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One of the people on this profile refuses to merge the duplicate wives and the duplicate sons Valentine. What is the next step?

Okay to make this clearer. There are two wives named Eleanor which need to be merged to EACH other. There are two sons named Valentine which need to be merged to EACH other. Nothing is said about merging Eleanor to Valentine together.
WikiTree profile: Mathias Yoakum
in Policy and Style by Cari Yocom G2G6 (9.9k points)
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I’ve never seen so many PMs on one profile! Did all the rest approve and just one holding up the merge?
I proposed the merge and someone refuses to merge Eleanor Zeh/See and the son Valentine. When I first started on this profile there were, as I recall, 17 different profiles. Many of those managers were merged in by default. They rarely react to anything. However, this is a direct line for Yocom and I try to keep it accurate. I've been scolded for being high-handed before, but really, I just don't have the time or patience for this.
I feel your frustration. I’ve had that, too, on a proposed merge.
There are many conflicting details in this family, requiring research. With just a brief look at this family, seeing different parents attached to some, has me wondering if incorrect merges have melded different folks into one.
There is substantial documentation in the comments. The conflicting parents are the ones that need merging. For example.: Valentine's birth record is found with his mother's name. Someone has added another Valentine with the wrong mother.
Pip, I have not looked at the profiles, but can tell you that it isn't a case of all the managers except one approving.  All it takes is any one manager to approve for each of the profiles involved in the merge.

Cari, please heed Patricia's advice well - she REALLY knows what she's doing and has a lot of experience trying to sort out messy and complicated merges.  Again, I have not looked, but if Patricia says there is conflicting details, then that should be resolved before the merge is completed.  We need to be very certain that it is correct to do a merge before actually committing it because that is about the only action on WikiTree that cannot be undone and it is a very big job to fix it when it turns out that there are (or sometimes should be) two different people whose profiles were merged.
I wondered what you all were talking about and went back to take a look at the other children. I was only working on Valentine. A few weeks ago another researcher connected one of Matthais and Eleanor's children to Eleanor as a wife. That certainly wouldn't work. We exchanged email and they were going to change it to the correct person. Obviously, they didn't. I've fixed it and started a pending merge to fix the duplicate child. Part of the problem is the fact that none of these people could spell their own name consistently. I can imagine someone dropped into the middle of this profile would be very confused.
Thanks for the tip, Gaile. I was under the impression that all PMs onthe profile had to approve, not just one.

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Someone refuses to merge Eleanor Zeh/See and the son Valentine? .

But naturally this merge is going to be refused. They are 2 completely differnt people!!!!  We NEVER EVER merge two different people together.

 Please state your reasons and evidence for WHY you want to merge these two DIFFERENT people. Thank you.

About the time and patience, We COLLABORATE here at wikitree. It is not a democracy where one person gets to make the decisions. Um - except for the Admins - they do get to make the decisions.

But anyway, if collaboration means waiting for people to come to a collective agreement which takes time, then so be it.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
I think Cari is talking about two different merges..... the duplicate Eleanor Zeh/See and the duplicate Valentines.
Peggy, I agree with you; that's the way I read it also.
I'm sorry I wasn't clear, Robynne. I thought I said that the two wives Eleanor  and two sons Valentine were at question.
Yes.  It's

1) Eleanor to Eleanor
2) Valentine to Valentine

not Eleanor to Valentine!
In that case, my apologies!!
Robynne, I've been asked before why I don't write biographies for the profiles I work on and this is exactly why. I can't write a simple sentence without making people confused. So. No biographies. My apologies for being confusing. Cari
I don't write biographies either. I just do bulleted points of the main facts.

I write very few biographies, mainly for people that I have personal knowledge about their lives.   I pile on the sources, categories and stickers.

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