Is there a tool that would help discover how you "lost" an ancestor?

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So over on GEDMatch I match an individual who has a GEDCOM uploaded fairly closely, and we had Clarke-2433 (and *only* Clarke-2433) in common.

After some changes to my tree (which I'm not certain I made), my most recent GEDCOM lost him as a common ancestor. Since I hadn't deleted the prior GEDCOM, I was able to determine that the common ancestor was lost, but not precisely where, and I wondered if there was an automatic rather than manual way to do that. Or perhaps a neat trick someone has learned for when that kind of thing happens.

The surname Yelvington was apparently involved when I looked at her e-mail address, but since she probably didn't make the change I don't think she's going to be the one I should be asking.
WikiTree profile: Neale Clarke
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This is still worth knowing, but it looks like either she made the change or my newer GEDCOM was somehow corrupted, because on further review, Clarke-2433 remains my 10th great-grandfather.

For the moment I'm willing to blame my own new GEDCOM, because I don't think that's its only glitch. Does anyone know whether the Wikitree GEDCOM generator has been acting up in any way? Or is there something I might have done wrong uploading it to GEDMatch that would put a crippled one in place?
You would have needed to review each gedcom entry before adding/updating so theoretically if anything was corrupted you should have picked up on it during the gedcompare process.

It is not clear from your post where you have lost something. Did you upload a tree to gedmatch that had been downloaded from Wikitree? Is it the DNA trail on Wikitree that you now think is missing? Has the other person unlinked a relationship?
I've been downloading new GEDCOMs from WikiTree and uploading then to GEDMATCH as my Wikitree builds out.

The one I did late this afternoon proved good. The second one I did about a week ago has now been discarded from AncestryDNA and GEDMatch.

However, I've had a very productive evening so itsi now pretty much obsolete.
Ok, I see. I thought originally that you were having trouble uploading a gedcom from somewhere else to Wikitree, but see now that it is the reverse process that has caused you a problem. I have not downloaded gedcoms from Wikitree and it is a long time since I made a change to my gedcom on gedmatch as I have been waiting for them to resolve their handling of living people. One thing that springs to mind was did you delete the old gedcom before uploading the new one? Otherwise, hopefully someone else who does this regularly will be along to offer some advice for next time.

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