I posted my great grandmother photo, but it refers to me as image.

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How do I remove my name from the image I posted? I tried to remove my name, and save, but it still refers to me.
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I'm hoping someone more experienced with photos than I am will jump in and give you a better answer, but I think if you are on your own profile when you upload the photo, the system automatically makes a connection between the profile you are on (your own) and the photo.  I think you have to add the photo while you are on your great-grandmother's profile if you want it attached to her.

I also recall that "deleting" a photo is a really clunky process.  You actually can't delete it, but you can disconnect it from your own profile. Then it will hang around in Wikitree cyberspace, not attached to anything, and "the system" will eventually delete it since it's not attached.


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Tina, There is a lot of hocus pocus in WikiTree's image management process.  There are several things you should know, some of which you should do now, some of which you should not do now, and some of which is just for your general understanding of how it all works:

  1. You don't have to delete the photo and upload it again.  When you upload an image, you do it to a specific profile - whichever one you're on at the time.  It does not matter what profile you upload it to, though - you can choose to not use it on that profile and/or use it on any other profile that is either open or for which you're on the trusted list.  See below for how to do things with images.
  2. If you want to use an image that was uploaded to your profile on a different profile, go to the image page and scroll down to where you'll see what profile(s) the image is attached to.  There will be a place where you can enter the WikiTree ID of another profile that you want to attach it to.  Also, you will be able to remove any of the profiles it is currently attached to (this is WikiTree's way of doing it - they don't "delete" an image; instead, they remove a profile from the image!!!).  When you are done making these adjustments, make sure to scroll down to the big green SAVE CHANGES (or similar words) button and click that.
  3. Don't pay any attention to the file name of the image that WikiTree assigns to it.  That will always start with the WikiTree ID of the profile to which it was uploaded, which does not matter at all ... that is, except for security considerations, which I'll deal with in a different item further below.

(to be continued - in case it's getting too long)

by Gaile Connolly G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
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Security Issue - How Privacy Impacts Images

An image has a privacy level assigned to it, the same as each profile does.  Unlike profiles, however, you have no choice in the privacy level that is assigned to an image.  It will automatically have the privacy level of the profile to which it was originally uploaded.  How this affects your current question:

  1. Since your profile is Private (all living persons are either private or unlisted - private can be at different levels, designated by colors red, dark orange, light orange, and yellow), when you upload an image to your profile, it will not be displayed to anyone who is not on the trusted list for your profile.  This means that, even if your grandmother is not living and you attach her profile to the image that was uploaded to your own profile, it will not display on her profile (because the image is private).  For an image to display on a profile, its privacy level (specifically, the privacy level of the profile to which it is uploaded) must be either public (green) or open (white)
  2. Possible exception - if the image is attached to your grandmother's profile AND you detach the image from your own profile then the image should have the same privacy level as your grandmother's profile.  I'm not 100% sure that it will work this way (although it's supposed to) and it may take a day or two for the change to happen - you could try it and then wait and see.
  3. How I prefer to manage images - please note that this is my personal preference - not all members have the same preferences and it is entirely up to you to make your own decisions about how you like to handle image files.  I don't care for the appearance of the page when a long line of images marches down the right side.  I prefer to place links to the image file in the biography at the position most appropriate for displaying the image.

    I have created a free space page and made its privacy public.  I upload ALL images I want to use to this page and then I am sure that they will be seen by everyone on any profile page I use them (as long as the biography of the profile I use them on is public, of course).

After all that ... if you're still with me, I recommend that you:

a.  Remove your profile from the image - that is, if you don't want it on your profile.

b.  If your grandmother's profile is either green or black privacy and you want it displayed on the right side of her profile, then you can upload the image to her profile.

c. If you want to only display the image in her biography then create your own free space page and upload the image to it.  Make sure the privacy of that page is either green or white.  After that, observe the name that WikiTree assigns to the image when you upload the file, then go to your grandmother's profile and use the {{Image ... }}  construction (it will be on the right side of the image page) in the biography wherever you want to display the image.

Gaile, Thank you for all the detail! Much appreciated.
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Hi Tina,

First, delete the picture from your tree.Then on her page go to edit first, then near middle right of page click on add image. That should open a new page that says "Upload image for (G-Grandma's name)" From there it should be set to her and you can choose to make it a primary photo or otherwise.

Now, I just tried to add a photo of my father and two of his brothers, and have a similar problem. My one uncle is showing a profile number that isn't his. When I clicked on the link from their parents page, it went to the right person, but the profile number is wrong. The same thing happens when I go to the family tree -right person, wrong profile number. 

I suspect there is a problem with the site. Check your G-Grandma's profile number and see if you have the same result..If so, I suspect there is a glitch in the Wiki Server, and it will take the "Gods of the Wiki" to help make it right!

by Lisa Linn G2G6 Mach 9 (94.1k points)

thank you for your response!! both answers were very helpful. yes

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thank you for your response!!
by Tina Argüelles G2G2 (2.8k points)

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