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Two days ago edibot removed my profiles from Royal Mint to occupations moneyers with which I disagee. These men were known as Gentlemen of the Royal Mint, they worked there, had large apatments for their families there and several were born there and were fellows of the Company of Moneyers at the Royal Mint. Can I please reinstate them to category Royal Mint?
WikiTree profile: Richard Franklyn
in Policy and Style by Valerie Crowley G2G6 Mach 1 (17.9k points)
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Would that not then be a category for place of work rather than occupation?

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If you look here at English Occupations category, there are very few exceptions to using the identifier "English" to the occupation, which is why I changed it to "English Moneyers." Moneyer is an occupation, so it does need to have that as a parent category. I can also add it to the parent category of Royal Mint though. Will this satisfy your purposes?

by Natalie Trott G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
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Thank you for your comments Natalie. They were such a close knit community at the Royal Mint, remembering each oter in their wills, intermarrying etc (and there are more to come when I get round to them!!) that I felt that was where they all belonged. Perhaps sub category Company of Moneyers? Richard Franklyn-81 was in fact elected Provost of the Moneyers of the Royal Mint in 1834,a position he was to hold until his death in 1847 after 74  years of service, so would be grateful if you could add them where I feel they belong. Thanks again for your help.

There is a subcat of Royal Mint for Masters of Mint (or something like that) and it's empty. If you added Company of Moneyers under Royal Mint and added that to those moneyers, it would work fine. Then the person profiles would be under the Category:Moneyers for the occupation and the Category:Company of Moneyers for their place at the Mint. 

Category:Company of Moneyers would be categorized under Category:Royal Mint. You would not add Category:Royal Mint to the person profiles then, since it is in the same category stream and you go with the narrowest possilbe category in the stream. Does this make sense? I can sometimes over-explain. frown

EDIT: I'll add it to Richard and then you can follow suit for the rest of the men.

Thank you Natalie, and thanks for the link to The New History of the Royal Mint,which I hadn't come across. Must read it sometime!! Thanks also for sorting Richard out, will try and do the others tomorrow.
You're welcome!
Sounds like an excellent solution.
This is an occupation that I haven't come across before, but of course it does make sense, since if there are mints, there must be people who work at them. But I should point out that the "Occupations by Country" category and the categories under it are kind of an afterthought. I just created "Occupations by Country" as a place to put all the varied categories (with various naming systems) that people had dumped willy nilly into the "Professions" category, where they didn't belong.

So while I have no intention of even looking at what's in the "Occupations by Country" category ever again (because there's only so much antacid my system can take), I would like to see an entry in the main "Occupations" category. If "Moneyers" is the term used for anyone who works in a mint, then that's probably what we should go with. If there are a bunch of terms for people who perform different stages in the process, then maybe we should have an entry like "Minting Occupations", and add "Moneyers" and the other related occupations under that.
I agree, Greg, but I think this one was just an English occupation, since the men worked for the Royal Mint. I don't know if the term was used anywhere else.

Nevermind. I just googled it.They were in ancient Greece and the Roman Republic as well.I'll add it to occupations.

EDIT: Now should we use Currency Production Occupations instead to make it clear we are not talking about the plant "mint." (I can just see somebody say there was a mint farmer...)

Poor edit bot gets blamed for everything.
Sorry to bother you again Natalie but I can enter profiles into English Moneyers but the red warning comes up when I try to enter them into Company of Moneyers saying it doesn't exist. What am I doing wrong?

Not sure.  The category exists and it's not red on Richard's profile. It worked when I entered it on Henry Finch. I added it to every man in the English Moneyers category. If you add additional names, you can use the icon on the toolbar. Just start typing in that name "company of moneyers" and when you first start typing the words, a long list pops up. The list gets shorter with every letter you add to the word and ends up at Company of Moneyers. There is an image of this process here. Click the name and the category will pop into the top of profile edit box, just where it belongs. Save the edit and you're done! 

Or you can just type the ususal way, [[Category:Company of Moneyers]].

Thanks again Natalie, I had done all you suggested before I emailed you but all seems to be well now either you or the system has waved its magic wand.
You're quite welcome and I'm glad you got the result you were looking for!

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