my grandfather`s journal from when he was young

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I now have Joseph Beb Beaugh -  my grandfather `s journal [ I used to sit with him when I was real young & watch him write in it ]] --the problem is that over the years the words have gotten very light & my 83 year old eyes are much dimmer so is there any thing that could make it darker ?? or anythin that could be done ? he has so many records in it & a lot is written in French.

Martha Beaugh-15 Leger
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What a treasure!  

If you need help with the french, there are bilingual WikiTree members who can help with translating specific passages, once you have an electronic version that could be shared.  I would ask in G2G, and tag French roots.  

The other advantage to scanning the journal is that you can protect the original from further deterioration, even while you're working with the information.

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I would suggest scanning a few of your pages (if you haven't already) into the computer so that it is a .jpg or .png file. Then re-name the pages appropriately so you know what they are. Then in a photo image editor (I use Photoshop but there are other photo editing programs that should also work fine - see what you have on your computer for photo editing.) THEN - increase the Contrast of the image using whatever setting you have in your program for that - this should make whites or light colors a little whiter and darker spots (the writing) a little darker. See if that works to help bring out the writing. Good luck!

by Bonnie Follett G2G6 (8.8k points)
I have the scan on desktop -as   scn0001_001bmp[2550x35

have been trying to copy it to my Grandfather`s profile - I have both tabs open but have not been able to copy or drag into his profile need instructions  step by step  on how  to do this or if I have to change the scan to a file then how do I do this ? need help

I don't think wikitree will take a .bmp file - which is a Microsoft image file. You must convert it to a .jpg image file using "Save as" with whatever program you have for opening up your photos or images. Whatever you named the file, the extension at end needs to be .jpg

It sounds like it scanned to a .bmp file automatically on your computer, but you could also check to see if there is an option (when scanning) to save as a .jpg file.

The best option would be to scan it as a .jpg (so you don't have to convert it later). Try scanning it again and before you start the scan you should have options to change the File Type - it is probably set to.bmp so change that by clicking any arrows next to that to expand the File Type options. There should be a list, choose and select JPG.  Hope that helps!
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Depending on what your grandfather wrote in the journal, it could be a real treasure!  

Have you thought about digitally scanning the pages?  If you are technically savvy enough, and have a printer that can do the scanning, you can do this yourself, maybe starting with only 1-2 pages for experimental purposes.  The other advantage to doing this is that you will be preserving a copy in case your original deteriorates further.

If you don't feel comfortable trying this yourself, maybe you have a family member who would do it for you -- or you could pay someone.  After the image is digitized, it can be tweaked to increase the contrast, enlarge it, etc., so that you can (hopefully) read it on a computer screen.

by R. Greenup G2G6 Mach 7 (72.8k points)
You don't even need a scanner- you can digitize with a smart phone- just need some time and a steady hand (speaking from personal experience) - and there tons of apps that will help enhance the images, free and otherwise. Get a young'un in the family to help you- who knows you may infect them with the genealogy bug :)
thanks - I have a Tablet - will try but  don`t know if that willl work

thanks -
I have scanned it from my printer & sent it to desktop but have not been able to get it in profile of my grandfather Joseph Beb Beaugh

listed as scn0001_001.bmp[2550x35

               Martha             Beaugh-15
I have scanned a page from my printer to my desktop but cannot get it in my grandfather`s profile     Joseph Beb Beaugh Jr. even when I have both tags open & I try to drag it into his profile - it shows a copy of scan but not in his profile but shows up in another tag I  would need step by step instructions on what to do , please


his profile can be found in my profile   Beaugh-15


I just realized there is one problem right off the bat.  The file that you scanned is in a format that Wikitree apparently can't use.  It is a "bitmap" image -- and has the filename extension .bmp  According to the instructions on Wikitree, the file has to be of the format JPG, GIF, PNG, or PDF format.  The file you scanned can possibly be converted into  one of those formats. (I'm not sure).  It's also possible that you had a choice to save it in one of those formats when you first scanned it.

Another issue may (or may not) be the size (amount of memory) the image takes up.  Wikitree can't accept a file any larger than 10 MB  (10 megabytes). I don't really understand bitmap files myself.  I know you want to accomplish a few things:  

!) Make sure that the image you scanned is large enough so that you and others can clearly see what your grandfather wrote -- so it needs to be "big enough" so you can enlarge it, etc.

2) Make sure the image isn't too big for Wikitree to accept (meaning each image has to be less than 10 MB.)

3) Make sure the image is in one of the four formats Wikitree can accept. (JPG, GIF, PNG, or PDF).  

I don't know your level of expertise (or if you have someone who can help you), but I do believe scanning and either saving to, or converting to one of the formats above will be your first hurdle before you can add it to the profile of . (your grandfather).


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