Someone needs to take over House of Percy

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Just don't have time to fool with it anymore.  Overwhelmed and it just sickens me to see months of work cleaning up and documenting profiles blown away with unsourced garbage in a single night.  Whoever wants them can have them.  If no one asks for them within the week, then they will be orphaned.
asked in Policy and Style by Allen Minix G2G6 Mach 1 (17.2k points)
Allen, I am relatively new to WikiTree, but a long time genealogist.  I have not experienced this problem of having your work destroyed and I would like to know what it looks like so I can avoid working on profiles that have this sort of problem.  Can you point me to an example or two of what profiles look like after this happens?

Check out this category: "Long Profiles in Need of Clean Up"

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We should not overlook the risk of destruction, voluntary or not. Perhaps, we should think about ways to protect profiles that have been heavily worked on.

PPP seems to be a way, but it should be modified to limit the right to modify these profiles to a limited group of people. Change proposals could be made by anybody, but actual changes would be made by group members.
answered by J Pictet G2G6 Mach 2 (30k points)
selected by Maggie N.
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Hi Allen,

Having several EuroAristo profiles myself I completely understand the frustration you are experiencing.  How to resolve the problem is something that has been heavily discussed and we're working on instituting some changes soon that will help with this - something along the lines of a WIki Genealogist II.

See previous discussions here:

and here:


answered by Eowyn Langholf G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
I have been surprised that Wikitree does not have some kind of quiz, or test, to make sure that users understand how the site works before they have advanced editor rights.

For example, on Distributed Proofreaders, it is necessary to (i) complete a quiz and (ii) conduct a minimum number of edits, before obtaining more senior editor rights.  There is a sliding scale of complexity meaning that "newbies" cannot do very much until they have enough experience of using the site, and can pass the quiz.  It seems a fair system to me, ie prove that you know the basics of the web site and its protocols, then you get more freedom to "do stuff".

As a new member, I can appreciate the frustration of wrecked profiles.  But   Wikitree is not instinctively easy to use.  For example, its taken me 7 months to even work up the courage to propose a merge of a duplicate that was not a profile that I myself created.    Equally,  I stopped uploading GEDCOMs a while back because I found that was too easy to do, butand then created lots of issues with duplicates and rogues, simply because I did not understand - as a newbie - what the rules were.    I read everything, I promise, but still I got things wrong.  I am sure I still do! :-)

I think a quiz proving that a user understands the fundamentals of Wikitree would be a great idea.  Its more egalitarian.  Please do not make 300+ profiles limited access for editing unless you are an "Advanced Genealogist" - part of the enjoyment of Wikitree is collaborating on all kinds of profiles and not having to beg for edit rights on the older profiles.  If Wikitree had a quiz that proved that a user has basic knowledge about genealogy and how the site works, that would be fairer, friendlier and more democratic process.

This is just my view from the trenches :-)

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All of the Percy profiles that I have been looking after are now orphaned and available for whoever wants them.
answered by Allen Minix G2G6 Mach 1 (17.2k points)

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