I'd like to fix up Richard Wells's profile as there are many inconsistencies.

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I recently joined the Jamestowne Society with a verified lineage to Dr Richard Wells. I am very excited to be his descendant, as I am sure that his 7 profile managers are.

My problem is that Richard Wells's profile has way too many conflicting stories and his profile, frankly, might need to be erased and restarted from ground zero. It's a real mess-- has him immigrating to Boston, someone put a section that his Jamestowne Burgess service is wrong and that he entered Ann Arundel straight from England instead of from Norfolk County.

Anyway, I would like to fix up his profile... What are the rules for just erasing everything and starting over with a blank slate?
WikiTree profile: Richard Wells
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...what about that birth place?  Cornwall is by Wales and Essex is on the North Sea?
Yes... I noticed that, too. There is another reference to a place called Saltash in Cornwall. There is a birth in 1590 and another in 1609.... I am working on figuring out the truth.

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You're right.  It's already categorized as needing cleanup.  It also should have the attention of (and management by) the southern colonies project.  I've added that tag.  

But if you've got the time and sources, I think it would be awesome for you to work on this profile.
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Thank you. I am getting prepared with sources and documents & I really want to give it a go. I really want him to have a great profile.
Gulp, wish me luck... I'm going in to perform surgery on the Jamestowne chiurgeon's profile.

Thank you for your encouragement!
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So how many Richard Wellses were there?

A note on the profile says Richard Wells of Maryland never lived in Virginia.

But Papenfuse seems to think he did.


Apparently he became a politico in Maryland at the time when Cromwell sent some Virginia people in to run it.

George here


by Living Horace G2G6 Pilot (649k points)
edited by Living Horace

Savage has a very short note about an uninteresting PGM (doesn't seem to have a profile)


This is the correct Richard Wells. Of course, there could have been others, but I like the write up in Anne Arundel Gentry by Harry Wright Newman:


I would like to find some good source material for this and make the wikitree page reflective of his stature as a chirurgeon, a Jamestowne Burgess, and as an important figure in Anne Arundel politics....

Of course, without plagerizing anyone and without upsetting the many profile managers.
And how many Richard Whites are there?  Did any Richard White marry both Mary Sheldon and Catherine Weston?

Does Catherine Weston need Uncertain flags on her parents?

A book


and a rant, presumably by the same author


who confusingly seems more interested in the White family that the immigrant didn't belong to.

So interesting. Thank you for sharing that.
Hi... I used quite a few of your recommendations. If you get the chance, have a look at what I did to Richard Wells's profile. Hopefully, it meets with your approval. If you have any more suggestions, I would love to hear them.
Excellent.  You wouldn't like to do the same with all the other immigrants?

I went off on a tangent with the Whites, but maybe they're a problem for another day.
The Whites..... Well, it seems that there are a lot of tangents with the Whites.... I went looking to buy Jim White's book, but it is self published and not for sale. I believe that he is the source for Richard Wells's entry to the colonies in Massachussetts. (I omitted that tangent entirely, as it is clearly a different Richard Wells.)
Pity he didn't do a website.

But clearly he has an agenda - protecting his Jacobite ancestors from any hint of less than fanatical devotion to the Pope.

Weird things have happened to the earlier Whites - the wives are the same, but the dates and places have all been shifted.  The new dates don't stand up.

Looks like he has a problem with the Whites of Hutton being buried at an Anglican church.  But all Catholics were buried at Anglican churches.  The Reformation wasn't that simple.
I was going to address Frances White's profile, but now I'm afraid to touch it.
I've reverted the last change of parentage.

Now she's disconnected from the whole Hutton family and the Westons and there's only one theory to deal with.
Thank you!!!

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