What can I do to see my deceased husband on my profile? [closed]

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When my public profile appears, my two deceased husbands do no appear o it, yet they appear deceased on their own profiles. What can I do show that they appear on my public profile?
WikiTree profile: Judy Bramlage
closed with the note: I can't display my husbands on my profile due to reasonable limitations of WikiTree
in WikiTree Tech by Judy Bramlage G2G6 Pilot (153k points)
closed by Judy Bramlage

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I believe it's because your profile is set to private with public bio and family tree.  The data that doesn't display with that setting would include your husbands:


I notice that their names do appear on your family tree, but when you look at their profiles, they are shown with a private spouse.  I think you would need to make your own profile public to get the names to display,
by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (484k points)
selected by Judy Bramlage
I will try some other options first. thanks  ( sure left a lot of typos in my question. Glad it was readable.)
Judy, Dennis' explanation of why your husbands are not shown on your profile is perfect - names of and links to spouses are not displayed on private profiles.  Your profile is private because you are living and, although there are options for different levels within private, the most open level is to display your family tree and your biography, but your husbands will still not be shown.

Also, you cannot make your profile public because public and open privacy levels are only available for deceased people, so you'll just have to accept that your husbands' names will not be on your profile.  About the only thing you could do is to make your biography public and include links to your husbands' profiles in there - that would display.
OMG Judy, Gaile is absolutely right, I misspoke, and you don't have the option of making your profile public.  And I even knew the rules about privacy!!  I think this is what they call a "senior moment."

Oh, Dennis, trust me - there is nothing senior about you, moments included.  Here ya go, sweetie pie, have some CHOCOLATE - that'll perk you right up!

Well, I looked at what I wrote and decided it was either senior moment or incurable stupidity.  I decided to give myself a break and go with senior moment.  And BTW, as long as you're implementing categories, I think we need one for "Bourbon Needed" that I can link to.
Well, go ahead and make it - it will probably get more action than the chocolate one.  We may need to add a new caution to folks - DWWI (don't WikiTree while impaired).
I like
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I don't see them on your profile at all. maybe if you edit your marriage for both of them? They don't seem to be connected, however I do see them as you say, on their own profiles.
by Shaun Doust G2G6 Pilot (345k points)
I gave up. It was a privacy issue that is enforced by wikitree.  See comments above

Haha Judy, I see yes. Maybe I need some chocolate or bourbon toolaugh

I'm going to edit my bio and include them. Makes it easier than trying to get around Wikitree privacy practices and making my daughter and siblings unknown.  I'll take chocolate and Scotch, thank you.

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