I don't understand how to create "TAGS" and "COMMENTS", while trying to register as a G2G.

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Hi Padraig, I just posted the information as a comment on your profile.

Hi Padraig, Thank you for the note and question on the G2G Forum!

If you haven't been able to register, see Registration Problems.

If you have registered but have not received the e-mail message to confirm your e-mail address, first click here to request a new one.

Next check your spam filter in case it was caught there. If you have an approved-contacts list or white list, add noreply@wikitree.com and info@wikitree.com.

I see you have not used the email sent to you to complete your account and profile set up by adding your tags and tag comments and volunteering.

The confirmation for WikiTree comes to you as an email, so you may need to check your inbox and spam folder. If you cannot find the email, a new confirmation email can be generated at E-mail confirmation problems.

The other option is to Click here to go to your Home Page to finish adding tags, tag comments and volunteering by clicking the add tags and volunteer button at the bottom.

You can only work on your profile until you add tags, volunteer and are confirmed a full member.

David - WikiTree Greeter

by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
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Hey, David,

You may want to consider rewording your message, which is otherwise spot-on, but currently makes it appear that confirming your email address is optional and instead of confirming you can volunteer. I'm pretty certain than email addresses must be confirmed prior to volunteering.

Hi Deb, I have had no problems with the way the message is worded. As all the info needed to confirm ones email address, add tags and volunteer are on the E-Mail Confirmation Problems page posted in my message above. But I added it just in case. Thank you!

Oh, I know the info is all there! I just meant that the phrase "The other option" implies that confirmation comes either by confirming the email address or adding tags and volunteering. I was thinking more along the lines of "Once you confirm your email address you may" instead of "The other option". The word "option" makes it appear there is a choice to be made, not a process to be followed.

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Hi Padraig and welcome!

I think you are confusing G2G and WikiTree membership.  For G2G, you are here and posting.  Anyone can.  For WikiTree, you are logged in as a Guest.  You have to complete your membership by volunteering, adding some interest tags, and signing the Honor Code.  You should get instructions from WikiTree.  Or hover your mouse over the Help menu upper right, and click Intro to WikiTree to find the steps.

For G2G purposes, comments are one of two ways to respond to questions.  Tags are things you use to attract attention from interested parties.  When you post a G2G question, keep going down the page until you run out of green.  At the bottom of the form is a place for tags, usually surnames or keywords like 'g2g,' 'help,' 'irish_roots,' etc.  You can edit your question to add this stuff after posting.
by Living Tardy G2G6 Pilot (733k points)
edited by Living Tardy
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Part of the process of becoming a "volunteer" member of WikiTree is to sign up to follow one or more "tags." Your followed tags could include one or more family surnames, place names (such as ireland or bahamas), or common WikiTree discussion topics (such as announcements or dna). You will see notifications of G2G discussions that are "tagged" with the tags you choose to follow. For example, your question now has the tags greeters (to send notifications to volunteers who help new members join up), tags, and g2g.

When you identify a tag, you are supposed to add a "comment" about why your are interested in that tag. For example, a person following the surname Burns might add a comment that says "my mother's maiden name".

by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
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Thank you, Padraig, for confirming your email address, adding a tag with a comment and volunteering. I see you are now a confirmed member of Wikitree. Welcome to the WikiTree Community, Padraig!
by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

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