What do the event dates in Swedish Household Examination (Census) Records mean, such as 1909-1912?

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There are a lot of dates that can appear in a Household Examination record.  When you talk of a range of dates, the immediate thing that comes up as a possibility is that you're looking at the title of the book, and the dates would then represent the span of time encompassed by that volume.

Otherwise, you should give the full reference to the book you'r looking at (which would look something like ParishName AI:x (yyyy-yyyy), page # - as an example: Gunnarsnäs (P) AI:2 (1790-1800) page 152) so that we can take a look and work out what it may refer to.  If you're on Riksarkivet or ArkivDigital, then just copy out the full reference to the specific image from there.

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Actually, this isn't in the title of the book.  When I open the item on Family Search it shows the event date as 1909-1912.  It says it's a census, so I'm wondering why the wide range of dates.  You can check Bergstrom-470 for some examples if that would be helpful.  Thank you for responding.
Hi Lois,

It's not a census - the classification on FamilySearch is confused.  It's most definitely a Household Examination Book, which normally spans a period of time which varies depending on how quickly the priests ran out of space in the book, normally. Perhaps FamilySearch isn't set up to classify this particular type of record accurately.

The correct source reference for the particular volume the information comes from should be: Gnarp (X) AIIa:2a (1909-1912), p. 268.
Some of the Household Examination Records can span many years and will include information such as marriage dates, death dates, moving in or out of the parish dates, etc. Lots of good info can be found in these records.

Lois.  Welcome to  Swedish genealogy.  Get use to the expanded alphabet.  Bergstrom-470  is really Bergström-470 . ö can be accomplished by ALT 148.  Check out Alt codes.

Next.  Get used to using SVAR for the church records and also census info.  This will give you actual images you may imbed in your profile   In Johanna's profile you mention Njurunda, Västernorrlands, Sweden, from 1871-1881.  This gives the people who lived at Kyrkmon in the parish of Njurunda between 1871 and 1881.  Johanna is mentioned on line 2 on page 7.  She moved here in 1876 and left in 1879 (thus the line through her name).  This is not really a census.  Johanna is mentioned in the 1880 Swedish Census image.  There is much to learn.  SVAR is free,  MyHeritage is not.

Thank you, so much, Norm.  I'm sure I'll be having more questions as I dig deeper into my husband's Swedish ancestry.

Thank you, Richard.  I have a number of changes to make now that I'm understanding a little better.

Thank you to everyone for your help in understanding what I'm seeing.  I know I'll continue learning with your help.  Maybe someone could give me an example of how to list these records on the profile pages.
I found SVAR Sweden 101 Genealogy, but it indicates you have to buy a subscription.

For material younger than 110 years you need to register an account, but it's completely free either way.  On the following link, just click Log in (or Logga in) and then Create User Account.

Then use the search functions to find Gnarp's church archive: "Gnarps kyrkoarkiv".  Click into that, then find the folder for AIIa, and then the folder for 2a.  There'll be a button saying either Image or Bild (Bild=Image in Swedish).

Thanks Matt
Now that Timezone Sweden is awake, I'd like to say: Welcome to WikiTree, Lois!! And great answers by Matt and Norm!

SVAR has only been free of charge since February this year, so there may still be outdated information floating around about subscriptions.

As for the household records: they're just lovely for following events in the families. Swedish genealogists get really pampered by having them. Makes a census every ten years (or in best case five) seem very meagre.

For me the Swedish Census provides a snapshot of who was living with whom, there age and birth parish and it is printed by a native speaker. I like to include this on a profile because it helps me in further research.  I can often trace a person's life by following the church books but will usually start by seeing if I can find them in the census.

Thank you, Everyone, for your encouragement and help.  I have hesitated too long to learn more about the Olsson and Dahlstrom families.  Now I feel I can move forward because there is plenty  of support.

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One of the wonderful things about WikiTree is that I know nothing about you and nothing about Matt.  We recognize that you wish to do genealogical research about your Swedish relatives.  Become acquainted with SVAR. Ask us anything. I have added in line references to Johanna’s profile. I am a bit of a maverick so change what I have done if you want.

by Norm Lindquist G2G6 Mach 5 (57.2k points)
Thank you for your encouraging words, Norm!  And your help.


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