Saturday Sourcing Sprint! (4 August 2018)

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Hi WikiTreers! 

imageJoin in on this week's 24-hour Saturday Sourcing Sprint!

It's basically a casual mini Source-a-Thon.

When it's Saturday where you are, get sourcing! 
(And quit when it's Sundaysmiley)

Anytime you want to compete for the Weekly Winners badge, click answer at the bottom of this post, We use the Challenge Tracker to record the profiles we sources. 

Tell us about your successes, discrepancies, stories that tug at your heart strings, and new amazing sources. We have a Google Hangout if you'd like to join us. It will be as busy or quiet as we make it.

  • All profiles improved must come from the Unsourced categories or be already present on WikiTree and only have links to other profiles, links to search results from another genealogy website, or the words "Ancestry tree," "," "Pedigree Resource Files" from FamilySearch, and the like. Do not delete these items as they can provide clues for other researchers.
  • If you cannot find any sources, create a Research Notes section, list where you tried to find records, and add four tildes to the end of your note as a date stamp (you won't see it until you save). Do not remove the Unsourced Template and do not use the tracker or count in your tally. Example:
    • "Looked for John in the US Census records for 1900-1940 and couldn't find him on FamilySearch or Ancestry"
  • Sources citations need to provide a way for anyone to find the source. We strive for the Evidence Explained format to tell where, what, who, and when, as well as where the was source was found. Do not delete existing items in the Sources area as they can provide clues for other researchers. 
    • Examples of citations can be found in the Tip of the Week first comment in each post and in the Citation Example page where the Weekly Tips will be archived.
  • If you add a source which names other family members, check to see if their profiles exist. 
    • If not, add  [[Category:Needs Profiles Created]] to the first line of the edit box
    • If so and there are no sources, add the source. Use the tracker to count that profile too

See the Sprint Help Page for full details. 

When you save the profile, a green bar for the Challenge Tracker will appear at the top. Due to the security changes for the implementation of GDPR regulations, unlisted profiles are not eligible for challenge tracking. 

For all others, click the Challenge Tracker button, add or verify your WikiTreeID, select a pre-defined comment or add your own to indicate which type(s) of source(s) you added, put a check mark in the "Saturday Sourcing Sprint" box, and click "Add Action." If you participate in the Monthly Sourcerers' Challenge you can click both boxes. For visual learners, this YouTube video starting at about the 4.30 minute mark will explain how to use the tracker (earlier parts of the video explain how to find sources and add the citations to profiles).

You can track your progress on the Challenge Tracker report.

Don't forget to removed the Unsourced template if you are able to add a source!

in The Tree House by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (347k points)

Citation Tip of the Week

This is not an endorsement of any one source or citation style. Most Census records are secondary sources, having been transcribed from the original documents used by the enumerators. The informant for the records is often unidentified.

Each census provides different data and has a different citation but they all have some things in common. At a minimum, they provide a time period, a location and a person's name. All of those things should be included in the citation you create. In addition, where you find the census should be identified.

Here are some examples of the minimum which should be included for a census citation. The majority of the information in these examples are as provided by the website:

  • For Ancestry records, the items in Blue were found by by clicking the Left Arrow in the button bar on the right side of the image screen, then selecting the "Source" option. The name, shown in Red, was found in the heading beside the name of the database. The website name, URL, and access date in Green are based on when and where the data was found.
    • Year: 1871; Census Place: York, York East, Ontario; Roll: C-9968; Page: 16; Family No: 52; for Arthur Hogg; '''' ( : accessed 2 August 2018)
  • For FamilySearch records, the citation is located on the record screen which is accessed by clicking the paper icon in the "View" column. In the right column, click the down arrow beside "Document Information." Copy the paragraph below "Citing this Record." The word and date in red was added to indicate when the source was found. The other date was part of the copied citation and left in case it has meaning to someone at FamilySearch.
    • "Canada Census, 1871," database, ''FamilySearch'' ( : 11 March 2018, accessed 2 August 2018), Arthur Hogg in household of Harriet Hogg, York, East York, Ontario, Canada; citing p. 17, line 15; Library and Archives Canada film number C-9968, Public Archives, Ottawa, Ontario; FHL microfilm 4,396,618.

The image of that census is on the Ancestry website. By looking at the actual image, it was determined that BOTH default citations are wrong, not in formatting but in content. Please review the images, if they are available, and adjust the citations as needed. 

