Ros Haywood is a wonderful WikiTreer

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Thanks for the help you've given me on getting up a One-Name-Study set up and in using categorization to make it effective for what I want.  Thanks again.Haywood-41
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in Appreciation by Judy Bramlage G2G6 Pilot (225k points)
And now a new question, how do I remove the Rowley One Name Study page off the Head of Line, Rowley Name Study page?
Thanks for the thanks, Judy!

Everything has to link to everything else.  For instance, on your freespace page you have removed Category:Rowley Name Study - this needs to be there as a quick link to your companion category page.

You have removed Category:One Name Studies.  This will mean that your Rowley Name Study will not show up in the ONS Index here:

"Rowley Name Study" is not on your Head of Line category page.  If you are talking about seeing it at the top - that is the 'breadcrumb' system which leads you back through the category structure, and must stay.

Please replace the two missing categories on your freespace page.
Sorry I misunderstood some advice someone gave me.  Will do.
Now I have a real mess. I've added three new subcategories (I think or I do I have to call them subcategories?) and they are replicating on all four pages: the original page and each of the three. Plus the names aren't going under the first subcategory as I want them to. How do I achieve this? I added the numbers so that the subcategories would appear in the proper order.  Now I know I have added at two-three other subcategories that should be deleted.  Or should I move this question to Genealogy Help?
Thanks so much for the mentoring. The one who was planning on doing so is on a trip at the moment...
What does Companion Category Page mean?

I have fixed all the repeating subcategories, nested them the right way and marked the repeats for deletion.  The list you will see in Category:Rowley Name Study is alphabetical only - the system software works that way.  It also puts them at the top.  You have no control over that if you want everything to link to everything else, which it must in order to work.  Please do not start putting numbers in.  (This will also mean that, when you add a category to the top of a person-profile, then you will have to remember what the number was!)

"Companion Category" is just my fancy way of saying "there's another page".  Your One Name Study is composed of basically two pages: the freespace page (which is your main project page) and your category page.  These two must remain.  Of course, you can create other freespace pages to add on; for instance, I have a Stanton Heraldry and a Cornwall Stanton migration page linked to my Stanton Name Study.  So you have "Main Page" and "Companion Page".  Sort of.

If you have an assigned Mentor who is away on a trip, you should really wait until he/she is back.  But if you are bursting to continue, do ask me. :)

Sorry, but I can't find the Category page. Is there a link I'm missing?
Yes, there is a link you are missing.  Remember I said to put back TWO categories on your freespace page?  The one you missed

Category:Rowley Name Study

is the one which would link you to the category page.
I wasn't assigned a mentor, I asked her.

Got it. Now I've changed the categories again and need you to delete two: "Y-DNA Confirmation Needed, Rowley Name Study" and "Full Rowley List, Rowley Name Study" since I didn't realize how the use of "Rowley Name Study" would list all the names on the first page.  I set up other pages by referencing them on the Rowley Study Page.  Now I just have to fill them out.  I'm still working on remarks.

Right.  I have done the deleting.  Some of your links to space pages are not active or lead to "this page does not exist".  Please check them - or have you not created the pages yet?  Might be better to create the pages, *then* create the links.

Don't recommend putting "" as part of one of the links, as it will mess up the database having an extra full stop in there.
If you need to ask me any more questions, please 'private message' me via my WikiTree page, rather than clogging up this thread.

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Ros is super, thanks for reminding us of that, Judy!

Here's a hug for you both.

Bunny hug

by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
selected by Susan Laursen
This is so cute Deb :-)
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Congratulation Ros you are a superstar with all the work you do on wikkitree

Thank you Judy for recognizing a great member
by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (3.1m points)
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Ros is amazing, isn’t she?!
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
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Ros is here 24/6.5 (sometimes she gets to eat and sleep) wink She has an enormous wealth of knowledge and isn't afraid to share it with people.

She definately is a Wonderful Wikitreer !!

by Wendy Sullivan G2G6 Pilot (162k points)
Thank you for best answer star Judy :)
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Ros is a superstar! Congratulations, Ros :)
by Amelia Utting G2G6 Pilot (211k points)

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