Help Translating/Deciphering Czech 1852 Baptism Record for Petronilla Bartos

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Dear Community,

Can anyone help me translate and decipher the handwriting in this Czech baptism record from 1852?

It is for my great grandmother, listed in the record as Petronilla Bartos.  It is the fourth entry and shows her baptism date as 12 Dec 1852.  I can make out that her father is Vincenc and mother Anna, but am stuck on the maiden names and may be missing any other pertinent information. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Quick try, without correct diacritics and with very little knowledge of the czech language. So take is as first rough transcription, one had to further improve it:

Birth: 12. Dec 1852
Baptizm: 13. Dec 1852
Residence: Nro. 115
Status: catholic, female, born in marriage
Officiator: Krtil: Vácslav Svoboda Adm: rcali:
Midwife: Bábazkorm: Marie Ledrovaz Javornica ep: 126
Name: Petronilla
Father: Vincenc Barta, domkáře manzelsky syn + Josefa Barty, chalupnika ep: 140 a jeho manželky Marie rozená Frantiska Barty chalupnika ep: 113 vse z Javornica.
Mother: Anna, manželska dcera Frantiska Smedy, zahrainikaz Jahcdecs epp: 8 a jeho manželky Anny, rozená jedlaka z Dloahevsy na Richncoska.
Godparent: Petrolina Gares manzelka dcera Frantiska Jarse d...arc epp: 23
Godparent: Jan Brejic/Krejic, domkáře epp: 113 obz Javornica

rozená = born
domkáře = house renter
manželky = in marriage
a jeho manželky = and his wife
z = from
Chalupník = cottager (Those who owned less than one quarter of hide [less than about 11 acres] were called chalupník (Chalupner in German, usually translated as cottager). These people belonged among farming class but weren't called "sedlák" [those who owned a minimum of 11 acres]. Their fields quite often weren't large enough to provide enough food to the family so they were often also craftsmen; cited from

So, Vincenc Barta & Anna born Smedy seems to be the parents, Josef Barta & Marie and Franz Smedy & Anna are the grandparents.
Godparents are Petrolina Gares and Jan Brejic/Krejic.

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Thank you for presenting the information this way. This is very helpful.

George, thanks, you're welcome!

To make things even clearer, the entries for father and mother reads as (my notes in square paranthesis):

Father: Vincenc Barta, a house renter, conjugal son of the already deceased Josef Barta, cottager at No.140 and his wife Marie, born [as daughter of] Frantisek Barty, cottager from No.113, all of them from Javornica.

Mother: Anna, conjugal daughter of Frantisek Smeda, ... ... No.8 and his wife Anna, born Jedlak from Dloahevsy near Richncoska.

"Dloahevsy" and "Richncoska" were obviously read wrong by me. Javornica seems to be todays Javornice; and Dloahevsy may be todays "Doudleby nad Orlicí" near Rychnov. Or, to be correct, at their time in their language:

  • Javornice = "Jawornitz"
  • Doudleby nad Orlicí = "Doudleb"
  • Rychnov = "Reichenau"

See and compare it with a map from the 19. century:
Or with the map of 1847.

The birth register book seems to be that from Javornice (?), so the full birth place of Petronilla would be "Jawornitz Nr. 155, Jawornitz, Kreis Königgrätz, Königreich Böhmen, Kaiserthum Oesterreich". For practical purposes, one can omit the county (Kreis) and the house number, so I would propose "Jawornitz, Königreich Böhmen, Kaiserthum Oesterreich" instead of "Hradec Králové" as it is currently. In english (but remember, not "their" language), it would be "Jawornitz, Kingdom of Bohemia, Austrian Empire".

Correction of mistakes is always welcome (especially on the surnames, since I don't know which one will be formal correct: Barta, Barty, Smedy, Smeda, ...).

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Her birthdate is the 12th, and her baptism is the 13th. According to google translation narozeni is birth, and krest is baptism (diacritical marks omitted). One or both of these terms may have a suffix for case/gender and so on.

One thing you could do is transcribe the text, with the diacritical marks, and run it through google translation. This is not a perfect method, but it could help with key information. Punctuation is sometimes critical.

Computer translation can do bizarre things with names, just keep that in mind.

I do not read Czech, so this is the best advice I can offer.

PS if you have a Czech genealogical word list your task might be easier. Czech is a moderately complex language with a variety of spelling changes and suffixes for gender, number, case, and so on. So a simple translation of an English word will give one form in Czech, but its actual spelling, as the word is used in a sentence spelling will be different, but should be recognizable.
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Thank you for the correction.  I am a big fan of Google Translate, but my biggest problem is deciphering the handwriting.
It is certainly a challenge! But, with practice it does gets less hard (I won't say easier!)
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I noticed that you changed the record to one from 1849 in the profile, so here is the transcription/translation of the 1849 record:

[numbers mean columns]:
1. Date of birth: 22 September
2. Date of baptism: 22 September
3. House number: 101
4. Name: Petronila Bartoš[ová]
5. Religion: Catholic
6. N/A
7. N/A
8. Gender: Female
9. Legitimate
10. N/A
(notes: "křtil Josef Dusil, Adm., křestní list 18.4.1873 k oddavkám do Vídně" = baptised [by] Josef Dusil, [temporary] Adm[inistrator of the parish], baptism certificate sent to Vienna on 18.4.1873 due to marriage)
11. Father info: "Václav Bartoš chalupník, manželský syn + [zemřelého] Jiřího Bartoše chalupníka No. 101, manželky jeho Barbory rozené [z otce] Josefa Serbouska chalupníka No. 81, vše z Javornice." = Václav Bartoš cottager, legitimate son of the deceased Jiří Bartoš cottager No. 101, and his wife Barbora née [to her father] Josef Serbousek cottager No. 81, all [of them] from Javornice.
12. Mother info: "Anna manželská dcera Františka Dvořáka [přeškrtnuto: Václava Bartoše] chalupníka No. 94, manželky jeho Veroniky rozené [z otce] Jiřího Deima zahradníka No. 184, vše z Javornice." = Anna, legitimate daughter of František Dvořák [strikethrough text: Václav Bartoš] cottager No. 94, and his wife Veronika née [to her father] Jiří Deim smallholder [literally: garden owner] No. 184, all [of them] from Javornice.

Then there is info about the midwife (Anna Hlavsová) and godparents (Barbora Štěpánková and Jan Štěpánek), probably not so important.

Be careful about the genitive case: the name "Jiří" becomes "Jiřího" when saying "daughter of Jiří" etc. Jiří is the standard (nominative) form.

If you want to use the standard feminine forms of the surnames (as advised by the guidelines for Czech names, at least as alternative surnames, then here is the list of all the ladies in this record:
Petronila Bartošová
Barbora Serbousková
Anna Dvořáková
Veronika Deimová

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