  • Moved the head of household information to a discursive note and added information about individuals missed in the index. At the end of the discursive note, adding four tildes (~) will add a time stamp indicating who did the analysis and when. The conversion happens when the changes are saved. It does not appear when previewing.
    • "Canada Census, 1871," database, ''FamilySearch'' ( : 11 March 2018, accessed 2 August 2018), Arthur Hogg, York, East York, Ontario, Canada; citing p. 17, line 15; Library and Archives Canada film number C-9968, Public Archives, Ottawa, Ontario; FHL microfilm 4,396,618. [Review of the image at Ancestry shows that the head of household was Elizabeth Hogg and a total of seven people were enumerated rather than the four who are indexed. Missing from the index are Elizabeth (21), Alice (16), ?[N?]icholson (19[sic]). WikiTree-ID time, date (time zone)]

While FamilySearch usually makes adding citations easy, sometimes the citation needs a little work. The 1860 US Federal Census is a case in point. The default citation looks like this:

Notice that the enumeration location is completely missing. The information is on the record, so please take a minute to add it to the citations you place on profiles. The revised citation should look something like this:

  • "United States Census, 1860", database with images, FamilySearch ( : 13 December 2017 : accessed 2 August 2018), Willis Briggs, household 2179, page 243, Sherman, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
I'll do a few.
Thanks, Joan, good luck!
Once again I'll see what I come up with this Saturday!
Great! Good luck, Louise!
Quick update of stats. I just finished tallying July's totals. 27 Registered Sprinters (plus a few unregistered ones) added better sources to 1,166 profiles in July. We are at 6,229 improved profiles for 2018. Thanks Everyone!
Awesome Debbie and Saturday Sourcerer's... WE TRY
Awesome Debbie and Saturday Sourcerer's... WE DO TRY OUR BEST

9 Answers

+8 votes
Count me in for the first Saturday Sourcing in August; Massachusetts 600, and I'll use the tracker.  Summer is flying by!
by Janine Barber G2G6 Pilot (199k points)
Welcome back, Janine. Good luck finding better Massachusetts sources!
Funny you should say that; I've just discovered a young lady with three profiles in Wiki.  LOL!
+9 votes
Count me in this week.
by Hilary Gadsby G2G6 Pilot (254k points)
Glad to have you, Hilary! Good luck
+8 votes
Jeez! Is it that time already? I have other chores for tomorrow, but I think I can add several during the day while I take longish breaks!
by Jim Parish G2G6 Pilot (160k points)
I know, this year is just flying by isn't it, Jim. Stay away from rabbit holes during those longish breaks LOL Good luck
+8 votes
I'll try to do some using the tracker.
by Kyla H G2G6 Mach 4 (47.5k points)
Great to have you join us, Kyla! Good luck
+9 votes
I will help out.
by Michelle Enke G2G6 Pilot (337k points)
Thanks, Michelle! Do you work in any particular location or time period? Let us know if you have any questions.
+8 votes
I've been working on Illinois 19th Cent all week.  I'll try to do some tomorrow also.
by Beverly Ahrens G2G6 Mach 7 (73.1k points)
Thanks for joining us again this week, Beverly. Good luck in Illinois
+7 votes
Count me in please for Saturday Sourcing
by Andrea Pack G2G6 Mach 5 (53.3k points)
Excellent! Good luck Andrea.
Thank you Debbie...People wouldn't think that so many profiles need sourcing and fixed as you source them.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity to help out our precious wikitree.

My question Is there a Sourcerer Badge out there to earn?  

I truly like this Saturday challenge again thank you!

There is a Sourcerers' Badge but it is only awarded for participation in the Monthly Sourcerers' Challenge. If you haven't already, I would suggest adding an answer in this month's thread, When you use the tracker for the sourcing you do on Saturday, also put a check mark by the Monthly Challenge *grin* Two for one sourcing. 

Thank you Debbie for this opportunity....for the monthly August Sourcerers' Challenge as well.
Thank you Debbie for this opportunity....for the monthly August Sourcerers' Challenge as well. Appreciate the challenge
+6 votes
I'll try to do some, but I keep getting distracted by the pesky rabbit holes! team GB Gen as usual..
by Michelle Wilkes G2G6 Pilot (145k points)
Ahh but if you're sourcing the bunnies you find in the rabbit holes, you're keeping them from multiplying further. Thanks, Michelle!
+5 votes
I am in for this weekend.
by Living Barnett G2G6 Pilot (470k points)
Great, Linda, thanks! Good luck finding better sources.

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