Cleaning up Powhatan's wives

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There are MANY wives attached to this profile.  Some look like duplicates.

Somewhere there is a list -- initially created contemporaneously to Powhatan's life-- that lists the known names of his known wives.  Anyone know where to find it? We should use it to guide the improvement of this profile.  Thank you.
WikiTree profile: Wahunsenaca Powhatan
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Oh, only fifteen wives? Gotta hand it to you Jillaine, for taking a stab at this one.
You'd think Wikipedia would have a List of Powhatan's Wives page.

There's one for Henry VIII and he only had 6.
Helen Rountree wrote about Powhatan "marriage" customs:

Anonymous, unfortunately, the first is an unsourced family tree-- we've got lots of those around. 

The second is the infamous Don Greene work. Read more here.

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There are ten known wives, although supposedly he had dozens, one from each village in the Powhatan Confederacy.  We had the list whittled down a year or so ago, but it’s grown again since then.  ‘Wives’ is probably not the correct word, since the women only lived with him until they had a child when both returned to their home village,
by Kathie Forbes G2G6 Pilot (899k points)
Yeah, it definitely looks like some duplicates are there.

Kathryn, what's the best source(s) for the identity of his known "wives"? I know you've shared this before; I just can't find it. Sorry.

EDIT: Was it Strachey?
Strachey's "Historie of Travaille Into Virginia Britania" is the only contemporary record.  He says that he asked the names of Powhatan's wives and this is the list he wrote down (his spellings):













Book is available on Google Books.

FOund it; yes it was strachey, saying he got the names from Kemps, an Indian who lived in Jamestown:

(p 54)

Names (not necessarily in this order; not necessarily sequential)

  1. Winganuske
  2. Athetoiske
  3. Amopotoiske
  4. Ottopomtacke
  5. Attosomiske
  6. Ponnoiske
  7. Appomosiscut
  8. Appimmoiske
  9. Ortoughnoiske
  10. Oweroughwough
  11. Ottermiske
  12. Memeoughquiske
Writing on top of each other...

Thanks, Kathryn. I've updated the profile's narrative. Now we need to compare that list with the wives listed and see who doesn't belong.

There's also an old g2g post about his children (which I believe are also inflated and wrong), but let's take that discussion over there:

Linked to wives not on Strachey's list:


Oholase Powhatan


There is one duplicate:

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Amopoticke (Winganuske)


She is either  duplicate of 




And Kathryn, do I understand correctly that while these wives' names are known there is NO knowledge of which wife bore which children?

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