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Avery Vann was a white man married to a Cherokee woman named Peggy McSwain. The Moravian Diaries record him as the brother of Clement Vann.  Both men are believed to be sons of Edward Vann.   One of his profiles is currently incorrectly listed as the son of War-li and Joseph Vann, another gives him a mythical father also named Avery Vann.  Avery and Peggy were the parents of at least fifteen children.  I would like to get the three profiles merged into one, detach him from the incorrect parents, leave his correct spouse, and connect Avery and Peggy to  at least some of their children.  There appear to be three of him in Wikitree, Vann-148, Vann-250, and Vann-505.  The Vanns are a numerous - and very confusing - Cherokee family, but this line appears to have good documentation available.
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Thank you!!!
Do you have any information on a Lamilia Millie or Milly Vann birth 1804 Georgia. She married a man named John Robert Hodges and had a son named Henry H Hodges (among other children).

Everywhere I look, someone has her attached to Joesph David Vann, but I was told she wasn't Cherokee and wasn't his daughter. Of course this was based on a 1820 Census that had a Milly Vann listed, but it wasn't her. Because she would have been 16 at the time.

So either she was and I was told wrong or she wasn't and that means that there were other Vanns who weren't Cherokee in the Cherokee Territory of Georgia around the same time. But I can't seem to find much on her. Thanks for anything you can give.
Most of the Vanns in that area were not Cherokee and had no Cherokee connection.  I don’t find any Cherokee person named Milly or Lamilla.
That's what I'm wondering...but for whatever reason many people have her as the daughter of Joesph David Vann.

So if she's not, then I would love to know where there were other Vanns at in Georgia, any record for that matter that might help me disprove that connection.

What I do know is that there were two Millies coming up in Georgia. One was from North Carolina, but kept coming up as Milly Vann and Milly Hodges. She was older than the Milly I have. There was also more than one John Hodges as well.

Here is some information to help you with Milly and her family.  Jerry Clark knew more about Cherokee genealogy when he died (recently) that anyone on the planet, so his conclusions are generally trustworthy.  https://www.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/vann/1920/

The Edward Vann family that Jerry Clark describes appears to be a separate Edward Vann who left a 1770 will that names a number of sons and daughters, none of whom are on the list in the post by Jerry Clark.
Thank you for sharing that, but there is no mention of Milly. There is a Lemelia, but not the right age for the year mentioned. I may just have to chalk it up to her just being a mystery. At this point the ridiculous theory of: she was a time traveler or space traveler that came here, is more likely possible. Only because she just "appears" out of no where and no mention of her name anywhere else.

With that being said, the 1820 Census that mentions a Milly Vann as head of household, does have a 2 marked for females between 10 and 16, so maybe possible I guess she could be her mom. But no way of knowing that for sure. And I have reason to believe that she came from North Carolina, or was it South. I always get those two mixed up.

I hate dead ends. One of these days I'm going to pay a professional to do the searching for me, maybe someone can track her down better who has far more experience than I do.

In the meantime, I have my doubts that she is connected to Joesph David Vann or any Cherokee for that matter. Thanks for trying though.

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Sounds like a complicated line that could use your help to straighten it up! If you haven't already, perhaps you could request to be on the trusted list of the profiles you'd like to merge? Or explain to the profile managers the evidence you have and why they should be merged. Good luck!
by E Childs G2G6 Pilot (104k points)
Vann-505 and Vann-148 were orphans, so I have adopted and merged them.  I will fix the bio for Vann-148.
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'siyo Kathryn, You may (or may not) want to consult a documented direct 3x-granddaughter of Avery Vann and Peggy McSwain -- and same, 3x-gdaughter of James "Chief" Vann --before you set about merging the profiles of the several Avery/Ave Vanns.   I'm a Cherokee citizen of 71 years who knows my families' genealogy as well as anyone, and yes, it's been distorted beyond belief for decades, but especially since the onslaught of genealogical research on erroneous dot com sites.  I have two direct Vann lines, a Rowe/Roe line, and an Alberty line that all eventually connect, even though it would be easier if they didn't.  If interested, feel free to get in touch.  I may not have all the answers, but I generally know those that are wrong.  ;) Cate Vann
I am not a Vann, but am also a Cherokee citizen and have been working with Cherokee genealogy for over thirty years.  I usually start with Starr and then work with Dawes and Eastern Cherokee apps as well as all the rolls and numerous other records, including the Moravian journals.  Do you think Starr’s list of children for Avery and Peggy is wrong?   Or that the first Avery was not a brother of Clement?  I don’t generally work with the white families, just the Cherokee ones.
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Yes, there is a lot of clean up of many of the Cherokees.

My mother was Cherokee, and a decendant of Ellis Alberty, I would love to help with all of them, 

I have a complete set of Cherokee by Blood, many copies of items found from countless hours of research, at the Historical Society, the library when they had a genealogy section, correspondance, etc. 

Ellis Cornelious 'Cor-Nel-Sea Alberty Alberty-157

by Debbie Ferguson G2G6 Mach 1 (14.2k points)
This is a very old question and the profile as long since been corrected but there are other Cherokk profiles that need editing or sourcing if ypu’d like to help.
I would be happy to help any way I can. I am adding more connections daily, from moms tree.

Kathie, I realize you've closed this question, But I think Avery's connected to the wrong Edward Vann.
No that’s the right one.  I corrected some date discrepancies.
But Avery is not listed in Edward's 1770 will which names many other children.

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