How do I get search to limit itself to

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I have gone to Search from Find at the top of my profile and have entered "Space Rowley Sources". Then I checked on "limit to wikitree".

What I get is from all over the web, even though I said to limit it to wikitree! I've two pages on Rowley sources, one a space page and one a category page. How do I find them without links?

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The first few (4?) search results are usually ads, but if you page down, everything after that should be results from WikiTree.
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On the contrary, I got more from Ancestry,, and other genealogy sites than from wikitree. I'm still trying to figure out how to find a category page I am responsible for. How do I do that?
Judy, if the Search page gave you an option of "Limit to WikiTree," you weren't looking at the same search page I see when I select "Search" from under the "Find" menu on WikiTree. The Search entry on the Find menu takes me to

And when I search on Space Rowley Sources using the box at the bottom of that page, I get 4 ads followed by 10 results.
Hi Judy,

Are you using the #4 - "Search for Any Text" option? If so, you can limit the search to just WikiTree Categories by clicking the Categories radio button.

Also just to clarify, when I type in your "Space Rowley Sources" search phrase there and choose to search "All WikiTree Pages", I get a page with 4 advertisements (non-WikiTree) results and then the first 10 WikiTree results. If I click on page 2 of the results, I see the same thing, 4 ads, then the next 10 WikiTree results.

You may also be able to find Spaces and possibly even Categories that you have created/updated by accessing your contributions from your My WikiTree drop-down menu.
Another feature that might be beneficial is the Nav Home Page available from your My WikiTree drop-down menu. It has a Scratch Pad that I've used to hold links to sources and other notes that I want to remember later. You can save URLs there to your Spaces, Categories, and other items of interest that you may want later.
This wins you the Best Answer! Thanks
Glad to help - thanks for the star!
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I usually use Google when trying to find things on Wikitree. Google (along with many other search engines) allows you to specify that search results only come from a single website. You could do this search by entering into the Google search:

Space Rowley Sources

That will limit the search solely to WikiTree. The same search syntax can be used with DuckDuckGo as well. 

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