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I can't find one anywhere, so I took a crack at it.  Constructive criticism welcome.  If you like it, link away!
WikiTree profile: Space:G2G_FAQ
in WikiTree Help by Living Tardy G2G6 Pilot (740k points)
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Thanks, Lizzie!  So the answer is, 'You don't find the Greeters, they find you.'  I'll tag it.
Haha, yes, they are good at finding you! The project leader is Debi Hoag and there are other names you will recognise from G2G; Cindy, Vicky and Dorothy to name a few, you could PM them directly with this. I think it’s well worth offering to newbies as part of their project. I would have liked it :-)
I greatly appreciate eveyone's feedback!  Many thanks!

Update:  I did a little tweaking of wording, hyperlinks, etc, and added a Comment about what I think belongs and doesn't belong, based on keeping it simple (it's meant for newish users).  And I put the rabbit-hole type topics in a See Also section at the end, rather than pretending to address them as individual questions.  Still plenty of room for additions, deletions, improvements.

I'm dithering about structure.  Now it's flat, where you have to scroll through it to find your question.  I could instead do the Table of Contents/internal links thing, but I'm not sure how much that would improve it.  Thoughts?

Hello Herbert!  I'm one of the Greeters Project Co-Leaders. Very nice page you've put together. A lot of these are issues we come across every day, so it's great to have them all in one place!  

Just a couple of things:

  • Signing the Honor Code is not necessary for adding one's own family members.
  • Not every Guest will receive initial contact with a Greeter, due to the lack of continuous feed coverage. (that's another way of saying we need more Greeters! )

 Will pass this on to the other leaders and see if they have any more feedback. Again, great work!

Thanks very much, Vicky!  I will correct that answer, but what is correct?  The question comes up a lot, and the answer is always incomplete registration.  If the Honor Code is not required, at what point in the process can a new member begin adding profiles?  Thanks again!
You're most welcome!  So, a new member can begin adding profiles once they become a full member (i.e. they go from a Guest to a Family Member badge). This usually happens after they volunteer and are approved by a Greeter, but not always; some folks are invited in by family members already on WikiTree and bypass the volunteer process.  There's a page somewhere that explains the membership levels and permissions a bit better, let me see if I can find it...

Edit:  Here it is:  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Member_Types

And the volunteer process is outlined here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Volunteers
Thanks, Vicky!  I found the relevant Help pages for Volunteers and Member Types.  They don't (to me) give a clear statement of what profiles a Family Member is allowed to create.  Editing the FAQ now.
As I understand it, Family Members are only allowed to create a limited number of profiles (not sure of the exact number), and can only edit profiles that either they have created themselves or are on the Trusted List for.
Wow Herbert!  This is just in time and something that is now in my Wiki Help folder for all my Greeting!  {{{Hugs for your help!}}}

Thanks, Cindy!  heart

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Great work Herbert. Hope we can make it easily findable and add more to it.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (638k points)

Thanks, Lynda!  How does one make anything easily findable?  cool

I think it deserves being in Category: WikiTree Help
- of course this is my opinion
and only one step towards making it findable...

You will have to ask someone else that question Herbert. I can never find anything wink

There's this:

Never seen it before ;-)
Too busy background.
Didn't read it all.

Eva, that looks like a terrific place to bury something so that it never again sees the light of day.  surprise

Yes. My first thought when I saw your FAQ was: hmm, what more should go there?

Now I realize there shouldn't be much more than there already is. I read all of your page :-)
Thanks, Eva!  That's quite a compliment.  I thought there would be more of them, but those were the frequentest ones from the last few weeks.  Maybe it needs one about DNA or GEDComs, at their most basic levels. I'm open to suggestions.
Isn't it harder to give a simple answer to DNA and GEDCOMs - more variation in the questions?

I don't "do" either, so I don't look a lot at those questions, because I don't expect to be able to answer.
My thinking exactly, and both are outside my G2G experience.  The most frequent easy DNA question is probably 'How do I upload my DNA results?'  For GEDComs, it's probably 'What next?'

Maybe the solution is just to link to the existing DNA and GEDCom FAQs.  Why reinvent the wheel?

Yes, that was what I was going to suggest, too. smiley

You guys are certainly  "on a roll".   It'll be fun seeing the end product.    I like the idea of keeping it relatively short,  it will certainly grow over the years and it's not intended to compete with  "Help".

Thanks again Herbert.
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Hi Herbert, Very good anything/free space page.

All these answers can be found in the WikiTree Help Category and Index Pages under the drop-down menu at the right top of all profiles.

Also the Integrators Project has been working on a page very similar to your which can be found here:  G2G Integrators Project - Best Answers.

Thank you, Herbert, for all your contributions to WikiTree!

David ~ Integrators project Coordinator

by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Hi David,

Thanks for your kind words!  I agree that all of these answers exist in the Help files, and most of the answers in my FAQ link to Help.  Believe me, I have no interest in reinventing the wheel.  The problem is, the existing wheel don't roll.

The people who keep asking the same questions over and over don't seem to be able to find the Help files (or don't bother to look).  Similarly, I doubt those people will have any more success finding them in Best Answers, if they even know such a thing exists.  I also submit to you that the Help files are not always very clear.

My goal was to provide something simple and accessible to cover these repetitive situations.  For instance, next time one of these questions comes up, instead of repeating/retyping the same answer, or digging once again through the Help files to link the right one, just link to the FAQ with a note saying, 'Please see #5, and let us know if you still need help.'


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yet another post that should be pinned at the top of G2G, now that pinning is available
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (544k points)

Thanks, Dennis!  smiley

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This is a fantastic idea for newbies like me. Wikis tend to get HUGE and therefore the ability to find things because more difficult the more they grow. I'm sure a lot of this is common sense to someone who have been here a while and my question history probably shows me to be an idiot. While I'm not, I think (don't ask my wife somedays), I do believe that the resources on WikiTree are almost overwhelming and it's a huge amount to absorb and can therefore become confusing rather quickly.

Thanks for your work here. I very much appreciate this page and it's going in my bookmarks NOW so I can stop asking stupid questions I can't easily find without leading myself down another rabbit trail about another question that seems interesting. That's my biggest problem (and maybe being an idiot sometimes).
by Billy Dunn G2G6 (8.6k points)

Thanks, Billy!  I'm glad you found it, and found it helpful!  yes

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