Confirming DNA for dummies instruction please

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My DNA is uploaded however, I don't think that I have a firm grasp as to how to utilize it to full effect on Wikitree. How exactly do I connect my dna to another for a confirmation?

Thank you,

WikiTree profile: Esther Stadden
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You need to find the generations that connect you to Esther first befiore any DNA connection can be confirmed.

Do you know who her children are?

Do you have her son or daughter's profile on wikitree?

And are they connected to your tree?

The DNA connection from you will not propagate to her until after the connection is made.

Right now Esther does not appear to be connected to anyone.

Oh and if you just entered your DNA details today, then it will take 24 hours to propagate through the system. So you wont see anything today, but it should show up sometime tomorrow.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Hi Robynne,

Thank you for your prompt answer! Yes, I uploaded my dna years ago and she is connected to one child - my grandfather. So there is a connection. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?
We can't see any connections. You may want to change the privacy level on Esther's profile. Since she died in 1945, is there any reason that her profile needs to be private? If not, I'd suggest changing the privacy level to Open.
You definitely need to change the privacy for Esther. She should be OPEN.

As for other DNA - if there is noone else from your family here on wikitree, who has taken a DNA test - and are connected to your part of the tree - then there is really not much else you can do for now.

The best place to find DNA connections is on GEDmatch. Have you uploaded your raw DNA to GEDmatch? You will have a much better chance of finding connections there.

You can then add your GEDmatch ID number to your wikitree profile.

Can you ask any siblings or cousins, aunts or uncles, to also take a DNA test? And also join wikitree so they can add their profiles? They have to agree to add their own DNA details - under new privacy laws - to their wikitree profile. You can no longer do this for them.

One more thing - if you relatives dont want to spit into a tube, they can do a DNA test from either Family Tree DNA or My Heritage. Those 2 companies use cheek swabs - not spitting tubes.
There you go. Esthers profile privacy has been changed to Open and your DNA details are on her profile - right where they should be!

There is also one other person as well who is connected to Esther - not necessarily descended from her - but he may be a cousin to you.

Per the Relationship Finder, Darien Anonymous and Thomas Beck are fourth cousins once removed.


This is a bit off-topic, but it looks to me like Esther's mom has the wrong married name. Specifically, she has Esther's married surname, instead of her husband's (n other words, Esther's dad's). I'd edit it myself, but for all I know maybe Esther's mom remarried, the 2nd husband hasn't been added yet,, and that's a common surname where she lives. Just FYI!
Thank you Frank!! Very nice catch. I have corrected Ester's married name.
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It appears that you have added your 23andMe auDNA autosomal test info to your profile. I noticed that you included the Tag: mitochondrial on your question. I believe that tag is associated with the mtDNA tests. So unless your question relates to an mtDNA test (your profile doesn't show any), you may want to remove that tag.
by Rick Peterson G2G6 Pilot (174k points)
Thank you Rick! Nice catch...I removed the tag. Any other advice as to how I might find dna connections?
As Robynne mentioned, your auDNA test indication will propagate out through your biological direct line ancestors to your 6g grandparents. My understanding is that it will also propagate to any profile that is biologically related to you as a 3rd cousin or nearer. And your profile should also already reflect an indication of any other auDNA test takers that have added their test to their profile and are biologically related to you as 3rd cousin or nearer.

Also consider Robynne's suggestion of uploading to GEDmatch (if you haven't already). GEDmatch allows uploads from most of the major testing companies. Uploading there facilitates matching across the testing companies. It also provides some unique tools.
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Change the privacy level to "Private with Public Biography and Family Tree" or "Private with Public Family Tree"
by Pat Credit G2G6 Pilot (162k points)
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If you ordered your 23andMe test after Aug 10, 2017 then upload your results to GEDmatch's Genesis database.  If you ordered your test prior to that date then upload your results to GEDmatch (their regular database).  Then enter your GEDmatch/Genesis ID on your DNA Tests page in WikiTree.
by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (613k points)

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