Can a Pre-1500 Certified member merge Unknown-208761 into Darell-27?

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Shouln't be any issues with this merge as many data points match.  Just I am "arrested" by the "catch 1500" rule.
WikiTree profile: Elizabeth Darrell
in Policy and Style by Donny Vaught G2G1 (1.5k points)
“...catch 1500...” That’s hilarious!! A three pointer.
Yeah, I must be a natural born commedian.  People laugh at what I say even when I'm serious, which is about half the time.  Anywho, seeing that your some sort of "pilot",  can you fix that pesky merge?  Or, maybe refer to someone who can, like maybe Gladys Knight?

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Haha! I’m not pre-1500s certified either! I’ll text my friend Gladys right away.
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)

Very funny wink

Much obliged.  Pass a message, please, always did appreciate Ya'll's tunes.
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Some confusion.  One of the Elizabeths has parents, and is in fact the cousin of her "husband" William.

The whole family is taken near-verbatim from Glover's Visitation pedigree, indirectly, via Ancestral File.

Glover's chart does in fact show both the cousin Elizabeth and the wife Elizabeth, as two people.

Looks like Darell-27 was intended to be the cousin, not the wife.  They probably got accidentally married when Sir Marmaduke was given the wrong mother.


- don't merge

- unmarry the cousin

- change Sir Marmaduke's mother to the other Elizabeth
by Living Horace G2G6 Pilot (572k points)
I am trying to make the fixes as RJ explains....let me know if I did it correctly.  Also, rejected the merge

There are still some issues with the dates on Marmaduke and his wives and children.
Thanks for the info RJ, I see why this page is problematic and beyond my abilities to resolve.  I suggest you weight out the data you have access to and then interconnect these several pages to reflect that assesment.  Even with faults, it would lend itself to further clarifications later.
Thanks, and good luck Robin.
Translation of the top part of the pedigree.  Dates of varous documents but no BMD dates.

* William Darell of Sessay, living in the time of King John. == ___
** William Darell, living 1270. == Ada, da. + heir of ___ Percy, as is thought.
*** Beatrice, wife of John Mauleverer of Allerton, without date.
*** Marmaduke Darrell, knt, living 28 Edw I, 1283. == Helewise, dau. of William del Isle.  [28 Edw I is 1300-1]
**** William Darrell, knt, living 30 Edw I, 7 Edw II. == Joan, living 11 Edw I, dau. of William de Holtby, knt, by his wife Beatrice ___
***** Marmaduke Darrell, snr, knt, living 1358. == Cecily, living 28 Edw III.
****** William Darrell, knt, living 1354. == Elizabeth, living 29 Edw III.
******* Marmaduke Darrell, jnr, of Sessay, living 38 Edw III, 1364. == Joan (1st wife), dau. of William Merington, living 1364, 38 Edw III, dsp. == Alice (2nd wife), dau. of Ranulf Pigot, sister of Geoffrey, living 44 Edw III. == Peter de Routh, 2nd husband.
******** Thomas Darrell, perhaps bastard, living 23 or 13 Edw III.
******** William son of Marmaduke Darrell (by 2nd wife), living 43 Edw III. == Emma, living 11 Ric II.  (Later version says Anne, survived her husband, 12 Ric II)
********* etc
***** John Darrell, living 33 Edw III, married Alice, living 33 Edw III.
***** Thomas, living 7 Edw II.
***** William Darrell of Dalton, living 13 Edw II. == Joan, sister of Peter de Dalton, living 14 Edw II.
****** Elizabeth.
****** William son of William Darrell of Dalton. == Agnes, living 43 Edw III, dau. of William Atwell (Attewelle), of Dalton, sister of Emma.
***** Elizabeth, living 1358. == Alexander de Leeds
****** Elizabeth, dau. + heir of Alexander Leeds, living 33 Edw III, called Marmaduke Darrell uncle ("avunculus").
*** Geoffrey Darrell.

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