Maryland Militia in the American Revolution

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Does anyone have a copy of the book, Maryland Militia in the American Revolution, that came out in 2009?

We don't have a very good breakout of Maryland Militia Units in the Wikitree Category for the Maryland Militia:

What we need are the names of the Militia Units, so that good categories can be created for the Maryland Militia.  I checked Wikipedia and it is not very good for Maryland.

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I have access to the 1987 edition published by Family Line Publications.  It should be the same book.  

On page 10, Clements writes, " A list of the known battalion follows:

1              Somerset            Upper Battalion

2              Cecil                       Elk, Elk River Battalion

3              Dorchester         Upper Battalion

4              Talbot                   [nothing listed on page]

5              Queen Anne’s   Upper Battalion

6              St. Mary’s            Upper Battalion

7              Ann Arundel      Severn Battalion

8              Harford                 Lower Battalion

9              Baltimore            (not used, see unnumbered bns.)

10           Worcester           1st Battalion

11           Prince George’s                Lower Battalion

12           Charles                 Lower Battalion

13           Kent                      Lower Battalion

14           Caroline               East Battalion

15           Calvert                  [nothing listed on page]

16           Montgomery     Upper Bn. (former Frederick Lower District)

17           Somerset            Lower Battalion

18           Cecil                       Bohemia Battalion

19           Dorchester         Lower Battalion

20           Queen Anne’s   Lower Battalion

21           St. Mary’s            Lower Battalion

22           Ann Arundel      Elk Ridge Battalion

23           Harford                 Upper, Hall’s Battalion

24           Worcester           2nd Battalion

25           Prince George’s                Upper Battalion

26           Charles                 Upper Battalion

27           Kent                      Upper Battalion

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Page 11 continues:

28           Caroline               West Battalion

29           Montgomery     Lower Bn. (former Frederick Lower District)

30           Cecil                       Susquehanna Battalion

31           Ann Arundel      West River, South River Battalion

32           Washington        1st Bn. (former Frederick Upper District)

33           Frederick             1st Bn. (former Middle District)

34           Frederick             4th Bn. (former Middle District)

35           Frederick             3rd Bn. (former Middle District)

36           Washington        2nd Bn. (former Frederick Upper District)

37           Frederick             2nd Bn. (former Middle District)

38           Talbot                   [not listed in book]

“The following battalions, not numbered … “

Baltimore            Baltimore City, Baltimore town

Baltimore            Soldier’s Delight

Baltimore            Gist’s

Baltimore            Gunpowder

Baltimore            Gunpowder Upper

Cecil                       Sassafras

Frederick             Catoctin

Frederick             Linganore

Harford                Deer Creek

Prince George’s                Middle

Somerset            Princess Ann

Somerset            Salisbury             

Washington        3rd Bn. Western

Worcester           Sinapuxent

Worcester           Snow Hill

Worcester           Wicomico

I put a version of this in Wikitree for those needing to refer to the Militia Units.
The list that has been quoted from Clements book is actually a comparison of the 1776 organization with the 1777 organization. It omits units that were created and abandoned in the period 1774-1776 and omits units that were created after the 1777 re-organization. Furthermore, as implemented with links, it conflates different battalions that each had the "Upper", "Lower", and "Middle" designation **within their own counties**. Elsewhere on this G2G page, I have proposed a more complete list.
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Have you checked for any Maryland Rev. war books?

Here are a couple that may hold good information:

Please try to follow the setup that Military and War and 1776 were already using.
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I have a copy of the book.  I have not thoroughly studied Maryland in the Revolutionary War, but my impression is that the militia was organized by county, and that each county might have one or more batallions.

As a result, the "Upper Batallion": and "Lower Batallion" listed on page 10 would have been county level entities, so the proper designation would be "Prince George's County Upper Batallion" to distinguish it from the Upper Batallion in another County.

I don't believe there was a state-wide "Upper Battalion" or "Lower Batallion."  If that were true, it would considerably reduce the size of the militia in Maryland.  

But I am not at all certain about this, and it should be studied further and definitively resolved before developing or refining a category structure!

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You're right! See my answer elsewhere on this page.
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UPDATED 18 Jan 2023: A new, greatly improved, unit table for Maryland militia now appears at:

After doing extensive analysis of the Clements book, I have discovered that the previously provided list at is both incomplete and incorrect as noted by Jack Day. (Clements book has been incorrectly analyzed by WikiTree researchers.) Because the list is incorrect, the allocation of men to battalions on page is also incorrect.

I have proposed a new freespace page that provides an improved analysis and the explanation of what went wrong in the prior analysis:

I am leaving on a 3-week road trip. I will respond to any comments when I complete the trip in early October.

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Thanks, Jim!
Great news, Jim. We look forward to a new edition of Maryland militia that we can use to improve the categorization of militia regiments.
I am looking forward to your results as I have relatives from this area and am trying to prove their service.  

Thank you!
Based on additional research, I have update the material in my proposal.

Happy New Year, Jim
So it is indeed a Happy New Year!
I am particularly interested in Prince George's County Middle Battalion - Joshua Clark

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