+13 votes
Hey thanx guy's I'm up to 4 down votes now, just wanted to thank those who awarded me. Obviously means I'm doing a great job! I Rock! Haha
in Appreciation by Shaun Doust G2G6 Pilot (361k points)
And I’ve seen that from you, too. It adds clarity and maybe, as in my case, causes one to think a little harder, right?

I came very close to leaving Wikitree before I even got started as I racked up about half a dozen down votes on my first day on G2G. Some kind soul later explained to me that it was becuase I was using answers when I should have used comments, so I deciede to grit my teeth and stay smiley

And I am so glad did stay. Smart strategy.

WikiTree is a harsh teacher.  Those who survive her early lessons emerge much the stronger for it!  cool

In response to Pip's Holy cow, Gaile!! Who did you p%$& off?!? -

Lottsa people and several times, but I can't say who or why or I'll be (literally) either banished from G2G or blocked permanently from WikiTree ... and I am *NOT* kidding.

Gaile, I’ve never seen this in any of your posts... yet. But you know what? Good for you. Sometimes we need a good kick in the butt. I know I do! laugh

@Herbert: true, true!
Haha Pip, you funny! Yes for a change I have a service.

Awesome, Shaun! Now I'm not sure if I should be concerned about my 20 downvotes or proud of them. cheeky

Haha Deb, Congratulationswink

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