Was the immigrant Henry Doude (1611-1668) christened in Woodchurch, Kent, or Womenswold, Kent?

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I have been working on the Doude (and related Dadson) profiles, and have run into a problem.  Two different sources (familysearch.org and the Ancestry baptism listings) list the place of Henry Doude's christening as Womenswold, Kent. But I am told that the Bishop's Transcripts say he was christened at Woodchurch, Kent.  The christenings for his younger brother Thomas (1615) and their half-sister Mary (1628) are also listed as being at Womenswold, Kent.  The dates do match, but not the place.  

Therefore, I am assuming that the original parish records say Womenswold for these three siblings, and the Bishop's Transcripts say Woodchurch.  Is my assumption correct, and if so, could the Bishops's Transcripts be mistaken (and misled by the fact that the Doude family did eventually move to Woodchurch)?  Here is a weblink to the christening record at familysearch.org:  https://www.familysearch.org/search/ark:/61903/1:1:JQ7B-R24

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At one time there was a known problem with Family Search listing a different parish starting with the same letter. For instance a lot of Folkestone baptisms were listed as Faversham.

There was also a problem in one Kent parish (I forget which one) where "b" meant 'baptism", but the transcriber thought it meant "burial".

This may be something similar.
by Janet Gunn G2G6 Pilot (170k points)
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FreeReg.org.uk has looked at them independently - https://www.freereg.org.uk/search_queries/5b656b2333045b280d711150 Parish transcripts say All Saints, Woodchurch.

Of course, you could solve the problem definitively by going to an LDS library and looking at the film.
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
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The genealogical researcher with whom I was working resides in Kent & has them in Woodchurch.  He's one of the folks who has been transcribing and indexing the parish records of Kent.  Original Bishop transcripts are clearly  Woodchurch.  Transcription error.
by Craig Dowd G2G Crew (700 points)
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I've located my copies of the original Bishop's Transcript for Henry (and siblings).  It is very clearly Woodchurch.  I can send copies to you if you'd like.
by Craig Dowd G2G Crew (700 points)
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In my profile for Robert Trewinnard both his marriage and the baptism of a number of his children are listed in two different parishes in Cornwall.

I think one represents where the marriage/baptism actually took place, and the other parish , Mawnan is where Robert's father Joseph was the parish priest, so he was keeping a record of his family?

The other option is because they were a wealthy family, they might have had property in both parishes and as a courtesy records were kept in both parishes?

Perhaps the same thing is happening in the Doude family in Kent?
by John Atkinson G2G6 Pilot (640k points)
A marriage appearing in the parishes of both bride and groom is not uncommon but I've never seen this 'double baptism' before.

Which parish you belonged to was very important until the 19th century so I don't think multiple parish baptisms were possible.

As Constantine and Mawnan are adjacent their records might well appear together in the transcripts. A transcriber could have failed to notice the shift to Mawnan and incorrectly assigned the records to Constantine. That's the most likely solution for me until someone can inspect the Bishop's Transcripts directly.
You could be right Matthew, I've just noticed that the records for the baptisms in Mawnan are based on an older transcript and unfortunately the original records aren't available on FamilySearch for that parish.

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