's been at least 4 William Abbots, and I was the one who wrote the note, asking for evidence of that William,  because the date said 1796, and that is the year that particular one died.

The question was about George eh. laugh   But Thank you very much for that... I'm a bit crossed eyed now, but will add it tomorrow.  I have a few wills to go through.  Lol.  

Sorry to make you crosseyed, have hidden the comment. You obviously have access to the wills, so I'll leave you in peace

Helen Ford: I should have explained myself better.  I had been working on my 4 Williams before I read your message,  it was the Williams that made me cross-eyed.   If I was half as savvy as you, I may not have half the problems I do.  It doesn't help matters at all, that I've never been to England,  I appreciate it, really I do. Yet everyone before 1840 is English.surprisesmiley Thank you yes

3 Answers

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You will have to recreate the profile that was merged away as merges can't be undone.

by Juha Soini G2G6 Pilot (122k points)
Discuss with the other person involved which of you is going to create the new profile. Since you have performed the incorrect merge it might be most appropriate if you remove all of your relationships and additional information from his original profile and take on the task of creating your own George.
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It is not possible to unmerge profiles. He will have to recreate the merged profile.

That said, this is a great learning experience for all of us on two fronts.

1. Try very hard to discuss uncertain merges beforehand. Either with the profile creators/managers or here in G2G.

2. Make sure you provide all the available information and sources before you orphan a profile.

by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
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Don't panic.  The messages you're looking at are old.  The message about adding sources soon is just standard verbiage added by the system.  We're all planning to add sources soon smiley

The Unnamed Father is also one of the quirks of the system.

The Unnamed Father was Abbott-3339, Laetitia's father.  He had been picked up by another user and given the name William, with a wife Elizabeth, but the system-generated "Unnamed Father" blurb was left unedited in son George's bio.  Old junk often gets left lying around.

Looks like your merge was good.

Somebody should investigate that marriage at Chatham in 1769 to try to get a source and the bride's maiden name, which would confirm it.

by Living Horace G2G6 Pilot (649k points)
Thanks, I don't know so much about system generated things, yes, I shall stop panicking. Haha.   

I've been looking for that marriage Chatham in 1769 and haven't been able to find it.  Parents of George Abbot were William Abbot and Elizabeth Misplee.  I have only just in the last hour got William's birth and death dates and put them in.   Might be that's enough for tonite.  #CrossEyed

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