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Hi Mark,

Have been trying to find Sampson's fate and also his wife Mary Ann Dutton, both presumably in the 1870s. Any thoughts? Your presence in Aust suggests you may be descended from his son who came to Aust in 1870s
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Was 71 one of Eliza's properties? The departing owners have no connection with the family, so appears to be an unknown. A nearby property is still in family hands, but has no knowledge abt 71.

Hi Gary,

I don't know if you have looked at Eliza's will on the public records office Victoria website; if not click on this link https://prov.vic.gov.au/search_journey/select?keywords=eliza letchford

in her will she leaves 40 Wordsworth st, 69 Middle st and 71 Middle st Ascot Vale to her daughters Ruby and Florence.

Sampson Willcocks will has his address as Middle st Ascot Vale so I can only assume he and Mary Ann (Dutton) lived in one of Eliza and Sams houses.



Just a quick observation - the piano noted in Eliza's will is a Lindahl, while the one in the Estate agent's spread is a Wertheim. Descendants are still in the presumed family home nearby, so I wonder if there has been some renumbering at some point. Just a thought - nothing is known about the present 71 being connected to the family. Disappointing to not have any further info on that.
Thanks for that, I didn't even think to look at the make of piano.

My family and I lived in the Parade, Ascot Vale 1976-1980 and I had no idea all of this family history was just up the road.

Hopefully we can find out something about Mary Ann (Dutton) at some stage.


Hi Gary, i have found a little more information that may be of interest to us.

I found some census listings, Rupert Allison Willcocks was living at 69 Middle st Ascot Vale in 1901 and 1903,        Florence Alice Letchford was living at 71 Middle st Ascot Vale in 1913 and her occupation was a Milliner.

I found a Mary Willcox who died at Kew mental asylum in 1911 and her year of birth was 1836 (the year Mary Ann Dutton was born) that same spelling of the sir name was on the records of the ship they came to Australia on, i am thinking this was very possibly our Mary Dutton.

I also found the will and probate of Sampson Willcocks with Sampsons signiture on the will and Samuel Letchfords signiture on the probate, Samuel gives Sampsons place of death a Honolulu.

Hope you are all well and safe during this trying time,

All the best

Hello Mark,

Mary Ann's father Richard wrote his will in 1882, noting that Mary Ann was deceased, so the 1911 death at Kew seems unlikely.. However her fate still can't be determined. Still looking though.

Best wishes, Mark and you and yours keep well also,

Hi Gary,                                                                                     I've been searching through everything i could think of trying to find out more of Mary Ann Dutton and Sampson Willcocks and have made a little more progress.                  

As we know there is no record of either of them in Victoria after their arrival until Sampsons death Will written in 1881 in which Mary Ann is not mentioned, only their three children Rupert, Ada And Arthur and that got me thinking because i had never heard of Arthur until reading that Will but researching Ruperts and the Letchfords adresses i kept coming across an Arthur Wilcox and sort of dismissed him but he was living in the same area and even at 36 Bank st for a short time and Rupert had also lived at that exact address previous to Arthur, so i began researching Arthur Wilcox and the only one i could find for that period was born in Wallsend near Newcastle NSW in 1875, his parents were listed as Richard (Sampsons middle name) and Mary Ann and i thought well this could be someone else but it was looking positive so then i found his death record, he died in 1945 in Coburg Victoria and his parents on that record are Samson and Mary making it even more likely to be the child of our Sampson and Mary Ann but could not prove it for sure but just the other day i got copies of Arthur Wilcox marriage cert and Rupert Willcocks death cert and it all matched up, on his marriage cert Arthur Wilcox gave his parents names as Sampson Wilcox and Mary Ann Wilcox (nee Dutton) and that he was born in NSW, he gave his address as 241 Mt Alexander rd Moonee Ponds (the Letchfords address)  he even signed the marriage cert Wilcox and his brother Rupert signed it as witness Willcocks so the two spellings are deliberate by both,                        and on Rupert Willcocks death cert Arthur is the Informant and identifies himself as Ruperts brother.                            

So my conclusion is and i have documentation to show that Sampson and Mary were for whatever reason in Wallsend near Newcastle in 1875 but as yet no more is known after that other than the fact i found Sampsons hospital records from Honolulu showing he was admitted to Queens Hospital Honolulu on the 5th of November 1887 and died on the 14th of November of Kydney Disease, he had been aboard an Auckland registered ship called the "Olive" so i'm now looking for Mary Ann in New Zealand as well as here in Australia.   I have found a Mary Ann Willcocks who died in Auckland in 1881 but so far no confirmation.

All the very best

Great work Mark,

A lot of extra work there and the docs you've located have cleared up or added quite a bit of information.

The NZ death looks like for a Mary Willcocks, aged a couple of years older than our Mary Ann, but could be her.

Good work and keep well,

Hi Gary,

If you would like and of the documents i spoke of or even another i got yesterday which is the 1888 marriage certificate of Sampson and Mary's daughter Ada Mary Willcocks showing Samuel Letchfords signature as a witness and also noted as giving her away, showing again i think that Mary Anns children were brought up by the letchfords.


Sorry Garry last message was badly worded, was meant to say if you would like any of the documents i have mentioned I'd be happy to forward them to you.



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Seven Oaks ,Kent England,Marriages,Sampson Richard Willcocks,

4th Quarter 1860, Seven Oaks,Kent England.
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sorry, I just seen the question. somehow notification email went to my junk mail. Anyway Sampson died at sea in 1887 aboard a ship registered in New Zealand called the "Olive" he was my great great grandfather, his son Rupert Allison Willcocks lived at 259 Mt Alexander rd Ascot Vale next to the tram depot where he worked as an inspector.

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