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I am trying to find information on the family of Heinrich (Hendrik) MÖhle. He was born in Hille, Westland, Prussia, and I know that they were a member of the Evangelisch Kerk there.

His father from what I know was Johann Heinrich MÖhle and his mother was Catharine Marie Rohdenfeld, I found that there was a marriage record that shows that these two were married on the 10th of July 1796 in Hille. Except I have found several baptism records for a Catharine Marie Rohdenfeld so i do not know which one could be hers (if any are hers). And have found non for Johann Heinrich.

It seems that at the time period I am researching the family used the spelling variant Moehle instead of modern day MÖhle which I found on a marriage record from 1864.

However one problem I have found is that I thought I had found Heinrich MÖhle baptism, however it is from 1801, instead of 1802, which does not fit with his death record which states he was 50 in 1853, which could fit if he was born in 1802.

However a Johann Heinrich Moehle was born 6th of december 1802 and was baptised 12 december 1802, he has the same parents as Heinrich.

So which one is my ancestor?

It is believed that my ancestor went to the Netherlands around 1820 to avoid mandatory conscription. I realize that there is a lot of info on this post so I will make clear on what I need help with IF someone has time to help.

Which one is my ancestor, Heinrich, or Johann Heinrich?

Which Baptism belongs to his mother Catharine Marie Rohdefeld?

Is their a Birth/Baptism or death record for his father Johann Heinrich?

I have found 4/5 siblings for my ancestors, might their be more?

I realize that some questions may not be able to be answered, but if someone might like to help Thank you non the less.
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The Huwelijksbijlagen (marriage supplements) for the 1835 marriage in Aarlanderveen can be found here:

Heinrich's birth date is given as 2 Nov 1801 and his baptism as 5 Nov 1801. There is a lot more information contained in the supplements, which I or another user can translate for you if you wish. 

Regarding Johann Heinrich or Heinrich, it was quite common for German males to have "Johann" somewhere in their name which was not used in day to day life. For females "Maria" was often in their official names but not used. 

I would never overlook a potential baptism just because it was 1 year off an age on a death certificate: ages on death certificates are often very unreliable and can be off by up to 10 years. 

While I am not a native speaker of German I doubt that the Ö would be capitalized. But I do know that oe=ö, and the same for umlauts on a,e and u. 

I would try to look at the original records, instead of relying on FS's indexes. Unfortunately the images on FS are "not available for online viewing at this time". But they might be on Archion ($)

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Regarding Catharina Maria's baptism: German marriage records of this time often mention parents. Her death might mention parents. I would look at both while trying to work out which one is her baptism. You could also infer her parents from the naming order of her children.
Yes I accidentally left the ö capitalized, remember for next time. But thank you for confirming! Trying to confirm uncles work and seems some of it was right.

And i'd love to get those originals however seeing that money has made plans it'll be hard.

But Thanks!!
Thank you! My experience with german records is null, but atleast I know where to begin now!
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The municipal archives of Alphen aan den Rijn (of which Aarlanderveen is a part nowadays) have records of the following marriages:

This may be easier to read than the scan in Familysearch.

I added this information to their profiles. I also translated some parts of the scan.

Besides, I found the death record of a certain Johann Heinrich Möhle (abt. 1776 - 1831). He was from Grimminghausen (near Osnabrück, Preußen), which may be a part of the current Löhne, only 16 km from Hille. he died during a stay in Holland. It's just guessing, but he could be related to your Heinrich.

In German, ö is preferred but oe is used when it's not possible to use an 'umlaut', for exemple in hyperlinks. See

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